PU Leather Case with Bluetooth Keyboard: Play, protect and professionalize your iPad 2 in style

Have you ever come across the best suited accessory for your iPad 2? Then here's a product that helps you and your iPad be comfortable and trendy in looks and style – PU Leather Case with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. Get all the details like features, pros and cons, reviews and general recommendation from us about the product. Get the best deals and price for the product officially from Tmart.com website

If you are genuinely looking for something that could change the way your iPad 2 interacts with you with some comfort style quotient, then here's a product designed for you. The PU Leather Case matches your style compartment and fun store to a bigger reality with better dimensions. Most of the leather cases available for iPad 2 aren't well equipped with better durability and support for long run. The PU Leather case has sufficient support and space for better interaction and work experience suitable for your usage. The product provides a general introduction of the manufacturer's success in building such high end accessories well developed and customized for iPad 2 users. People have reviewed the product positively and they look forward to see some more modification and killer glance for the upcoming iPad 3 leather case later in future.

PU Leather Case looks

If you haven't got one yet for your iPad 2, you may consider it as an option better suited for your comfort needs in order to protect your iPad to maintain its new glazy looks. iPad 2 was earlier featured with popular body cases from Kara and Acme for their enhanced features but were back dropped in terms of lasting duration. Here's a leather case, we promise that it will never disappoint you and your gadget. We are giving few reasons why you should consider buying it.

PU Leather Case with Bluetooth keyboard – Salient Features

The leather case made from high quality water proof leather will never disappoint you to see a brighter picture of its ease of use and hassle free operation. A typical list of features distinguishes it from other leather cases have been compared below. You can cover your iPad 2 into the leather case, fix it at a stand most appropriate for your work, gaming or browsing your personal apps and information and start using it with your wireless bluetooth enabled keyboard. The iPad 2 slides easily over the slanted leather case while keyboard can be adjusted as per your needed posture for better accessibility.

Ideally combines your iPad 2 with a better stylus statement and rejuvenating looks

Generally, iPad cases are not equipped with a 360 degree viewing angle. In short Bluetooth keyboard provides you with the option of working like your own PC or laptop. You can twist, curl or slide your iPad 2 on the cover bench of leather case with the option of holding your iPad horizontally or vertically. The cover case gives you the meaning and purpose for much better professional and workable use with convenient viewing panes. The case is typically made out of soft PU leather to give it a strong outlook with long duration run as per its use on day to day basis. Customers who have bought the product insist that the quality of leather has been good throughout even though their usage was rough throughout. The wireless Bluetooth keyboard is provided with tougher silicone material for extensive usage without any product failure for one year.

PU Leather Case

Amazing on-hand features provides just the ease what we need

It is one of the lightest, slimmest and portable leather case defined for people who carry their iPad everywhere amid the difficult terrain during their journeys. This case contains special features like vibration controller to provide you with smooth access and dust proof monitor screen guard that exemplifies your usage on tough conditions as well. Powered by the latest v3.0 Bluetooth version, the keyboard is designed for you to access for iPad 2 even when you are 10 meters distant away from the device. The bluetooth sensors provided in the keyboard enable to catch up with the device bluetooth system that directs iPad 2 according to your instructions. You can access all the features of your iPad including camera, speaker and use earphone and charging points to access your songs, stream videos and charge your iPad 2 directly through one-on link accessible from your leather case.

Use your leather case to innovate them at your workspace

Tired carrying those heavy laptop bags and tablets at your office space? Here's our solution to go live with PU leather case with your iPad 2 on your office desk. You can connect your Bluetooth keyboard anytime and anywhere you want to use it when you work on your device. It is as small a keyboard you can work on with it. Use different style coloured backup cover for your leather case to make your office people go crazy for your device. You can use the option of enhancing different coloured PU leather case, to attach / detach them for marking up your status statement. So what are you waiting for, give your boss the impression how trendy you look with your device!

Extensive Bluetooth featured Keyboard giving you the right balance

The bluetooth keyboard powered by the latest v3.0 version comes handy when pairing up with other devices for data transfer activity. You can send, transfer files from your silicone keyboard to all your Bluetooth smartphones and tablets to make sure your product never lets you down when involved in sharing information across your peaks. The keyboard has the option of sleep mode to save the energy when you are away from your work place for a longer period of time. It is coupled with a lithium ion battery that gives you a standby period of 60 days with latest FHSS 2.4G modulation system. You can use your iPad continuously for 40 days without getting intervened due to battery hiccup. So schedule your important meetings and appointments right from your iPad 2 backed by a powerful bluetooth keyboard interface.

