Top ten alternatives to the Google Adwords keyword research tool

In this article we will discuss the top ten alternative keyword research tools. These keyword research tolls will definitely help the bloggers, webmasters and other persons in the business of online adverting and online promotion.

Google remove the old Adwords keyword tool which was base for most of bloggers to do some keyword research before writing an article, to attract more traffic to their blog. But in their move to give the Adwords new look and to introduce new feature, Google has completely removed their old Adwords keyword research tool, this is disappointing for many bloggers, like me. This move created the hot topic for discussion in SEO industry. But the purpose of this article is not to waste our time by discussing the things that we do not have control over, but to find some alternative way to carry out the same things in the same way. Yes for this I have discovered these top ten tools which can easily help in keyword research.

  1. SEMRush:

  2. SEM rush is the best tool to carry out some keyword research. This tool have various features like you can type your site or your competitors site to view for which keywords it is ranked in the search engine. You can also directly enter the search query in main box. You can view various of aspect of keywords like trends, density of keywords along with volume by which it is searched for specific region. But you can view only first 10 results for free! If you want to use more features then you are required to pay for one of their plan. But if you observe clearly this tool will also provide you first 10 results for which your competitors are pulling the traffic. In this way if you combine various results then you will get a lot of data for free also!

  3. Keyword Spy:

  4. This is completely free tool for performing keyword research, for first 10 results though. If you do not wish to spend more money on SEO, still if
    you want large amount of data for few keywords then this is best tool for you. In this tool you will get really lot of data along with various
    aspects of keywords. In addition this keyword tool is also capable of providing you, your competitors keyword list. This also provide the information about PPC and organic search queries for the particular keyword.

  5. MergeWords:

  6. MergeWords is one the best keyword research tool available till now. You can extract every aspect of keyword using this keyword tool, yet it is the simplest keyword research tool available on the internet. You can enter the long keywords in three boxes provided and MergeKeyword tool will provide you all the details related to that keywords. Since Google closed down its free keyword research tool; I am using this tool to perform keyword research. This tool proved extensively beneficial for me though it provides only first 10 results for free. You have to pay if you want to view more results! But there plans are pricing are flexible and economic, so that if you want you can invest some money in keyword researching using this tool.

  7. Bing Ads Intelligence report:

  8. A complete free tool to perform necessary keyword research is also provided from Bing. You can use this tool from your Bing Webmaster's control panel. It is myth that Bing keyword tool can not provide very good details about keyword but it is not completely true. You can use this tool to view more results for free and for normal keyword researching this tool has been proved beneficial for bloggers and webmasters.

  9. WordStream:

  10. Another best tool in keyword research category! Though this tool is not completely free to use, you can use this tool to get details about first 30 keywords for free. This tool provides you with all the aspects of keywords and in depth details that might be missed by another keyword tools. I have used this tool for few times and it gives best results but I prefer MergeWords keyword tool due to its simplicity. To view more than 30 results you have to purchase one of the plans available.

  11. Keyword Eye:

  12. Keyword Eye tool provides you details of 10 keywords from 10 countries database from Google database. So if you want get information of keywords according to their country from the world's most used search engine then it is the best tool. You can view 100 results per keyword. The another feature provided by this keyword is that it gives you best visual representation of keywords among all the keywords tools. You will be provided with cloud of keywords arranged in different sizes according to their volume, density etc. The most important keywords will have highest size and less important keyword have less sizes. So if you are a beginner then it is best tool for performing keyword research as it gives best visual and simple representation of keywords according to their importance per region.

  13. SEO book keyword tool:

  14. SEO book keyword tool is product of WordTracker. I provides the data about data of keywords. No it's not metadata but it will provide you the performance and use of keywords from all the measure search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and also you can extract data from Google insights and Google trends. it gives you first 10 results for free and if you want track more results then purchase one of their plans. These results from different search engines will be provided in different box so that you can easily analyze the keywords and their performance in different search engines.

  15. Ubbersuggest:

  16. If you are lacking the keywords then you can use this tool to get some great keyword ideas. This tools is completely free and you can use this tool to get keyword for specific regions or countries. the process is very simple. Just type the keyword then select the country/region and then hit the 'Suggest' button. this tool is also very simple to use and you can easily get keyword ideas of various niches in different countries.

  17. Search Position Finder:

  18. If you want to get information about the search position of the keywords in different search engines then this is tool, exclusively made for you. This tool will simply provide you with search position of different keywords in different search engines according to various regions across the globe.

  19. SERP checker:

  20. SERP tool can be used to check the relative position of your competitors website/blog to your blog/website. In this way you can easily find the keywords where your blog/website lagging behind in comparison to your competitors blog/website. This tool will extensively help you to focus your attention for specific keywords where your site or blog is lagging behind.

    These ten tools if used wisely will definitely help you to improve your search engine rankings.

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