What is content marketing? Is it really important for a blogger?

Just writing posts cannot help you bring traffic and revenue from your blog. You should effectively market your content so that it reaches the target audience. Read this to know How content marketing can help you and your blog? and How to get traffic to your posts through conyent marketing.

CONTENT MARKETING is a term every successful blogger comes across in his blogging career and every amateur blogger should know about. Is it really that important? Yes, as important as breathing for a human. So, why don't you spare a few minutes to go through this post?
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Publishing reviews and information what you know is old fashion and you will be no winner like thousands of bloggers out there. No matter what the product a company makes, it must and should head to marketing experts to market its product. Selling is far different from marketing, likewise publishing from content marketing. Just going on publishing 5-10 i.e. around 200 articles per month in your blog may not bring you heavy traffic and revenue. Your blog would be another Nokia unless you carry out proper and perfect planning for every post you publish.

Some blog just for passion and some to make a second source of income. But the third group choose blogging as their career and make their money (sorry earn money) from their blog. Who are you among the three? Don't worry, no human is consistent, he/ she changes from time to time. No matter who you are, marketing - I mean Content Marketing is a must. Let's know it.

Content and Marketing make the word CONTENT MARKETING and you have already learnt half of the subject by having content already with you and now you just have to know what is marketing. Till today you might have been making your post live online i.e. you just gave them an online presence. What's the result? It would surely die within a few months. So, stop for a while before hitting that publish button and take your fingers off from the keyboard. Scan your post for a few minutes and close your eyes. Ask yourself these questions;

Blogging Mistakes

Is my post SE (search engine) friendly or reader friendly?
Is my post unique in my niche or another drop to ocean?
Who are my target audience? Can my post reach them?
What is the output I can expect by publishing this post?

You would probably get answers within a few minutes but are they correct? Here are the responses that you should get to the above questions.

Search Engine friendly or Reader friendly?

Are you writing for search engines or for your readers? Most of the bloggers do write to get ranked by Search engines and neglect their target readers. Of course, you get readers from search engines, it is not the only possible way dear. A reader is different from a visitor.
Visitor is a temporary reader and a reader is a permanent visitor. Got it?

Oh! It's is a saturated topic.

Who would read or click your post when you write about an outdated topic (just like writing a review of iPhone 3S in 2013). Whether they implement or not, people try to acquire knowledge and update their brains. No matter what the niche you prefer, give them a new flavor, impress and make a link with them (get them subscribed).

Stay inside the train. It's not your place to get down.

You write excellent posts and I'm sure that anyone (who's interested) would love them. But what's the result if I'm shown a blog on Religion and God? (I am atheist). So, don't fight for success in a world of failure. I mean target is to be fixed prior to writing your first post or at least before clicking that publish button. Try to get back links from a blog that matches your niche so that there would be a possibility of inward flow of audience.

Set a target output for every post.

Every post is your blood and you really love writing it and also publishing. Can you let it fail to reach those whom you liked to teach or show? So, fix a target output and try to reach it and don't worry even if you fail, you can do better for next post. It takes times to get something (good) you wish and let it meet the demand (6 months at least).

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