PU Leather Case with Bluetooth keyboard

Our review of PU Leather Case

Reviewers and customers who have owned the product earlier have stated their voice by giving review statements that may count for the product's advantage and disadvantage. People have given a mixed feeling of the product though majority supporting the fact that idea and design had been the success key for the product.

Pros: The accessory is a light weighted one and easy to use. The battery backup is one of the important details one takes into account while buying any gadget or device. Here PU Leather case along with bluetooth Keyboard use holds an average of 40 days backup if left unused. Many believe that with the addition of the keyboard, the leather pad got the much needed enthusiasm that was specially designed for iPad 2. You cannot differentiate the fact that leather case usually comes with a pair of sidelined viewing monitor that distributes your viewing vision equally on all angles and sides when viewed on comfort zones for the users. It is recognized to be sturdy and compact taking less space on your table or anywhere you want to fit in. The keys are very soft to use on the keyboard and considerable distance can be maintained between your iPad 2 and your keyboard approximated to be close to 10 metres.

You can separately use the keyboard for your kids and case yourself the iPad to help your kids learn keyboard typing fast with better and bigger screen. The leather quality is pretty good overall and portability makes it even a strongly recommended buy.

Cons: The keyboard keys are made of rubber type material not suited for better precision and faster typing. You need to be extremely precise hitting the right keys all the time without making any mistake while working on office space to reduce time length. Customers didn't liked those wiggy keyboards hard to put fingers on generate higher accuracy when you are a first timer! The placement of shift key and enter key on different areas as conventional to normal keyboard made it difficult to for regular users, who are now opting to use their PC instead of their iPad 2 for replying to their emails and all. Most reports and complains suggest the development of keys on the keyboard to make it a bit harder rather than to be softer unless you are not a newcomer.

Overall review of PU Leather Case with Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 – Our opinion for the product

Recently the rise of smartphone cases in the market has stiffened the competition for buyers to look for better leather cases at best deals. The iPad 2 PU leather case combined with Bluetooth keyboard has focused on key issues like bluetooth disability within a few metres and durability being less what it should be (not even working for a year of time). Here we arrive to end your search for the smartest and dazzling outfit for your iPad 2. The leather case holds different colour options suitable for your design looks. You can fit a smart cover if you like to amaze your viewers with variety of styles your case can hold on to.

Trendy design, and fittingly the most appropriate cover case you can ever expect for your iPad gives you all the positive comfort with super connectivity Bluetooth keyboard designed for high precise use. You can easily push your iPad settings to enable Bluetooth catch data from your keyboard for data input into your iPad even without having to check them up. Users have rated the product 5 on 5 for company's ability to design such an accessory that could well provide the possible comfort to sit anywhere and key in the information with the help of the portable keyboard. With smaller size keyboard, it is easier to work around with it even while you walk on the roads. So if you believe you need to prioritize your experience with iPad 2 even smoother and silkier, it's definitely worth to buy the product to make your iPad performance go round the best with you.

What are the possible expectations for change in design / looks in future?

Till date PU Leather case combo with wireless Bluetooth keyboard developed by DG Sports have recorded about 70 percent of highly respectful reviews that reported customer's full satisfaction of the product. If you are an avid user of iPad 2, it's time that you get the leather case with Bluetooth keyboard combo pack as a protective device to secure your iPad's newness in a better way and make it work intelligently as directed by you. There are lots of specification details that highlights about the Leather case pack which includes notable points like less consumption of energy, low working temperature, one touch access to all your applications on iPad and a stand that provides you the ease of viewing them at reliable positions. What more expectations can we derive from a simple leather case supported with a keyboard?

People from different tech communities reportedly said that iPad 2 is designed in such a way that it would require something strong and reliable to pull attractive responses to its case covers. But latest update from DG Sports reveal that currently the wireless Bluetooth keyboard combination with Leather case will go high on sales when they implement features like automatic navigation detect, auto shut feature to turn your iPad 2 which closes your leather case automatically without your password entry, and approaches to set certain time limitation child lock feature during their latest venture for iPad 3 probably in coming days of time.

PU Leather Case Red colour

Buy your PU Leather Case for your iPad 2 with Bluetooth keyboard – Tmart.com

Tmart is officially selling this great combo at an unbelievable price! It is certain that when you look for iPad 2 cases with better reliability for a year or two, you won't get a better deal below 50 US Dollars. But here's a website that provides you the best wireless Bluetooth configuration keyboard suited for your iPad 2 along with the leather case for just 52 US Dollars.

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If you like to buy this product, checkout the latest offers at the tmart.com website:


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