Videocon d2h Review - Is Videocon d2h Good

Every d2h service has its own merits and demerits. One of the most popular d2h provides is Videocon d2h. The main reason behind the popularity of Videocon d2h is that it offers more channels in less price. Moreover, it makes use of recent MPEG-4 technology that provides better video quality. This post contains detailed review of Videocon d2h and compares it with competitors like Dish Tv, Reliance Digital TV and Tata Sky.

Cable network has become thing of the past as more and more people are switching to d2h for better picture and audio quality. There are numerous other benefits of d2h as well like the user can select the channels as per his wish and thus pay only for channels he will be viewing. D2h operators are coming with additional features like games, recording facility and HD channels. However, with the increasing number of d2h providers, the consumer gets confused while selecting one.

Most of the people focus primarily on channel packs and pricing. However, there are various other factors to consider as well. This is because the price depends on many other factors like whether the d2h provided HD channels or not. Every d2h service has its own merits and demerits too. One of the most popular d2h provides is Videocon d2h. The main reason behind the popularity of Videocon d2h is that it offers more channels in less price. Moreover, it makes use of recent MPEG-4 technology that provides better video quality. This post contains detailed review of Videocon d2h and compares it with competitors like Dish Tv, Reliance Digital TV and Tata Sky.

Advantages of Videocon d2h

1) Audio quality is good and the use of MPEG-4 technology also provides superior video quality.
2) It has the most competitive pricing for almost all the packages. For instance, the Diamond pack in Videocon d2h costs about Rs 275 which is much cheaper than that in Airtel Dish TV or TATA Sky.
3) Another advantage of this d2h service is that it offers great variety of channels. This gives a lot of choice to the consumer. I have seen a lot of users of other DTH providers switching to Videocon just because their favorite channel was not available there.
4) Videocon d2h offers best post sales service. Most of the buyers have reported that the sales team contacts after installation to know if the buyer is satisfied with the service. This is something quite rare in India where even corporate start ignoring complaints from clients once sale is made.

Disadvantages of Videocon d2h

1) The biggest issue with Videocon d2h is related to the software. Any new user might face difficulty navigating through the complex layout. This is where Tata Sky and Airtel Dish TV steal the show. In fact, the common man might get disappointed with Videocon D2h performance wise. However, it is expected that Videocon solves this software issue in next upgrade so as to make the user experience better.
2) Some of the customers have experienced pixilation problem in some channels.

Alternatives to Videocon d2h

There are various other d2h providers except Videocon d2h.However, Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV seem to be the best alternative to Videocon DTH service. Both these service provides are way ahead of Videocon in terms of user experience. However, both have got their own limitations as well. For instance, if you are a sports lover, you will be disappointed with Airtel Dish TV. This is because. ESPN HD and Star Cricket HD are missing on it.

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Guest Author: Chakravarthy25 Apr 2014

Cust ID # 117069597, I brought this connection 15 days back, what they promised & what I got is total mis-match. I have been trying to contact customer care, but there is absolutely no response. It is the worst service provider I have ever come across, customers are getting cheated & betrayed. They are only here to make money but not giving proper services.

I request you all not to buy Videocon D2H. If you are buying, then it is at your own risk. Don't get fooled by their offerings, you will only end up falling in a trap.

Guest Author: Ajith16 May 2014

Worst Service by Videocon D2H, in my opinion. I faced many problems with it. I suggest do not take Videocon connection. You will regret later.

Guest Author: Suchi31 May 2014

We have Videocon DTH installed last year in March. It was working fine and picture quality and audio was fairly good. But then for no reason, they decided to update their software and since then it is a pain. It is insane and annoying when the picture freezes. And sometimes DTH doesn't respond to the remote control. Overall, it is a bad experience now.

Guest Author: Alok Kumar14 Sep 2014

I have Videocon DTH installed last year on November 2013. picture quality is good. The biggest drawback of this system is, when the weather is slightly cloudy it losses signals. Transmission restarts after a long starts. Last rainy season the situation was terrible. In 60 days, we just view only 15 to 20days, but paid full value of Rs.488/- per month. I have one Airtel DTH connection. It is cheaper than Videocon. Airtel works excellent, even if it is cloudy weather. Some times, the set top box hangs and remote control does not respond. Videocon must work on this.

