How to disable Bluetooth in Fedora 19 at start up?

Does your Fedora 19 automatically starts Bluetooth in GNOME 3 shell? Are you messed up and want to disable Bluetooth at start up in Fedora 19? Read the below article and disable Bluetooth service at start up in Fedora 19.

Disable Bluetooth in Fedora 19 - Fedora OS with GNOME 3 shell will start Bluetooth service automatically during start up. In Fedora 19, whenever you turn on the laptop, Bluetooth will be turned on automatically. This needs to be turned off manually every time you log in your account. Bluetooth consumes few amount of power and drains the battery quicker than we expect. Also, keeping Bluetooth ON may results in data loss due to intervention of intruders. It is safe to keep Bluetooth off whenever it's not necessary. Lets see how we can turn off Bluetooth during the start up.

Disabling Bluetooth in Fedora 19

For Ubuntu OS running GNOME 3 shell, it is easy to disable Bluetooth during start up. It has "rfkill" tool by default and it takes about a minute to disable Bluetooth. But in Fedora this tool is not available by default. The "rfkill" tool is used to control the networking components in the PC/laptop. This tool is available for all Linux distros. In your Fedora OS, open the terminal and enter the below command to install "rfkill" tool.

Step 1: Install rfkill tool

#yum install rfkill -y

The su command is used to switch to root user. Enter the password of root user once you enter the su command. The yum is a tool to install software packages in Fedora OS. By entering "yum install rfkill", rfkill tool will be installed automatically. This tool is available in default Fedora 19 software repository.

Step 2: Configuring rfkill to disable Bluetooth at start up

We can configure rfkill manually to tweak network configuration. Here we are going to configure in such a way that it stops Bluetooth service at start up. This can be done by creating a configuration file "rc.local". Open the terminal and enter the following command.

#vi /etc/rc.d/rc.local

In above command 'vi' refers to text editor which is similar to notepad in Windows OS. By entering the command a new window will open where you can enter text (i.e) code to disable Bluetooth. To enter text you need to press insert key and enter the following code.

rfkill block bluetooth
exit 0
It should look like the below image.
Script to disable bluetooth in Fedora 19

After entering the code press 'Esc' key and then press 'colon' key. Then type wq! And press enter. These are the steps for saving a 'vi' file, where wq! Refers to write and quit.

Step 3: Change the permission
Now you have successfully configured the code. To make it run, you should give executable permission to this file. To do so

#chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.local

Now you have successfully configured your Fedora 19 to disable Bluetooth at start up. Check it by turn Bluetooth ON and restart the laptop, surely it will be turned OFF.

Note: Bluetooth icon shows OFF status only after 3 – 5 seconds. It turns OFF only after the code gets executed. It depends on the laptop speed. For me it took exactly 3 seconds for Bluetooth icon to get turned off.

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