Best Apps trackers to save your time on App Stores

With the increasing number of free as well as paid apps, it became a difficult task for us to choose best apps. So, to reduce this effort, the app trackers that provide details of free apps, available in stores have came into existence. Let us have a look at some best app trackers available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Today there are no Android or iOS users who don't know about apps that are available on Play Store and App store. It is since the advent of free applications, apps have gone popular among all the platforms iOS, Playstore, Windows and Blackberry. But competition is more among the three well known stores except Blackberry. There are lakhs of paid as well as free applications in stores and dozens are being added every day to them. Is it possible for a user to browse through all those millions of apps to choose the best one that suits him? No, it's not possible. Can you know all the free apps just by browsing for a day through play store? So, how to overcome this difficulty? There are some apps that bring information of all the free and discounted apps based on your interests? To benefit you by saving time and effort, developers designed some apps that bring all the information of apps that are gone free and that are available on discounted prices in stores. Let us have a detailed study of some best apps like Apps Gone Free, Apps Fire, BAM, WP7 etc.

Apps Gone Free

apps gone free app
Apps Gone Free, the name itself indicates the purpose of app and it is a must have app for all iOS users. This app provides a list of free applications everyday between 10 to 10:30 PM for a short period. Of course, app developers themselves mingle up with Apps Gone Free to popularize their apps. Coming to the app, it has a very simple interface and every app that's gone free will be provided with a short description, original price and user ratings. You can click an app and it takes you to the original location from where you can download that app for free. Also, you can get some 'HOT' apps that are mostly recommended by users on iOS platform. The main purpose of this app will be providing information to you about the apps that you overlooked while you are in hurry. So, there's nothing wrong in having Apps Gone Free installed on your device.

Apps Fire

apps fire app
Where Apps Gone Free just displays 10-15 free apps daily, this Apps Fire displays all the free apps, apps with discounted prices and trending ones. Apps displayed on Apps Fire are categorized based on their niche i.e. gaming, business, productivity etc. If you download an apps regularly basing on users reviews and ratings, Apps Fire best suits you. It displays you apps with ratings, free apps, best deals today and apps picked by Apps Fire. This app will be easier to use and navigate than the previous one. One feature that differentiates Apps Fire from Apps Gone Free is, it displays discounted apps in addition to free apps. You can make a wish list or set prices alerts as you do in an e-commerce website for your favorite apps.

Best Apps Market

best apps market app
Also called as BAM, Best Apps Market is similar to the above mentioned ones but this is for Android users. Luckily Play Store has millions of apps and most of them are free. i But it's a high risk for users to choose one to download and they may even miss some apps that are really worthy downloading. So, to overcome this difficulty you can install BAM that provides you a directory of free apps. Similarly you can also access their database of customer reviews and ratings for choosing an app. BAM allows its users to arrange its list as per their interest i.e. according to price, recent etc. This app is not limited to just two or three categories it has more than 100 different categories that display free and discounted apps. It has a user rating of 4.5 and more than 60,000 Android users have installed it on their phones. So, its definitely a must have Android app for app lovers.

WP7 applist

WP7 app for windows phone
Unlike iOS and Android, Windows platform doesn't have too many apps and also app trackers. But this WP7 will be the best available option one can find. Though the name indicates Windows Phone 7 its works better on Windows Phone 8 and keeps a list of all free and compatible apps. You can notice that its interface and appearance is similar to windows store and this app has its directory from its website. Like BAM app it has a powerful search tool to get your favourite apps. An interesting this is that it has a database of 1.3 lakhs apps and out of them 68 per cent are free. Also, this app lets you make a tile on your phone screen and displays updates of apps that are offered for free. So, go get one for your Windows phone now.

Besides the above mentioned apps, you can find even more with advanced features. Also, with the increasing number of apps you'll have increasing app trackers with more and more advanced features in coming days. However, it is better to visit stores once a week to find any free and discounted apps that these trackers might have missed. This will also be a satisfaction for users who visit store daily for hunting apps. Hope this information helped app lovers to get free apps with more ease.

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