RoboForm Password Management - Review of data manager program for PC and smartphones

Are you looking for complete review and working features of RoboForm password manager software? Then read the resource below to find out RoboForm password manager's new updates and basic working platforms of the software. RoboForm is the top potential manager software in the market which deals with business solutions and personal data.

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Managing your passwords and data are no longer considered laborious. The best way you can synchronize your data systematically is by equipping them with a reliable manager responsible for handling and coordinating them securely. Various data as well as password managers are struggling to make their mark in the online world with hefty competitions. RoboForm is a successful manager which combines both data management work and passwords activity better for faster website access and login process. Today RoboForm is considered to be the best option available in the market for your data sync process, management of data and password for websites, secure handling of data exchange activities from one server to the other and many more. It is one of the oldest in the business which started first as a password manager has emerged today as a global leader expanding their updates and software for much easier access to their users. RoboForm provides their password manager licences to smartphones, PC, Desktop computers, Office PC solutions and also on USB devices.

While RoboForm is making it convenient for users worldwide to access their features and use their software to fill up web forms for automatic login, it has announced its update of the latest RoboForm Pro 7 version for all their supportive devices and their platforms available for a free trail period.

Features and Prospects that make RoboForm Password Manager Efficient and Proactive

RoboForm is always considered to be the prime option for all smart devices and work environment which consists of over hundreds of typical features that makes its association and bonding strong among their members, thus encouraging its use of product. It provides you with periodic updates, keys information to you regarding the latest developments that's going around the password world, gives you meaningful suggestions regarding changing of password data and developments to make your system more secure with latest updates and highlights that's being taken care all the time and improvements that it brings for a friendly user interface.

Develop a unique password for your RoboForm program and use one-click login feature for your websites

Here's an improved feature that has worked wonders for RoboForm over the years. Instead of rolling on different passwords for your Windows and work related websites, you can select a unique password that will serve as a directory for all your password input. It seems risky, but RoboForm ensures that their members keep changing the password in a periodic limit of time for better security and data management process. With this process, you can securely sign in to your RoboForm application, simultaneously opens up all other Windows based administrative rights declared for yourself. So you can change, set and modify your settings as per your requirements by choosing your options. You can develop a master password that opens all other applications that runs on RoboForm and Windows / Mac or on your smartphone.

One click login

You can save your websites like an array of bookmarks for login in quickly to your data. You can save 15 to 20 minutes by allowing RoboForm to use the option of single-click login. This feature allows you to login into all your websites by just typing the passwords on the development page of RoboForm to ensure fast forward login to all your websites with a click. This will help you to start browsing your account directly on instant login websites. In office space, the client inputs the passwords of all their workers to give them the permission to use their organization's personal data for their betterment of the organization. In such case, client can reject or disallow any member from viewing their data upon any malware activity.

Supported on all browser platforms with strong encryptions for better security

You can use RoboForm with your own convenient browser for better working experience. RoboForm is supported on all the browsing platforms like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox popularly to make your data structure simple and efficient to tackle malware and handle important information. Sometimes you might wonder if any errors could possibly arise due to browser change over a period of time or you need RoboForm to remember your previous browsed data when you worked with it earlier before changing it to a new one. It needs no introduction! RoboForm automatically syncs all your data from the respective browser to your new one without any difficulty.

RoboForm is enabled with strong password encryption of high military grade which gives you a paramount option for changing data between reliable servers. A unique Password protection is provided while you import file from other servers to filter out any virus attack accidentally. AES 256 encryption has been provided which works as a security app to monitor the software all the time.

Save Forms

Using Passcard to auto save data login details for future reference

You can use Passcard to actually save details like usernames, login ID, password and ID numbers for a particular website. When you save these details as a separate profile on your passcard, you need to create one to use it next time when you visit the website. When you visit the website for the first time, fill out the login form, RoboForm Passcard asks your permission to save the data as a separate profile on your Passcard's list. You can save these details with a proper name that may come along with the suggestion. If you already possess one profile from the same website, list will be generated and you can view all of them grouped together for different people.

Use Force Auto save option for unknown password fields – Use this option when you want to force auto save your login details in case when there are no password fields, it's like being same for different users. Auto save option does not open up when your login details are alike some other form already saved in Passcard database from same website. Forced auto save helps you in saving a new form already submitted earlier due to change in website and looks with change in requirement fields. The option gives you to change or modify the settings according to your own parameters.

Option of manually saving your data to RoboForm's memory – You can now save your form optionally by selecting save option directly from the toolbar. This option will enable Passcard to automatically save all form inputs present on the current web page. Other options of saving the data are present at RoboForm toolbar which can enable you to save your estimated forms on the page directly to different profiles. In such case, use the option of auto filling form directly from the website to avoid any errors.

