How to prevent Spyware and Adware access your personal credentials and browsing data?

Do you know that your browsing habits can be observed by someone? Yes, if your PC is infected with Spyware or Adware someone might be accessing your day to day information. Know how to make your credentials and browsing more secure by blocking Adware and Spyware.

In this vast world of internet, you can do whatever you like? But remember that nothing goes secret, even the mails you send everyday will surely be read by someone. Yes, recent leaks by Edward Snowden of NSA add strength to those lines. Leave that issue because you and I can do nothing when Government itself is spying on us. Now let's concentrate on how to block a spyware or Adware before you get snagged by it? I wonder sometimes if Google correct in tracking our browsing habits? Adware tracking your browsing habits is not that dangerous but; problem arises when that spyware running on background sends all you personal information to thieves. Adware is not that dangerous when compared to Spyware, it also displays ads of some legitimate products. Since most of the users give importance to their privacy it has become a must to block even Adware and Spyware.

Don't let someone access your personal credentials and browsing data?

Fake and spam ads

Generally, our activities will be the main reason why spyware gets installed on PC. The most common ways of injection is through pop up advertisements, free versions of software and some common ads. Advertisements like "Congratulations you are today's iPad 2 winner!" and "Your computer is attacked, know how to solve?" and "Learn how to make $1000 in one hour!" etc try to attract users and make them click.
But one should be more conscious while dealing with such ads because they may lead to malicious addresses and may steal your credentials if you enter. Prior clicking those ads question yourself that 'who gives something for free?' That will be the first and greatest step you took in your internet life. Not only through on screen advertisements, has spyware also entered your system via promotional mails. Yes, mails I receive daily consist of dozens of promotions indicating that I won a free stuff of $10000 and I should check their link to claim my prize. How silly it is! Such mails and ads contain links that inject dangerous spyware in our PCs without our notice. From that instant they start spying on our browsing habits i.e. the website we visit and inputs we give on different pages. Further they send all the collected data to their main server i.e. a marketing company. This data is used to display ads that are related to your interests, for example, if you visit e-commerce sites daily, you will see ads mostly related to discounted products of several online shopping sites. Sometimes these spyware will turn more dangerous by sending our credentials like credit card numbers, account details to their base server. So, blocking such adware and spyware is much better than to suffer.
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How to block Adware and Spyware?

Blocking all such useless things is in our hands. 'Knowing what you are entering or browsing' keeps you 50 percent safe and even I follow the same strategy. If you use a little common sense while installing free software and games it benefits you a lot. Yes, if you carefully observe the terms and agreements you will be asked to accept the installation of tool bars, search bars and some other pieces of software. Most of us blindly accept them without reading and fall prey for Spyware. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome have inbuilt popup blockers, all you need to do is enable them. Or you can choose third party Anti Spyware and Adware tools like Adware Blocker, avast antivirus that comes with spyware blocker etc. Besides, there are several blocking software which are better and costlier. It is important that how often do you update the software you bought, because newer malware i.e. spyware is being designed every day. So, how to choose the best Spyware, Adware or a virus blocker for your system? Freebyte helps you choosing the best for your PC. Also, as a responsible human, it is our duty to help others browse safer. So, if you find any spam, move forward to prevent it by mailing about that vulnerability. If you think your PC is already infected with spyware, try to clean it. Tools like Window Washer, Spy Sweeper; Pop up washer etc scans and removes any spyware from your computer. However they are not free, you can use trial versions and choose the best to buy in future. Finally, forget not to update any software like antivirus and spyware tools to fight against increasing day to day online threats.

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