Wondershare MobileGo for iOS review

Read our review of Wondershare MobileGO software for iOS. Know the features of this software, what it has to offer and what you can gain with this software.

iTunes is a great comfort... syncing your contacts, playlist, images and more. But then there have been times when we do wish that it would have been easier to sync contacts from non-Apple products, connect multiple devices or at least take care of duplicates through sync. These are areas where iTunes lacks and Wondershare MobileGO for iOS picked it up.

Priced at $39.95 it can seem a bit costly considering that iTunes comes completely free but then you have already bought a costly Apple product to deserve getting the management software free at least ;) The price might seem a bit unfair but that's another side of the coin. We will discuss the features that MobileGO offers to you and leave it up to you to decide whether the expenditure is worth the product or not. MobileGO for iOS is also available for free demo with some limitations in its features which you can test after you are through its features by reading this review.

Before we proceed with the features you do need to note that this software is not an alternative to iTunes but rather an add-on you might require because of the limitations of iTunes. MobileGO is not a PC Media Management system. It is not going to scan your system for audio and video files nor will it help you to organize your library. Now that you know what to expect let's proceed with feature by feature track down.
Wondershare MobileGO homescreen


Wondershare MobileGO for iOS has a well designed and described interface for easy navigation and feature finding. It has large icons for every feature. The main screen divides all content of your iOS device like music, playlist, photos, contacts, etc. Once you select the item in the left pane you get the related options in the main screen. If you have not selected any option then the main screen shows you the most commonly required tools like Converting Music, Exporting contacts to Outlook, Finding Duplicates, Convert Video to mp3, and more!

Music management


I don't need to explain why it is important to keep backup of your photos, music and videos, we all know how we would feel if we lose all of them from any of our devices. As soon as your connect your iOS device to your PC, Wondershare MobileGO automatically recognizes your iOS device and shows you your audio files. You can back it up on your PC. In case there is a compatibility problem due to codec format, MobileGO takes care of that too by converting it in a compatible format.

Much of this is provided in iTunes too but the main exception as I mentioned before is that you can connect multiple iOS devices and selectively or completely transfer your music files from one device to another device(s).

Contact management


This is one area I am sure many of you like me have a bad experience with iTunes. Especially if you have multiple devices you sure know how iTunes creates a problem of duplicate entries due to sync. You can't even see your complete message in iTunes. This is where MobileGO seems like a savior! With it you can easily export or import contacts from vCard files, Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. It also offers duplicate detection and removal system in addition to the feature of editing them.

You can even backup your messages from the iOS device to your PC and keep them safe and available for easy viewing even without your iOS device.
The only limitation I found was that there is no feature to compose messages which would have been a nice addition.

Image management


Photos are your personal space, aren't they? This is what you freeze your memories with and it would hurt anyone the most if their collection of photos in any case if lost. With the advent of smartphones and great quality cameras in these devices it becomes obvious that you would be having a big collection of photos. These memories can take a lot of space and managing duplicates amongst them can be quite a task on a small screen.

This is where MobileGO steps in to help you manage your photos by making a backup of them and deleting duplicates. The trial version does not allow you to delete the photos. Also, if you have given an iOS device to your kid and he/she doesn't have an email account then it would be just fantastic to use this software to transfer some of those photos to your iOS device.

Toolkit features

You will not find an option to transfer videos from PC to your iOS because it is handled automatically in this. When you transfer a video to your iOS device, it automatically prompts you whether you would like to change the file format of the video to make it compatible for your iOS device. The conversion and transfer is handled smoothly but it seemed a bit odd that it was not added in the Toolkit feature list which contains such options. Other features in the Toolkit section are copying music to iTunes or to your computer, extracting audio from a video and transferring it your your iOS device. The contact management section is also present here only.

Why you should consider it

Easy to use interface, an excellent SMS and contact management utility that promises to ease a lot of your work is something that this software does the best. Many times we have important messages in our inbox and if you are looking for a little cleaning of your iOS device then you would definitely want to have a backup of your messages.

MobileGO not only covers up some of the limitations of iTunes, it does so efficiently. We would like to mention here that it also contains some debugging capabilities with regards to iTunes connectivity and some other common issues.

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Why you might not consider it

MobileGO is an amazing add-on to iTunes, no second thoughts about that. It "completes" iTunes with its features, however, this is also part of the reason why some people might not consider buying it. The price feels too hefty to spend on an add-on rather than a complete product. If it was a completely replacement of iTunes I am sure many of us would not have mind spending $40 on it but to spend this much only for some extra features seems a bit too much.

Read more at www.wondershare.com

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