How to make your browsing safer, faster and more secured

Besides data security, our personal privacy and safety has been a questionable issue. There are several websites that track our browsing habits daily and use them for their benefits. This not only questions our privacy but also consumes our bandwidth. Got through this article to know how to make your browsing more private, safer and faster using free browser extensions.

Why to make your browsing safer and more private?

Today more than 130 million Indians use internet on different devices like mobiles, PCs and tablets. Also, they come across millions of website daily without knowing if they are really secure. With improper knowledge about a website's safety you may become a target to malicious software called as malware that run silently under web pages. These malware and spyware gets installed on your PC and track your browsing habits and interests without your knowledge. Further these details are sent to attacker's server from time to time. These spyware and malware may trouble those users for whom privacy as a major concern. This may further attack your system making it either a victim or a zombie to steal your credentials. Credentials may include your personal address, bank account details, credit card details and even more that could incur you huge monetary losses.

So, how to know a website's safety and be secured in this internet world? Checking a website's safety every time you visit is really risky and time taking process. So, to avoid that complexity you can install two Google Chrome extensions "Web of Trust" and "Disconnect" on you PC. These two extensions track the websites that you visit and notify you about the risk involved and block the background websites that track your browsing history. Let us know more about these extensions like features, benefits and how to install them?

Web of Trust

Web of Trust
Web of Trust is mainly termed as WOT and the name itself indicates the purpose of this extension. Web of Trust is installed by more than 94 million users and still counting. This extension mainly functions based on the user ratings and comments i.e. the ratings and safety level of a website completely depends on how the previous users considered that website. It is just like a crowd sourcing platform where you too can be a contributor and make others browse safe. WOT displays an icon on top right corner of your browser tab (in Chrome) in three different colours Green, Yellow and Red which completely depend on the reputation of website. You can view complete details of a website and even rate it by clicking its symbol and opening WOT card. If the WOT ring is in red you need to know that website has poor rating and even you will be warned before entering that particular website.

Web of Trust is not just restricted to websites you visit; it does more than your expectations. If you add this extension, you will observe a WOT ring beside every result in Google search which indicates its safety. Not only search results, every link you see on screen either in mails or in a particular web page, you will observe a web of trust ring beside it. Though you are on a secure site like Facebook, Gmail and some others, still WOT warns you if any link is directed to a notorious address. So, there is no chance of clicking insecure links when you have this extension installed to your browser. Also, WOT is free to use and recently it has been updated. You can also participate in forums and even comment, rate a website and even inform a spam website. Who knows? Your contribution may help a new user browse safer than you. So, add WOT to your browser today and make your browsing more secure from My WOT

Disconnect extension for Chrome
Disconnect is completely different from the previous one and it works similar to a security at the entrance. Disconnect is also an extension which runs silently on background and blocks unwanted websites that consume your internet speed and bandwidth. You can either buy or install for free from for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Similar to WOT, Disconnect also displays a D button in the browser tool bar that indicates the number of blocked requests from third party websites. Generally these requests fall under the categories like Advertising, Content, Analytics and Social. So what actually is Disconnect's job? When you visit a particular website the time taken to load content on that web page depends on the number of ads present and number of websites tracking it by running on background. If you install Disconnect, it blocks i.e. filters all such traffic and reduces the number of requests made and thereby page load time and bandwidth. So, this helps you make browsing faster than before.

The screenshot provided is of Techulator's and you can see that Disconnect blocked 10 requests out of which 3 are advertising, one social and the rest are Google + and Facebook requests. Also, you can unblock those requests by clicking the drop down tabs in navigation bar. Disconnect lets you view the websites that are informed when you visit a particular website in a graphical format. By default, Disconnect offers a "Secure Wi-Fi" feature that prevent someone spying on your data by encrypting that you exchange with a list of popular websites Facebook, Gmail, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and YouTube. They are going to extend this service to more number of domains in future. Also, three coloured bars are displayed at the bottom that shows the time saved, bandwidth saved and connections secured on Wi-Fi. So, installing Disconnect makes your browsing safer by blocking more than 2000 third party website requests. Also, it can make your pages load up to 27 per cent faster by saving bandwidth consumed.

So, with my personal experience I can ensure that these two free browser extensions are enough for making your day to day browsing secure and much faster. Also, you should remember that some websites though genuine may not be rated well in WOT. It is more common for websites that are newly launched. So, you should make clear by common sense and rate a website with positive feedback in WOT to make web secure. I hope this information could help you a lot.

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