Top ten online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools.

In this article we will discuss the top ten free online optical character recognition tools. We also review the features of each online OCR tool as well.

What is Optical Character Recognition tool?

Optical Character Recognition is either electronic or mechanical conversion of scanned images, scanned or handwritten text in to a machine code. So, the images or text encoded using OCR tools can be reproduced using only OCR tools and thus it provides security while we transfer or sharing them on the internet. There are different OCR tools available online, some of them are free and some are paid. Here I will provide you the top ten free OCR tools.

  1. Google docs:

  2. Google drive provides OCR tool for free where you can convert image or text document uploaded to Google drive in machine code. To convert your image to only machine-readable code, select the option 'Convert text to Google docs format' then click 'Upload files' option and you are done! It is one of the easiest tools to convert your images to machine code and attain security to your images. You can convert at most 2 MB file at a time by using Google Drive's OCR tool. But one disadvantage of this service is that it can convert only text written in Latin Characters.

  3. Free online OCR:

  4. It is another tool to convert your images to the format that is readable by only machines. This tool is completely free. You can convert your image to HTML, text, word or PDF format using this tool. The unique feature of this service is that supports 32 languages. This service can also be used to convert large file sizes at a time.

  5. New OCR:

  6. New OCR is one of widely used and easy to use online free OCR tool. Using this web-based OCR tool you can easily convert your images or text to machine readable code that can be easily edited on your computer. This tool supports 29 languages from which you can convert your text to machine code. Other than this New OCR service also supports most of the commonly used image formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG that can be converted to machine code suing this web-based OCR tool.

  7. Abbyys Fine Reader:

  8. Another free online OCR tool which can be used to convert your files to machine code instantly. It can be used to convert text written in multiple languages. If you need to convert few documents a free account is enough to complete the task but if you need to convert more documents you have to purchase their service which ensures high security to your documents.


  10. It is the most impressive to online OCR tool. It is cloud based service and you can convert a handful of documents (4 to 5) in respective machine codes for more conversions you are required to pay. This service also provides support for multiple languages and you can convert all types of scanned and PDF files using this service. A unique feature of this service is that you can combine the documents in .zip file and convert all the documents to machine codes in one go

  11. OCR online:

  12. This is the best service because you do not require any registration to use the service. It supports multiple languages as well as it can support most of the commonly used image formats that can be converted to machine code. Another important feature of this service is that you can convert 100 images or files per day. So, in terms of usability, quality, and quantity this is the most useful online OCR tool for normal users.

  13. OCR terminal:

  14. This web-based OCR tool is supported Abbyy's engine and you can convert up to 20 images per month with a free account of OCR terminal. Along with all the image formats, the service can also convert screenshots of software taken by you. This will be very beneficial when some problem arises and you can share the screenshot with your friend or colleague to resolve the problem.

  15. i2OCR tool:

  16. i2OCR is another online OCR tool which is completely free to use. You can easily convert your documents to the code that is readable by only machines. You can convert your document within three steps as: choose the image to be converted and upload it, choose the language and download the converted document to your computer to share with others over a secure platform.

  17. OCR convert:

  18. It is also free and very easy to use online OCR tool. You can just upload the image, choose the language and then you can download the converted file in text format to your computer.

  19. OCRextrACT:

  20. OCRextract is a unique tool to convert your documents. The procedure is very easy and is same as stated in above steps. Moreover, this service supports many languages so that you can convert your text written in most of the languages to machine code. Also, this service is free and you can convert as many documents as you wanted. This service also supports most of the image formats like PDF, PS, TIFF, PBM/PGM/PPM, and their zipped files.

These are some of the best online OCR tools. OCR tools play a very important role when you want to convert your documents and store them securely.

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