Top 10 Most Amazing 'Augmented Reality' Apps for Your Android Device

Augmented Reality is not a new concept. It has been into use for few years now, but the very name isn't a concept known to many. This article is all about 10 best augmented reality applications available for your android device today. Read on!

When was the last time you were stuck at a square and didn't know which way to go? Or do you remember having wished you could actually know what happens inside that building you always love to cross by and turn your head to? Or had wondered how to keep track of how distant is the vehicle next to you on the road? Well, somewhere deep down there in your throat, you wanna talk of something called 'augmented reality'. If you do not know what is augmented reality, we have some homework for you.

As of now, we are talking of something different. Here, we'll let you know of ten most amazing augmented reality apps available for your Android device, and it starts now!

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Google Goggles

Google Goggles - When I was trying to figure out this list, I wondered which one to start off with? So I figured out this one, with the idea that if it's about Android, why not showcase something that too comes from the same people? Well, this app surely has got it all! It can yield you lots of info about places, texts, logos, random images, after Google provides it the muscle of Google images. It can help you scan barcodes, fetch details of the book by barely scanning its title, add contacts by scanning a business card. In short it does everything you may need it to. A lot of fun, this app can actually help you solve your Sudoku puzzle you were struggling for the last hour by just scanning it. In short, it's Google + camera = Google Goggles. Not to say, I was definitely impressed by the name they've given to this sorcery.

Price: Free

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite
This application is supposed to be your road guide. While you're driving, this cozy application can let you know the distance between your car and the next one to yours and in case you're too close, it'll give you an audiovisual warning so that you know you're making a mistake. It talks about the weather and will anything it can to prevent you from meeting an accident. It monitors distance and knows if you're moving off road too, by using the combined power of your phone's camera and GPS and few more sensors. This award winning app starts automatically once mounted on the windshield and as you're mobile.

Price: Free

AR Invaders
Too much of serious stuff? Fine! Here comes a game! Watched 'The Avengers' right? With AR Invaders, shoot tight the invaders in the 360 mode when everything around you (and you with it) turns into a battlefield. But yes, be warned, it can turn quite capable to drain your battery like anything. But on the whole, who cares when you get to save the world with your friends in the multiplayer mode?

Price - $2.42

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite

Wikitude World Browser
This award winning browser, three years in a row, yes, definitely seems to be one of its kind. And when it comes for free, what are you about to complain for? Just hold your phone, point it towards anything you want to. Just browse, look around, at your surroundings and you are almost about to see the world with a whole new perspective with this mindblowing application. Just make sure you have a working 3G connection and see how it fetches you details on almost everything you want it for. Restaurants, offices, places, it tells you about all of them. And once again, this one's freeeee!

Price – Free

This one's for developers who find it tough to afford working Internet connection. It's gonna give them an 'aha' moment every time they switch it on. Okay, enough of advance praising, what is it all about? Well, Lookator helps you find working WiFi hotspots around you and their relative strengths. Well, a small drawback is that you can never be too sure of the directions it points to is a place you'll find an actual machine, but somehow it works. And anyway, who cares for where the router is? All we're always worried about is who has the best strength to offer. For that matter, it comes perfect.

Price – Free

Now this one is a popular baby. Need help? Ask your Yelp. Well, that's what they say. Not as feature-full as the Google Goggle, the Yelp though helps you out in its own way. Turn on your camera, hold it up firmly and watch as you move, the bestselling restaurants in vicinity. Not just that, you can read reviews all day and after you walk out of the pizzeria you just went into trusting the reviews, you can definitely add your own abashing set of words for it. It definitely is a treat to the travellers, no doubt.

Price – Free

Trust me, if you ask me among all of the above mentioned apps, which one is my personal favourite, I'd vote for this one. Why? Well, I really hate stopping by vendors I've never known and asking them for an address and I hate it more when I don't have a good way to thank them. Well, now you have AugSatNav. It's your fantasy. Hadn't you always wished you had something that could tell you which way to go? Just set the destination and keep following the light on the screen and it guides you well through the crowd, you feel like kissing your phone which you were about to burn away last night. AugSatNav helps you with crossroads and when you don't know which out of the four ways you're supposed to go. Remember NeedForSpeed games? Yeah, that's the small trick in there. Just follow the light and you shall meet your destination. Trust me I could have paid ten dollars for this one but sadly, this one too, is a free stuff. Alas!

Price – Free

Doesn't the name speak too much, but yet doesn't say anything clearly? Well, don't complain. After all that it has to offer, that too for free, you'll be in love with this one as well. I personally always had a problem with managing space in my small living room but with Augment, all you need to know is select a 3D model from its gallery, aim your camera at the market and there you go! You can arrange objects in y our room without even bothering to move them an inch in reality. Adding a lot of meaning and augmentation to reality, in a wonderfully useful way. Just imagine how much pain it could save you when you plan a shuffle for your living room. Really worth having!

Price – Free

Color Blindness Simulator

Remember that funny game, eh? Bunch around with your best buddies and shoot them with this fun game. Just another break with the new refreshing taste of augmented reality! Take it, connect via WiFi and blow your enemies with all sorts of colors.

Price - Free

Color Blindness Simulator
I actually got an idea of penning down a love story when experienced this one. This one simulates vision of color blind person. Color Blindness Simulator lets you know how the world looks through the eyes of a normal person and that of a person who doesn't perceive color the way he should. It can deliver on all common types of color blindness. Well, some of them say M. Zucherburg is color blind (heard that he can only distinguish the blue color well). Wanna have a sneak peak into his world right now? Turn onto this free app.

Price – Free

So, most of the apps were free, ha! I just noticed. I hope you enjoyed. If you liked reading this article, don't forget to hit the 'Like' button below and share with your friends.

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