Review of PhotoPlus X6, a comprehensive photo editing software for Windows

Are you looking for a professional photo editing software that offers the ease of use, even the beginners can handle? Read our review of PhotoPlus X6.

Even though I own a professional SLR camera, I rarely got the perfect photos out of it. I realized photography is not really my cup of tea, but I never stopped trying. To get a good picture, sometimes I had to click more than 10 times and I always wondered how others shoot great photos, many of them with lower grade cameras compared to mine. One of my friend recently told me the secret - they use professional photo editing software to make the photos look perfect instead of trying their with luck repeated clicks.

When it comes to photo editing, the first name that comes into mind is Adobe Photoshop. I thought I will get one but when I looked at it, I realized my current earnings is not enough to afford a license of it, that too just for casual photo editing. I asked my best buddy, who is nothing but Google, about affordable but professional quality photo editors. I found a lot of suggestions with mixed reviews. After confused myself with all those reviews, I decided to try myself and pick the best one for me.

The criteria to pick the best photo editing software for me was affordable price, professional editing features and decent performance with not-so-high configuration computers.

In this review, I am going to share my experience with PhotoPlus X6 from Serif, which turned out to be one of the best photo editing utilities currently in the market at US$100-200 price range.

Installing PhotoPlus

The installer is pretty heavy possibly because it includes a lot of graphics and templates to aid in editing. The installer size is about 250Mb and with a highspeed internet, you can download it in less than few minutes. The installation was easy and straight forward with a few familiar default screens.

When launched, the start screen gives many quick start options including links to open samples, start a new editing project etc.

PhotoPlus start screen
Start screen of PhotoPlus X6

My review of PhotoPlus

In last few days, I tried many features but I am sure there are many more out there. Each time I use the software, I am discovering new options to make the photos better and better.

Money back guarantee: One of the most important factor I like to report is, the company (Serif) is confident that you will like the product. That is why they offer a money back guarantee. In case you find the product does not meet your expectations, company will return your money. All you have to do is, get in touch with the company and let them know you are looking for a refund.

History of the company: Even though many startups have developed wonderful tools, I always look at the history of the company to get some idea about the credibility of the product. I prefer to go for a company that can stand behind their products. Serif, the company which developed PhotoPlus was founded in 1987 and over 25 years of business in the field gives the confidence that the company will be there when you need support or upgrades for your purchase. They have won more than 200 awards for their products and have acquired a lot of reputation through their award winning products.

Community: A strong community around any product indicates the wide acceptance of it. The "Community Plus" forum of Serif has over 10,000 registered members, who discuss the problems and give feedback about the products. Also, the company maintains an active resources section with a lot of tutorials and articles to help their users.

Customer support: This is another important factor to consider before you invest your hard earned money on a software, especially when you have many choices. Serif gives several customer support options including, ticket based support portal. If you like to talk to a representative directly, they have phone support in USA and UK. You can call from other countries as well, for which they have given a separate number for quick service and thus avoid high international calling charges.


Everything else is useless if the product does not have the features that you expect from a professional photo editing software. PhotoPlus X6 is very rich in modern, intuitive photo editing features. Some of the major features are mentioned below.

Support for layers: This is one of the essential features in a professional photo editing tool. Layers allow you to work with different elements in an image without affecting each other.

PhotoFix: This feature allows you to apply corrections to the photo cumulatively, previewing them as you go.

Smudge tool: This is one of my favorite tool, which I don't find in free photo editors like Paint.NET. In fact, I have been using for basic image editing but many times I have come across the need for a smudge tool, which are found in expensive solutions like Photoshop. I was glad to find the smudge tool in PhotoPlus.

Blur tool: This is another editing tool that allows you to selectively blur portions of your image.

Dodge tool: This tool can be used to lighten selected areas of an image, or restore detail to areas that are in shadow.

Color replacement tool: This is an interesting tool that we don't find with many other photo editing software. This tool allows you to define a color and a replacement color. When you paint over any image using this tool, it will replace the selected color with the replacement color, allowing you to easily change the color of certain elements of your image.

I mentioned only a few of the tools and features available in PhotoPlus.


The primary disadvantage I can point out is the learning curve. Since I have almost no practical knowledge about photo editing, other than some basic image editing using software, it took a few hours for me to become comfortable with editing photos and use the advanced tools. If you know what is a "layer" in image editing and is familiar with using such features of any other similar software, you can quickly figure out all features in this tool. The large number of options and features offered by this tool makes it have a pretty complex user interface. If you are completely new to image editing, then you may want to read their tutorials before you get started with photo editing.

Conclusion: I recommend PhotoPlus

I spent few days reviewing PhotoPlus X6 and I am very impressed with the depth of features this software offers, compared to many other tools in this price range. If you are looking for an affordable photo editing software, PhotoPlus X6 is definitely worth trying and will give value for money. Once you get familiar with the standard user interface and the advanced tools, you can quickly edit photos and make them perfect pictures.

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Very good information shared in this article about the PhotoPlus X6 software. Can we install this software on Android mobile devices. Is there any free edition of this software available?

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