Where to buy PAL to NTSC converter in India

This post talks about my shopping experience at SP Road, Bangalore for an PAL to NTSC converter. Read this post to find out which shops carry PAL to NTSC converter in SP Road, Bengaluru.

I brought an NTSC TV from USA when we moved from USA to India. I very well knew that the NTSC system will not work with most providers in India. I still took the risk and brought it considering the price difference in both the markets. I have posted a separate blog on the issues involved in bringing a TV from USA to India.

Before we shipped our TVs, I did a lot of research spending several days in the NRI forums to determine which TV would work in India without a converter. After wasting so many hours I learnt I can't get it working without a converter. My initial plan was to buy a converter after coming to India. However, I was discouraged after seeing couple of forum posts in the R2IClub. Most people recommended bringing one from USA, which proved to be a wise decision.

I carried an ATLONA PAL to NTSC converter also along with the TV, but once I reached India, I realized the converter had a technical problem and it won't work. I decided to drive to SP Road in Bangalore and get a PAL to NTSC converter. I was told by few people that if you don't get it in SP Road, you won't get it anywhere in the world.

This post is a summary of my shopping experience at SP Road, Bangalore, looking for a good PAL to NTSC converter.

After I realized my Tata Sky Satellite TV connection will not work with my TV, I drove to SP Road, Bangalore. In the Google maps, you may want to look for "SJP Road, Bangalore", which is near SP Road. The full name for SP Road is "Sadar Patrappa Rd" and some of the GPS systems may show only this name.

SP Road was about 12km from my home, but took about an hour to reach in the traffic. Finding a place to park was a bigger challenge. SP Road is a pretty narrow place and driving a car there is almost like walking along a thin wire. Also, you should be prepared to get scratches on either side of the car. After driving around the area for almost 30 minutes looking for a safe parking place and avoiding the narrow roads, I found a shopping complex to park the car. SP Road was about 5 minutes from the place.

I was surprised to see the huge number of electronic shops in SP Road and I had no doubt I can find an PAL to NTSC converter in SP Road. I walked in to the first shop and asked for a converter. Most shops had young people, mostly children below 15 years. I was really amazed to see their knowledge on electronic products. I saw they answering all queries from customers showing their practical knowledge on electronics. I am sure an Engineering graduate with only college education cannot explain the functions of various electronics equipments.

Atlona PAL to NTSC converter

This is a picture of an Atlona PAL to NTSC converter I was looking for, which I could never find in any shops in India

Buy PAL to NTSC converter from Pankaj Electronics, SP Road, Bangalore

Let us come back to the topic. Each of the electronic shop I went said they don't carry it even though they all understood what I was asking for. Some of the shops suggested go to a shop called "Pankaj Electronics". I found that particular shop and they showed me an PAL to NTSC converter. The item they showed me had no brand name on it. It was either a local product or came from China but had no information about the manufacturer. However, they said it will work perfectly well.

Another drawback of that converter was, it did not have an HDMI input or output. It had just one composite video input/output. The converter will not support 1020p High Definition. This means by 55 inch 3D LED TV will work like old standard definition TV. All the money I invested for an LED HD Tv will go useless.

Considering it has no HD support, no brand name and the unprofessional look of it, I decided not to buy it. I wanted to go and look in more shops hoping I can find a better one.

If you like to go and buy one, here is the details:

Shop Name: Pankaj Electronics
Location: SP Road, Bangalore
Directions: This is a small shop on the ground floor and is located on 3rd building on the left side when you enter the SP road.

Price: Rs 7,500

NOTE: There is no HDMI input/output and you cannot enjoy HD quality.

PAL to NTSC converter with HDMI

After spending about 2 hours and covering almost 30 shops, I found one more shop in SP Road where they said they can get me one. This shop did not have one in stock, but assured me they can go get one if I pay an advance and wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour. According to them, this item has HDMI and USB options. The price was Rs 12,500. Since they did not have one in stock and was not willing to bring and show me one without paying in advance, I decided not to buy.

This shop is located on the right side just on the entrance of the SP Road.

Phone (Vaisal): 080 22220697

You cannot get a good PAL to NTSC converter in SP Road

I spent almost the full day looking for a converter and came back home with empty hands. I found the converters in 2 shops but did not buy due to the poor quality, lack of HDMI support, high price and unreliable manufacturers. I decided to buy one in USA and get it to India through someone travelling, even though I will have to wait couple of weeks.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Guest Author: gokul03 Oct 2013

I bought one from ebay for 2K and having resolution issues.

You can try this post... This is my plan now.

Guest Author: Mahan14 Nov 2013

Hello Tony : Even I have the same problem finding the PAL to NTSC converter for the USA LG 3D 55" TV and also I experienced the same problem of SP road. I purchased one unbranded converter there but it doesn't work (paid Rs.2700). But I realized the device I purchased is not meant for Signal conversion but it is just for HDMI Conversion.

Share us if you have found one suitable.

Hello Gokul: Please can you convey details of the device which you purchased in eBay?


Guest Author: Manish Thapak23 Nov 2013

you can purchase a TV tuner intex instrument [ usally used for watching TV n computer ] it will cost 600/- INR and well worked with tatasky...

Guest Author: gokul18 Dec 2013

I bought something for Rs. 2000 from eBay. It earlier had resolution issues as in my earlier post, but it was due to my cable network. It works, but there is very little loss of quality
I just searched in ebay and got. there are lot of sellers selling the same one

Guest Author: Farooq09 Feb 2014

Why do we need Pal to NTSC converter when DTH signal is digital and uses HDMI connection? I am sorry I failed to understand this. Could someone please throw some light on this? I am planning to take my Samsung 65 INCH LED TV from US to India.

Thanks in advance.

Guest Author: CHAUHAN16 Apr 2014

Hello Farooq
You need not worry about converter. When in India, you buy DISH TV or TATA SKY connection with set top box and you will enjoy digital HD quality picture in India on your NTSC TV from USA.
See this blog/post: http://www.stephenrajkumar.com/1/post/2013/10/a-simple-guide-to-make-your-us-bought-ntsc-110-volts-tv-work-in-india.html

Author: Tony John19 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


As per the link you have mentioned above, it will work only with Dish TV and Videocon DTH but not with Tata Sky. I am using Tata Sky at my home and I can confirm the automatic NTSC/PAL conversion will not work with Tata Sky. I am using an Atlona converter.

Guest Author: Padmanabhareddy01 Jun 2014

Tried with Tatasky HD and it's working fine on my US Samsung TV.

Guest Author: Vivek14 Oct 2014

Hi Padmanabhareddy,

So, what worked for you?


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