Is Google AdSense violating its own rules - a review

Google's AdSense is no doubt the best advertising platform and also trusted ad network by all publishers. But my recent experience with Google and its ads worried me. Know read this review how Google has violated its own rules by encouraging visitors and fake 'related ads'.

Is Google AdSense violating its own rules?

One of the Google's AdSense policies is that 'Don't encourage any user to click on Google Ads' by any means. So, this rule will be strictly followed by publishers not to get their AdSense banned. But when it comes to Google, is it really following that rule? I say a big NO. Yes, do you know that Google tracks your browsing habits and the websites you visit? I came to know this a few months back when I visited Flipkart and searched for Radio Control toys. From that instant every ,a href="/articles/Google-AdSense.aspx">Google AdSense enabled website I visit wished me with Flipkart advertisements displaying some Radio control toys. How is this possible unless Google is spying me? This is not the only case; I've seen this happening even for all my friends.

Google Adsense rules

Wondered what's wrong with what I've experienced. Okay, let me elaborate you the whole tricky business. Suppose you are a fan of gadgets like smartphones and tablets and you do visit online shopping portals daily to check their prices and new releases. If my guess is correct, you should see ads related to gadgets on all the AdSense enabled websites you visit. How can Google get benefited from this trick? When you are offered something what you like most, you definitely accept it and the same thing happens here. When you are displayed advertisements containing your favorite gadgets, you'll surely click them. This benefit both the publisher by generating revenue and Google gets paid by Advertiser. I think this is a trick Google is using to fulfill their AdWords policy "Pay only if people click your ads." If you consider this in a different point of view, there appears nothing wrong since clicks are genuine. Since it's a matter of privacy and many of us respect self-privacy, I personally feel that it's against our interests.

Is Google misleading its users?

Fake Google Ads
Answer will be probably yes and I have an example to prove it. The screen shot here helps you understand how Google is showing irrelevant ads. You know that Google displays ads of advertisers in search results and makes money. Yesterday, when I searched for the news of a local politician, surprisingly I've seen an advertisement regarding 'Ace2three' an online rummy website. You can see the 'Ad related to' my search in the screen shot provided. So, is this an error or just an immoral promotion of Google? Advertisers should also cross check if their investment in AdWords is being utilized properly i.e. whether they are getting fruitful output from their inputs in AdWords.

Please remember that I'm not blaming Google or its AdSense, what makes disappointing is, their approach in tracking our browsing habits. So, I don't agree with Google's way of serving their AdWords customers and Google users. But as an individual, I really thank Google for bringing such a great ad network for Indian bloggers. Feel free to respond if you have any objection with my views.

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