How to configure iPhone Battery for better utilization

Do you have an iPhone and do you have any problems with your battery usage. Then read this to know, how to keep your iPhone battery alive and how to improve its life span.


In today's market mobile companies are introducing new mobile phones every day and we are seeing more sophisticated mobile phones in the market. But in one aspect all the companies are lagging, that is battery life. Today mobile phones battery life span is very less but other components of mobile phones are making good progress and getting high-end upgrades in market. So we need better utilization of our mobile phone battery to increase its life span. In this article I will explain to you about how to configure your iPhone battery for better utilization.
To determine the lifespan of your iphone battery you need to find how long your iphone battery lasts and you should charge your battery properly and discharge it properly. You should learn how to maintain your battery alive as much time it can possible.

STEP – 1: Life Span of your iPhone Battery

Your iPhone battery life span can be determined by how many discharge and charge cycles it went and the total number of cycles the battery allotted with. As from apple company which develops iPhones , they mentioned that average iPhone battery can have around 400 cycles. They also mentioned that after every two years the battery capacity reduces to 80% of its original capacity. So if an iPhone battery can be used at most for 10 hours to call at starting then after 2 years the battery lasts for only 8 hours. So in order to improve your battery performance, you need to look at charge and discharge cycles.

iphone 1

STEP – 2: Discharge and Charge Cycles

As I told you before to protect your iPhone battery, you need keen observation on your battery discharge and charge cycles. That is you need to learn how to maintain proper charge and discharge of your battery and we know that average iPhone battery supports 400 cycles. To understand this clearly, let's take an example. One charge/discharge cycle is defined as when you utilize your batter power from 100% to 0% completely. So in order to avoid more consumption of your battery charge/discharge cycles don't fall your battery charging below 10%. That is when you see your battery charge becomes around 10%, then charge it to make it 100%. Like this you can avoid huge consumption of your battery charge/discharge cycles.
If you want to know how many charge/discharge cycles your battery consumed, there are some free tools available in the market. For example you can you a free tool called "ibackupbot". It is shown in below figure. You can download it free from internet and its size is also very less and it is around 6MB.

iphone 3

STEP – 3: Optimizing your iPhone Battery

The common fact about mobile batteries is that, software's you installed on your mobile drains your battery heavily and constantly. So here I list out some applications you need to turn on and some applications you need to turn off to better utilize your iPhone battery life. Don't keep your phone in high temperature places, because if you keep your mobile in high temperature the battery heat will increase there by there is a chance to drain your battery at fast.

Optimize your applications

Here I will give you a list of applications and I will explain how to change their setting to improve your battery life. Today because iOS 7, there are lot of changes happened to iPhone battery and so we need to change some settings to better optimize it.

Auto – Lock

Change your iPhone auto lock to less than 1 minute or 1 minute. This seems little bit fast but you can setup pass code lock for 1 minute. So it will take around 2 minutes to pass code lock your iPhone. If you don't want pass code lock then you can disable it. To access this auto lock setting you need to go to settings first. Then general and then choose auto lock from the list.

iphone 4 iphone 5

Auto Brightness

You must turn on your auto brightness feature in your iPhone to save battery life. If you turn on this feature, then iPhone automatically adjust your phones brightness according to your profile. Don't hesitate to decrease more brightness if you think it is necessary. To access this feature, go to setting and then go to Brightness and Wallpaper then turn on this feature.

Background Application Refresh

You should disable background app refresh from your iPhone, because these applications synchronize periodically with their servers to get update information. So this process consumes some battery. So in order to avoid this you need to turnoff this feature by going to Setting and then go to General then select Background App Refresh and disable it.

iphone 6 iphone 7

Turn off Location Service

If you are not using location services like GPS, then turn of that feature in your iPhone mobile phone to save battery. If you don't turn off this service, then your iPhone automatically call this location service to know your GPS details. This incurs in wastage of your phone battery.

Optimize your Notification Centre

Do you know, your iPhone default feature call notification centre which tracks any changes in your mobile and gives you the details about it. This feature notify you about so many things. Some of them may not be necessary and you may not want to know those details. By disabling those notifications you can save your battery power. To access these setting, go to Settings and choose Notification Centre. These are some tips that are useful for you to improve your iPhone battery life. I hope these tips are useful for you to improve your battery life span.

iphone 8

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