5 fatal blogging mistakes to avoid

This article highlights some of the basic mistakes that are made by newbie bloggers. If you love blogging and want to succeed in it, then read these 5 fatal mistakes to avoid in blogging.


Promoting an activity or topic on the Internet in which one specializes, is being done increasingly in recent years by engaging in Blogging.

Every day new blogs are created and most beginner bloggers make mistakes at the start due to lack of knowledge or because they are influenced by some who believe that we can succeed in winning quick money with blogging.

That is why it is important to know some blunders to avoid them and move on to start a good foundation with blogging.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid in blogging

1. Producing worthless content

Internet users like to visit your blog because they like the quality of your content. A blog without quality content and is not interesting is doomed to failure. The content is a priority that needs to be concentrated on for the life of your blog and that too, right from the outset before giving focus on other factors such as SEO, building backlinks, etc. The SEO and backlinks are important but will be useful if your blog contains quality content.

2. Expecting returns without efforts

Some bloggers want fast results and believe that this is all easily obtained. They want traffic, money, relationships, and visibility by providing a minimum of effort. And to get into such a state of mind is a colossal mistake. If you look at the most recognized bloggers, you will see that they have worked very hard over time to get some authoritative and conclusive results. Keep working constantly to build your reputation and achieve even greater goals, and do not expect to succeed without hard work and without spending time.

3. Blogging for money

Many people today create a blog for the sole purpose of making money because they have seen everywhere on the web that it is easy to earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per month with a blog. Think again, this is an illusion! Nothing is easy to succeed.

When your blog reach tens, hundreds of dollars after long months of existence, you'll be very pleased to have been able to get this far. Monetization is without doubt an important and necessary aspect of blogging, but that is far from being a priority when starting a new blog. If your goal is simply to make money, my advice would be that you give up on this field and try something else.

You should focus on the content, quality, design, community behavior, and other factors to gradually build your authority and your blog. If you are getting traffic on a consistent basis over time, you can start to think about money and setting up a strategy to monetize your blog. Advertisers generally approve blogs that have fresh content and a good amount of traffic.

4. Do not share, but interact

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

On a website, readers can not argue with you, i.e. there will not be much of an interaction between the visitors and website owner/publisher. But with a blog, you can interact and communicate with the visitors permanently.

Section comments are one of the most important parts of any blog. After reading your article, anyone can comment to appreciate or provide a feedback. It is the duty of the blogger to interact with them and respond to them.

For bloggers who have a Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus to their blog, remember that these pages should not be used solely to promote their new products. Readers can consider you as a spammer if you feed your pages on social networks only to promote, without trying to talk to them in return.

5. Being impatient

Many bloggers want traffic, and gain a reputation in their field quickly. In short, right from the start-up phase of their blogging business. And if they fail to achieve these results quickly, they become impatient and there are many who drop out within the first month.

Most beginners do not realize how much time and effort is needed to make a decent blog on the web. So be realistic and tell yourself that it is simply impossible to get traffic and exposure very quickly.

You can not achieve success overnight; it is completely unrealistic to think otherwise. You must be patient while you focus on the quality of your content and implementing the right strategies and promotion on social media.


Hopefully it is understood here that blogging is not made lightly when trying to develop a recognized blog. Ensure to produce some great content to attract many visitors, which in return will give organic backlinks. As a result, you get a good position in SERPs.

Do not keep to yourself; the blogosphere is growing day by day, so be open to others to promote trade, help, advise and expand your knowledge. You will see that you will make a point! You must understand that the success of a blog goes through a long process. It takes time and determination to keep learning many aspects of blogging.

Read What are the Blogging mistakes that a new Blogger should avoid

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