RoboForm handles user data and personal information at ease

With RoboForm, you can ensure that your user data is kept under secure protection all the time while you work in and out with your info. User data can be inclusions of total passcards to be assembled together, your identity details while you submit forms on websites on your personal name and Safenotes which stores extremely confidential data of yours on a safe folder for faster access. Different types of files are enabled with different extensions workable on a specific unit. You can change your data folder settings to edit or remove or specifically add important information regarding your personal cause. In order to view the summary, open 'Profiles' and then go to 'Explore Folder'.

When you have updated information on different browsers, you will need to refresh the folder to view the latest additions or deletions affected. RoboForm quickly ensures that files are intact with updated information as directed by the user.

RoboForm Backup and Restore

Backing up and Restore option – A particular folder contains all the details like passcard and identity for personal use. For backup, use the option from 'User Data' settings and click on the folder where you want your contents to be backed up after exercising restore option. The resultant folder's existing documents and passcards shall be deleted to replace the old ones. Use restore option from User data settings for particular folder already backed up to restore them at your location earlier saved. The restore option is enabled once when data has been backed up properly without any memory shortage. The same feature works well with smartphones where you will need to exercise the option of Mobile storage available on settings panel which will redirect you to using back up and restore option successfully. Now you can also copy data from one device to another, say copying data from PC to smartphone or from PC-1 to PC-2. Backup your contents on a USB device and restore them when you open them at another server. It's that simple!

You can create as many profiles you want for your RoboForm data manager, but you need to be a Pro user to do all this. You can use as many RoboForm profiles to be shared between one Mac / Windows user. The converse can also be possible. A RoboForm profile can be altered to change its location, manage its safenote and identities and so on. You may be able to create and manage your profile options, delete specific folders from your files and so on conveniently.

Manage your Bookmarks to sync user data everytime you look for updates

With the latest addition of saving important websites in bookmark page separately in RoboForm, users can pull their favourite website with just a click from their RoboForm toolbar. RoboForm is enabled with features like synching data directly to your bookmarks, so that your web forms autofills directly when you open the page of your frequently visited website. The bookmarked website is displayed on the toolbar for user's convenience to get latest updates on their account significantly. Use 'Save' option from bookmarks toolbar to save your important last visited website. In case you forgot your old website's URL any day, RoboForm's bookmark bar will help you recognize the same within minutes!

Whatever data is stored on your Passcard can be recalled back for editing bookmarks on your profiles and identity. You can sync your entire bookmark setting directly to your personal profile you choose from your passcard data. Enable sync option to sync bookmarks that are relevant to you as per your needs. You can choose three ways to directly view your bookmarked website from your RoboForm application from the taskbar, toolbar or the passcard editor as other options. Options like Deleting, Cloning and Renaming bookmarks are available as options in bookmarks editor. These settings are enabled for each passcard data.

RoboForm Safenotes

Now Safenote your data even without letting RoboForm passcard users know about it

Those users who are authorized to use your RoboForm application for different passcard data may publicly see your information which is extremely private. These highly important data needs to be secured somewhere to disable authorized users of the application. Top password managers fail to input such features that prove out to be the part of their disadvantage. Safenote helps you in saving data like your Bank account info, your Credit / Debit card number, licence key copies and all. These can still be hacked if you hadn't opted for something like Safenote to safeguard your key informations. The Safenote editor is responsible for changing and deleting your data if you don't like something. Create your own note from the editor or from the toolbar itself by clicking 'Safenotes' and then 'New' option.

Alternatively to delete all your Safenote data at once, click on the cross mark besides the Safenote button which deletes all the information at one go. If you feel that saving all your Safenote data in an HTML file may bring down your worries, then you can do so quite easily. Get the list of all the safenotes and then select the one that applies to you. Each and every time, you Safenote is clicked, it requires the authentication of the password to unlock your data. Get the printed list of your data from your own safenote. To make for a safer transaction, you can email yourself the safenote to securely achieve your data in HTML format convenient for you.

Import data to avoid phishing of contents developed on your Web browser

You can start importing your data from different locations of your web browser. To avoid phishing of web contents filter your contents once to avoid spam pages crawl your secure information. With the help of phishing away spamming websites, you can deal with your original website forms at a convenient pace. Sometimes it does happen that web pages similar in design and looks can create confusion for RoboForm so as to which one is correct. But this is not to be here! RoboForm intelligently monitors each and every activity and matches with the same page which you have stored for your future autofill form feature.

Platforms and Different Products to choose from RoboForm Database

Well if you are significantly satisfied with RoboForm Password manager designed and made to perfection for protecting you data and passwords at a constant pace, you can buy any particular versions from the below given options to suit your needs. RoboForm works on all platforms for PC and smartphones and makes users believe that its just not the password manager, it's the ultimate security app for their device too.

