Review of ProntoForms - Revolutionizing Forms in Fields

Entering data is a vital process in today's world. And you definitely cannot create another mobile app for every data input that need. Read a review on ProntoForms, an app that lets you enter data while on the field.

The world is all set to be revolutionized in the current decade and of many things that will be changed is the way we use paper. Coming to the point, one of the uses of paper we have not been able to substitute with the current generation technology are forms. However, ProntoForms is here to change all that. With its 3 point architecture, it helps save paper while increasing the work efficiency of an organization by up to 10 times.

Pronto Forms

The Web Portal

This is one of the most important parts of the 3. It serves the main forms administration panel for the organization using the ProntoForms. It is where the forms are to be created for the various employees taking care of various works in the field. When we talk about the field, we actually mean ground level work where people deal with real world scenarios and need to collect data in their day to day operations.

ProntoForms helps create forms for those employees to feed the data into and administer them all from the web portal. It involves not only creation of the forms but also administration of them. Following are the main features of the web portal.

  • Easily create forms from a central panel.

  • Update forms on the go – As and when the forms are updated on the portal the changes can be sent to the workers in the field.

  • Real-time data collection and reporting – While the workers are collecting data, the web portal is able to show all of them and any analytics that are set for.

  • Create unlimited number of forms and allow or deny access to the forms for various groups of employees or on an individual basis to each employee.

  • All these features along with the ability to export the form data into PDF, CSV, DOCX or XML increases the flexibility and possibilities to a whole new dimension in terms of further processing and viewing of data not only by the organization but also by any third party that the organization authorizes the data to.

    Mobile App – The Real Charm

    The web portal would be a useless screen or maybe it could be used as a good screensaver if it were not for the mobile part of ProntoForms. We know that on paper forms can be quite intimidating. I am sure that if you have gone through those long forms for submitting taxes to government, you know how it feels to constantly keep flipping pages just to read what you wrote two hours ago. Not to mention that it can take that much time to fill them.

    At times we do not have that much luxury when we are on field. And for the same reason the skip logic feature of ProntoForms enables you to skip those fields in the form which go on getting irrelevant as you fed data previously.

    Some of the main points where ProntoForms beats paper forms are –

  • Speed of delivery – They can be dispatched in seconds instead of hours.

  • GPS – There is no need to be worried about where the data was collected and when it was collected as ProntoForms using the mobile and GPS and time stamps is able to do that automatically.

  • Signature capture – Signatures even till date, are the preferred method to receive and send authorization. ProntoForms allows you to do that on a mobile.

  • Picture capture and sketch pad – It is not always but at times necessary that the data collected on field must have at least a picture or two of the site. ProntoForms not only allows you to take pictures from the device's camera but also allows you to use a sketch pad to draw an annotation on a blank page or on the picture. That definitely improves the flexibility of the work and makes life easy on the field.

  • Credit cards – Although this feature is only available in the USA, but you can anticipate its arrival in other parts of the world. What it does is to make the field worker able to collect payments using a credit card device which can be connected to mobile or a tablet where ProntoForms mobile app is running. Imagine the ease and the speed with which the cash flows would happen.
  • Barcode scanning - Though there are so many applications for this purpose, ProntoForms has yet another tooth to boast. You can definitely scan barcodes, if you feel typing them out is a little too difficult and can include human errors. It is not only fast but also failure proof, well in most cases.

  • Calculations – Quite often a lot of numerical data has to be entered in the forms especially with companies who deal in supplies of materials. Calculations come hand in hand with numbers. ProntoForms allows you to set the calculations on the forms and the relative fields would get updated as soon as you fed numbers in others. This definitely saves time. Now can you see why we said ProntoForms can increase the efficiency by 10x? This feature works much the same way as MS Excel does on the desktop wherein you set the formulas in the spreadsheet, you feed data and the calculations are done automatically. Autosum, eh?

  • Voice-to-Text – Well this may not be a charmer for some because talking to your computer does make you look like a fool and to add to that, speech recognition technologies are yet to get perfect enough for day to day tasks. Also, in some cases field work environment is noisy and not good enough for voice to text feature to be used easily. In cases otherwise, this feature can help the field worker write longer text in shorter periods of time allowing him to do other things.

  • And if you think we missed it out, yes ProntoForms does allow entry using the regular input controls such as textboxes, checkboxes, radio controls, etc.

    Connect (to cloud)

    You must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard about Dropbox and Google Drive. If however you have used one of them, you already know how they ease up your life. ProntoForms allows you to automatically upload your data in a readable format (if desired) to the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. Hell, it even supports Evernote. In case given up your data to big organizations like Google or Dropbox, doesn't sound interesting, set up your own FTP server, and ProntoForms will be able to do justice to your data privacy.

    Review – ProntoForms

    As Steve Jobs said, before he moved to heaven, we are in the post PC era. For every single thing that you come across in day to day life, there must be an app for that. But how fast can you create apps for entering data that too randomly and while taking control of all the data? This is where ProntoForms comes in. With its management control panel which is available on the web and mobile app which brings all the features we talked about in the hands of field employees, ProntoForms is one app you should invest in if you deal with a lot of data input everyday as an organization. If however, you are an individual, this might be a costly deal for you. In short, ProntoForms is kind of an industrial revolution on mobile.

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