Guest Author: Sanjeev20 Nov 2014

I purchased Videocon just 2 days back 17th Nov. 2014. Picture is not stable freezing and D2H remote does not respond. I will wait for some days or I will be changing over.

Guest Author: Chandan11 Jan 2015

Worst Service by Videocon D2H. I will never recommend this to anyone.

Guest Author: chethan16 Apr 2015

I am very sorry to say this. this is forth set top box being changed in three months. i am very much fed up with your service. if the problem again arises with your set top box, plz refund the amount what ever i have paid. I am no longer interested to continue as your customer.

I have purchased your DTH product on december 28 2014, with my customer ID 136839198.
each and every week i have problem with your product. it may be around 30 complaints i made and which was resolved. But the new problem with your poor quality set top box exits.first few days voice was not being produced by the box, then after that picture being given by the set top box. its very very very poor quality set top box which is cause of this.
I have enjoyed more complaining to about your set top box problem rather than being enjoying watching the tv program.
Thank you.

Guest Author: Arpan Singh18 May 2015

Pathetic service by Videocon d2h. They are making fools of us. I am facing problems like I have 1972 stuff. I will suggest to all my all friends never to purchase Videocon. It is a company which plays with us. Extremely poor experience with it.

Guest Author: alok mohanty27 Jun 2015

Buying videocon d2h is a total waste of money. Set top box hangs so often during channel surfing. Even on sunny days it shows signal loss due to dense cloud. Really a very very worst product and software. Only it looks good.

Guest Author: j.santoshkumarachary25 Sep 2015

This is a useless product, the Videocond2h, as the RF remote control is very slow and it hangs any time. Customer care also not responding. I will not recommend it at all. Instead, I would recommend to take SD instead of HD.

Guest Author: Sourav Bhowmick07 Dec 2015

I got my Videocon D2h connection. The installation was quick. It was better than my previous cable service. I recharged it for the next 1 year. I was given a discount (I had to pay for 11months for the package I chose). Now it is the month of December and 2 months still remaining for the service that I chose, but now they just stopped broadcasting channels from 05 December 2015. When I called up the customer care which is an Inbound service, I found that they actually do not know how to deal with a customer despite being a customer care representative. They will every time they hang up on me and I was given different reasons why I couldn't enjoy. They said I have chosen the service (D2h cinemas and deducted some amount every month without any information/any intimation) which was not correct. They said that a feed-back call was given to us which IS A LIE told by the XYZ SUPERVISOR of their inbound service(being a supervisor he was unable to say 'what does BPO stands for?). When I asked him are you sure that there wasn't a cross connection or not? He said, "Are you Mad?" and the call was hung up again. When I asked what is needed to be done to enjoy the services back again he said. "What's gone is gone. Now recharge it again to enjoy it." Wow! What an awful response on behalf of a company to its customer!

Guest Author: ALOK MOHANTY10 Dec 2015

ID#105152779. I have Videocon d2h connection since last 2 years. It is true that picture and sound quality is superb, but the software that is used is worst. Many times the remote does not work properly & the channel freezes and even it shuts down and restarts automatically. The remote needs to be upgraded. I have changed my remote in just one year.

Guest Author: rah421421@gmail.com21 Apr 2018

Videocon D2H is the worst service provider.My set top box is not herring signal since last 5 days.. after several complains Videocon D2H service provider is not paying any attention.

They are buffing by saying that within 24 hours it will be resolved..5 days already passed..nothing happened.

Very strongly recommending please do not buy any Videocon product.
They are a cheater.

Guest Author: Abcd10 Feb 2019

Videocon D2H has a very bad service. The customer care is also very bad. Unable to login to the company's website to recharge our account. Extremely disappointed with the complete videocon subscription. Do not get mislead by the attractive offers given by such service providers. It is a complete waste of money and time. The person attending the call does not give any details regarding the head office. The only point of contact to us is some random person attending the customer care call, who gives incomplete and insufficient information. Poor service.

Guest Author: Vidya31 Jul 2019

The worst service
Not interested to tell others to buy this dish. Customer care service also bad, never solved any problem and only try to escape
Only recommend engineer.
Everyone can't afford engineer charges every time. It's the worst product

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