How to Import Calendar from Microsoft Excel to Outlook

Microsoft Office suite provides great feature that anyone can transfer data from one office product to another. In this article I will explain to you about how to import a calendar from Excel to Outlook.

One of the great features of Microsoft office suite is you can easily transfer data from one office product to another. You can transfer data from Excel to Word with simple steps. Microsoft access can import data from Microsoft Excel and you can even export data to Excel. In this article, you will know about how to import a Calendar from Microsoft Excel to Outlook.

Why do we import a Calendar from Microsoft Excel to Outlook?

It seems little bit obvious to transfer a Calendar from Excel to Outlook when you have only one or two future appointments because it is very simple to enter those details into Outlook itself. What if you have more appointments and if you need to send that information to your employees by email and so you need to either retype entire details or you should export it into outlook from Excel. You may doubt that instead of importing information from Excel to Outlook, you can simply type the information in Outlook. But it is easy to enter such information in Excel than to enter in Outlook.

Prerequisites to create a Calendar in Excel

To create a Calendar Template in Excel, first you need to know the common attributes an Excel Calendar will provide as default. I will list all the basic attributes of an Excel Calendar below.
Subject: This information will be shown in your Outlook Calendar
Star Time
Start Date
End Time
End Date
Location: This field gives information about the location of the appointment.
All Day Event: Yes/No
Reminder IN/OFF: Yes/No
Reminder Date:
Reminder Time:
Category: This gives appointment category
Description: This gives detailed description about the appointment.
Private: Yes/No

Creating a Calendar Template in Excel

Creating a template for calendar that can be uploaded to Outlook is bit sophisticated. But you need to choose the list of attributes which are necessary to upload with the Email.

Control Tab
calendar 1
Control tab is having all the dropdown menus details which are necessary to update the calendar table. "Control tab" is having all the information that is used to create dropdown menus in "Update tab". Below is a detailed description of how to create a Calendar in Excel.
1. Open Microsoft Excel and open new worksheet and save this worksheet as
"calendar.xls". It is mandatory to save the file with ".xls" extension.
2. Select anyone tab and right click on it and rename that tab into
"Control" tab.
3. As show from right side picture, enter "All Day Event" in cell B3. Enter
"YES" and "NO" respectively in B4 and B5 cells. Then highlight both B4
and B5 cells.
4. Enter "Categories" in cell E3. Then enter all the categories which are
used in Outlook into cells starting from cell E4.

Upload Tab
calendar 2
Under this tab you can enter your information into Excel Calendar. The mandatory fields that should update are start date, start time, end date, end time and all day events. If it is necessary to add other fields then you can include those fields.
1. As shown in left picture, enter the title as "Calendar Template" in cell
A1 and make it in bold format.
2. Enter all the relevant information in the fields starting from row 4. If
it is not necessary to enter some fields in a particular row then you
can skip that part. For example in row 10 if you don't want to enter end
date, then you can skip that part.
3. Use the start date and end date columns as D5 and E27.
4. Use the start time and end time columns as F5 and G27.
5. Click on H5:H27 tab and then click on Data Validation then change it to
dropdown list.
6. Select A4 to I27 and type "upload" in it.

Import the created Calendar into Outlook
calendar 3
At this stage we are ready with calendar template and so you can copy or enter details about an appointment. If you need some more fields or rows you can also add at this level. Below I list all the steps needed to import Excel calendar into Outlook.
1. Open the Outlook and click on the Calendar button.
2. Then click on the file menu and then select import and export tab. It
will ask you to select a file. Click on the Excel Calendar you created
3. Then click "next" and it will ask you to select a folder to store this
calendar. So select calendar folder to save. Then click finish.
After this step you can able to see your Excel Calendar in Outlook. I hope this tutorial helped you to create your appointments and export them into Outlook smoothly.

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Guest Author: Steve09 Jan 2014

This works great thanks for posting! Reminders are not working however. I am using Reminder On/off with "yes and no" in my excel spreadsheet. Still not importing and turning on the reminders...Do you have any suggestions?

Author: Pascal Gauthier10 Apr 2020 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

I made all the steps (except exporting via a CSV UTF-8 file because I'am using office 365) but nothing has showed up in the calendar. To double check, I Exported my calendar and it is still empty. I hadn't any error or warning

Any Clue?

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