Best open source Web log Analyzers for website administrators

Increasing number of websites and simultaneously the number of users are urging admins to know their website traffic and other important log data. Let's now know about best open source web log tools like Weblog Analyzer, Firestats, GoAccess, Web Forensik etc in detail.

analytics imageToday there are lakhs of websites published and millions of visitors access them daily for their needs. Any webmaster or website administrator will have the curiosity to know his website traffic and number of visitors accessing his website and web pages. For a website administrator knowing day to day log details is very important for successfully maintaining his site. Many factors like number of visitors per day, which pages are being accessed by whom, high traffic pages, low traffic pages and user location etc. play a crucial role. These log details help an administrator in moulding his website or blog in that form which visitors like. If a particular topic or category is being accessed by most of his visitors, he would concentrate on that niche to attract visitors. For a publisher i.e. for a web admin who implemented ad codes in his pages, logs like daily page impressions help a lot in calculating daily ad revenue. Also, these log details help in placing high CPM advertisements on most accessed pages.

So, this curiosity led programmers release web log tools for web developers and administrators. There are free analytic tools like Google Analytics, Stat counter and paid ones like comScore, Kissmetrics that makes traffic reports. But now we are going to know about some open source web log tools that are similarly better. Let us know about some top open source like Web Forensik, Open Web Analytics, Fire Stats, Web Log Expert and Go Access etc. which offer advanced and unique features when compared to other tools.


Fireststats web log analyzer
FireStat comes equipped with features meant for different audience i.e. audience of different categories. Today, websites are being developed in different platforms like Drupal, Word press and Joomla. Though these platforms have their own style of handling files and cookies, FireStats can translate the reports into any desired language. This tool has one more unique feature that is; it can be installed on any web server and can be run silently on background. This therefore can generate reports instantly and present them to administrator. This tool can be obtained from

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics logo
Written in MySQL and PHP as back end, this tool becomes more useful for administrators who need log details of multiple websites. This open source tool can generate a click-stream report where, visitors clicking on your web pages are shown in date and time format. This helps to know the admins to know the timely reports and what their users did on a specific time. Also, this open source tool generates a heat map report i.e. a coloured gradient map like report which includes most hit and least hit web pages for better analysis. This tool can be found at

Weblog Expert

Weblog Expert tool
This Weblog Expert is not a free tool but you can still avail a free lite version. If you want to perform analysis on your windows Desktop this tool is a perfect match. It can perform reverse domain name server look us to detect domain names of source Internet Protocols found in web logs. It has a built in database to map IPs to countries. Get it from

Go Access

This is especially for Linux based administrators who need immediate insights of their websites GoAccess will be a best choice. This tool works in real time and gives the administrator on order. Though log details aren't of HTML format, it generates reports that inform which files are being accessed at a particular moment, 404 errors occurring etc. It also supports IP V6 protocol and it is a must have tool. You can get one from

Web Forensik

While all the above mentioned tools focus on web analytics, this web forensic focuses on security. Today most of the web administrators are neglecting their website's security issues. Web Forensik is a tool that can detect web based attacks like cross-site scripting, cookie injection and SQL injection. One can test their code during development and set the tool to work to find if codes have any loopholes. Web Forensik also gives graphical output for reports generated. URL to get Web Forensik is

Choosing a best tool depends on your needs and compulsory requirements i.e. if you just need traffic reports or impressions along with compete log details for calculating ad performance health etc. The primary requirement of a web log tool is to fulfill the following requirements.

1. Date and Time
2. URLs accessed
3. Protocols either HTTP or Ftp
4. Operating Systems
5. Cookies and IPs
6. Site referrers

So, you can choose any web log analyzer that fulfills the above mentioned primary requirements. However, choosing reputed log tools like Analytics from Google gives you best results these open source tools also can offer you results to same extent without disappointing you.

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