RoboForm's Workable Platforms: RoboForm works on all OS platforms supported on popular smartphones along with synching them with Desktop PC.

It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, USB device, Android, Blackberry and iOS with successful programming and configurations. You need to download the .zip file first and run the application after reading the file. It will start the initial download process on all the above mentioned OS and will be completed within seconds of time. If you want to take a look at the products RoboForm offers for their members with intensifying features and extremely user friendly interface, then here are the top three products that RoboForm has to offer according to user's usage conditions.

RoboForm Free Software application

RoboForm offers a free version for first time users. This application is developed and prepared keeping in minds for new users who haven't discovered the password manager's capabilities yet. The free software aims in providing the general guidance and basic features enabled within the application. For mobile users, they will receive a copy of instructions and workout of features that may be needed to be looked if you haven't worked with RoboForm yet. Even if you download RoboForm on your PC, you can sync the same to use it on your smartphone. So there's no hassle to download it separately for your mobile!

You can immediately start using the application on your desktop, laptop and smartphones to ease your work load. The free version is applicable only for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac users. You will be able to access features like auto sync and backup your data to your own location. You can also use autofill feature of form filling for unlimited number of websites. All this comes with an initial trial period of unlimited number of days with restriction up to 10 logins only.

RoboForm Desktop Software version

If you have desktop PC at your home or at your office junction, you can use this version of RoboForm on your computer available for single desktop PC only. Here you cannot sync any other device with your PC to share your password manager program to different devices. Here you are not provided with cloud storage feature available only for Everywhere version. This pack is exclusive only for Windows and Mac PC users. Salient features of this version include unlimited web form filling options, unlimited logins for your data so that you never face a hiccup while you work. You can store unlimited bookmarks to manage your website activity at ease and use Safenotes to safeguard your personal information.

You will get all the general features basically what a single handed user needs for a monitoring small database activity.

Cost: Around 29.95 US Dollars per licence

RoboForm Everywhere Pro version

Use the RoboForm Everywhere version to get into some serious business. This is the optimum version which gives you all standing features like unlimited logins, web form filling, and stores your data on Passcard as separate profiles. You can sync as many devices by sharing your RoboForm app on smartphones. RoboForm authorizes to give you as many licences for as many different devices. The licence will cover backup facility for your multiple desktop PCs and support for all your doubts and problems you face while working with RoboForm. All the versions of OS are permitted to use the version. This is one of reliable version of RoboForm which gives you multiple features and rich protection for your concerned data.

Cost: Around 9.95 USD per year

What are the general pros and cons of using RoboForm password manager?

RoboForm has developed over the years in significantly making new releases and updates with constant issues being fixed with reliable solutions. With the largest password manager database among its customers, RoboForm is ideally suited for business solutions and marketers to use the manager to get a better idea of how fast could things be solved out. When people become accustom to a particular password manager, it makes them difficult to shift to a newer manager all together. You will need to roll over from the beginning again and again when you change your password manager. So it's always better to stick to one password manager at a time when you begin your work process which releases out any confusion of data in later stages. Take a look at the pros and cons of RoboForm password manager below.

Pros: Gone are those days, when you used to record all the different passwords for separate websites. With RoboForm, you can directly access all your passwords within a flick of a click by entering your master password just once. With its integration to catch up all data from different web browsers, you will never feel confused if your data has been cached by RoboForm application or not. RoboForm is equipped with a password generator that takes care of you while you need some complex and long password for your work. So just sit back and see the number of possible passwords it could generate for you!

You can save tons of your valuable time by using the auto form filling feature that allows you to automatically fill your web forms within seconds. The RoboForm software doesn't take up much space on your hard disc, which again is a plus point of the software. You can synchronize your data between cloud sync and allow your devices to get access to your private data according to your instructions.

Cons: Coming to the cons of RoboForm, users have actually faced very less issues lately. Almost 90 percent of RoboForm users till date never reported any issues till date. The customer support is brilliant and some hit and miss issues regarding its unablility to perform well on updated versions of Internet Explorer 11 and issue on iOS was earlier noted, but now been fixed.

So it is great to have such a software, built and developed to win your heart by its performance. RoboForm has got the highest votes in the recent CNET awards 2013 to grab the first spot for last year's success.

Why should you consider using RoboForm instead of any other password manager?

Over the years RoboForm has developed friendly versions of software for every OS that's in the market. It's not like people force their recommendation to use this password manager; you can try the free versions of all the possible password managers in the market and make your own decisions. A team from PC Magazine earlier did the same and they thought, among all the managers, RoboForm was far better and easier to use than any other software in terms of features, price and all. Other managers were noted to be quite bossy with their use. RoboForm has offered various versions of their software, making it reluctantly more reliable and safe to use. The never before password protection combination and integrated passcode working medium makes RoboForm far better in analysis and comparison than any other password manager software in the market.

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