How to Troubleshoot Frequent Disconnection on BSNL Broadband

BSNL broadband is one the most popular internet service providers in India. The main thing that makes is preferable over other connections is that it is available in a number of regions. This post explains in detail about how to troubleshoot frequent disconnections in BSNL broadband.

BSNL broadband is one of the leading broadband internet service providers across India. BSNL provides good connection and better speed in rural and urban areas. But as BSNL uses old land line phones for providing there internet connection thus customer faces few problems of internet connection.

There are various factors that affect the internet connectivity. The problems in connectivity is confirmed when the red light starts blinking. Internet mostly connects automatically but sometime there is a frequent disconnection, these disconnections create problems in surfing. If these disconnections are high you can solve the problem by yourself through the following process:

1)Evade Several Line Joints in your Internet Connection: If there are several joints from DP box to your house/ place/ office, these wires will create noise. This noise will be a problem in joining or connecting internet, as this noise will affect the signals of internet, coming to your home/ office.

Thus, if you have several twined phone lines you can request the service provider to arrange a separate phone cable in your area.

2)Arrange for the Best Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): Signal to Noise Ratio is a figure that point out the level of noise in your internet signals. These units are shown in DB. It will be better to have more number of SNR. Having more value is better for better connection.

But there is question, that "How I can check my Signal to Noise Ratio?" Thus, to check your SNR you can point your web browser to
User Name: Admin
Password: Password

For having no disturbance in your internet connection, one should have more than 6DB, downstream and upstream SNR. But remember this value is not the standard one. There should be average of 20DB to avoid these repeated disconnections.

3)You Should Check Your Landline Phone for Noise: While receiving your call, or while making call if you hear any voice of "hiss" or any noise with the dial tone, then you should check your phone line and eliminate the problem for having a better connection.

4)Check the Cable Connection: You should check the connection of your telephone's cable, that whether telephone cable is properly connected or not with the modem? And also the telephone cable connection at the splitter unit.

5)Check your telephone set: One should check the telephone set that is connected, as if the telephone set connected is faulty then it can cause frequent internet disconnections.

6)Check all the Telephone Instruments Connectivity: If there is a problem in connecting with internet then you should check the instruments connected with it. If all the instruments are not connected properly then that will cause problem. Things that to be checked are as follows:

i)Instruments connection with the splitter's phone jack,
ii)None of the instrument should be connected parallel to the modem of the jack of the splitter or line.

7)Check all the joints and Cables: If any of the cable is coiled, or torn, or there are rust at the joints, then that will create some problem in connection.

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