Comparing free and paid hosting - advantages and disadvantages

Here is a brief overview of free and paid hosting. The benefits and drawbacks of free platforms and the advantages of paid hosting over free hosting has been explained.


Most of us almost have a good decent knowledge about website hosting. But this is where many of us make a serious mistake!

Hosting can be free as well as paid. But is always advisable to be the owner of your hosting, i.e, it is better to go for paid hosting. Let me explain why.

The benefits and drawbacks of free platforms

Free blogging platforms are numerous - Tumblr, Posterous, Blogspot, Blogger, Over-Blog,, etc. and you plan to create your blog on one of them.

It is undeniable that the free blog platforms have many advantages, or rather a few attractions: gratuitousness, simplicity and speed. In 10 minutes, your blog is in place and known to Google and a free blog platform is free of cost.

But, there is a "but". Using these platforms, you simplify your life today, but by doing so you complicate your tomorrow. Above all, you endanger your blog and any business that you create, right from the beginning!

Drawbacks of free platforms

These platforms have a huge drawback - you are not at home. In other words, you are not the owner of your accommodation or hosting. Well, let's be honest, even in a paid web host, you will not own your accommodation. You will also be the tenant there, but the difference is still huge. See the difference between a free shelter and a rented apartment. Well this is the same between a free hosting and paid hosting!

What are the real risks if you are not the owner of your hosting?

• You are obliged to follow the guidelines imposed by the blogging platform;
• You can not do whatever you want;
• The customization of your blog is clamped. Possible but limited;
• The configuration of your blog is limited;
• The domain is polluted
• You offer a low professional image, if any, which do not attract sources of monetization and can be unattractive to users;
• Free forums will be quickly referenced but, over time, Google prefers pay sites that have their own domain name.
• The biggest risk is, you can get fired overnight, without notice or return possible.

Imagine your blog has been around for 2 years, has a traffic of 500 visitors a day, is known and recognized, and brings you up to $1000 a month. Then on one beautiful day, the administration of the free platform wakes up and decides to delete your blog because your blog does not meet their guidelines and they do not notice it now. Your blog does not meet their new charter! And the result - you have lost everything! These are just a few examples.

However, the risk is not zero even with a paid hosting. But to get such a penalty, you should be really messing with the terms and conditions such as posting illegal content, piracy, etc

Advantages of paid hosting over free hosting

Buy your accommodation! By buying hosting from the start your blog, you not only remove a high risk potential, but mostly you put a few more tricks up your sleeve as a blogger!

However, most people have some objections for paid hosting. Let us see some of them:

• Hosting is paid. This is true but it is not exorbitant. You can get hosting for less than $50 /year i.e. less than $1/week. You should be able to get there.

• Must have technical skills. That is undeniable. But they are not insurmountable and the aid does not miss out on the canvas. There are several help guides and e-books available for free on the internet.

• This requires regular work at your expense. In addition to writing and running part of your blog, you add the task of technical maintenance of your blog. For the competence aspect, see the point above. And the good news is that there are a lot of tools to simplify or automate these tasks.

Buying hosting engages you on time. This is the last and biggest advantage to pay for your accommodation, from a psychological point of view. It engages you more strongly than to create a free blog.

You can create a free blog and animate seriously for 1-2 months. Then the rate will decline until your blog falls. And you lose nothing except your time. Having paid your blog raises a further motivation to continue. If your blog is abandoned, you will lose money. While little but still. Especially at the end of your "rent" your blog is simply destroyed! And the time you have spent will be lost forever, which is much more.


My advice is simple - buy your own hosting! You and your blog have everything to gain.

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Author: mrushdi24 Sep 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

I agree with you that paid hosting is the best choice for website owner, but on the other hand, free hosting is a good media for beginners to take a free idea on building a website, uploading files and using the control panel.

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