Best alternatives to curb data usage on your Android smartphone

Are you looking for different methods to check heavy data usage on your Android smartphone? Then read the resource below to know few tips and tricks to lessen your heavy data consumption due to excessive use of apps and services from your smartphone. With these techniques, you can lower your data burning significantly and keep an eye on your smartphone's usage.

Android is the largest OS community owned by Google which runs on smartphones and tablets. Today more than 10 million people are successfully running Android on their devices to make their life simple, convenient and stress free. Using Android is fun, but many of us haven't realized how much do we curb our data on daily basis? With number of people switching to unlimited plans, the curiosity to explore more and more of Android is touching the sky limit. We have often come across situations where limited data users reach their full data limit within a span of 3 to 4 days of hefty usage.

This is not a new story, many such members in the past have looked for solutions to keep their android data usage within a safe limit. If you are prone to use android more, data usage count drastically increases which is the case of running more apps on your smartphone background. The luxury of data limiting doesn't effectively apply for IOS and Windows phones from official sources. While android is leading more towards developing a solution for such a cause, it has got innovative apps and recorder that gives people the check on their app use.

Why should you keep a check on your Android data usage?

Nowadays people have moved forward with faster technology and better access speed. The need for high speed data exchange has significantly increased with number of people opting for 3G or 2G seem to have poised themselves with the pacy browsing speed. Advancements like 2G are slowly being replaced for better transaction of data within the touch of a blink. In India opting for a high speed data plan costs individual's pocket highly, though evenly compromising for a limited data plan. It does make a significant difference of an MB or two when wasted for unnecessary apps and their functioning. So we have compiled a list of possible measures to help you cut out the limitless data usage which ultimately results a higher bill value.

Get over those hungry apps that destroy your data like anything

When you have downloaded a purposeful data on your smartphone, you need to use it efficiently to make sure whatever data it consumes does not cross the limit mark unless used uselessly. There are certain apps that run behind the scenes consuming your precious data all the time even if you haven't ordered them to work. Other security apps (antivirus software) that monitor and keep an eye on your smartphone preventing you from virus attacks should be made to run so as to protect your phone from all outward malware attacks. Developing a practise of closing apps once you are done with needs to be looked after to save your precious data fuel.

Android auto update new one

1. Pull down your app's background work while you remain offline – Sometimes you may find some apps guilty of using your data. These can be social to security apps that refreshes every minute to every second. Apps that work alongside you when you open them, refers to Foreground data usage. Sometimes while you aren't using them actually, they run in the background consuming a lot of data leading to excessive data losses. If you want to restrict such data from unnecessarily being used, go to the settings of your Android device, check all those applications that you have downloaded and see whether they consume more foreground or background data. If you observe background data being used regularly in any particular app, you can stop them by restricting their background loading. Also keep an eye on apps that automatically downloads via some other app already downloaded or is in the process of download. You may feel that those apps may be free to use, but actually many spammers are in the process of selling such apps which breaks your secure data from your smartphone.

2. Change your refresh settings for your play store – In general apps are updated every time you open the play store. You can set the preference of update within a specific range of time or every day once depending on the settings you choose to work on your smartphone. Alternatively you can refresh them via Wi-Fi settings. In order to refresh your play store through Wi-Fi choose 'Auto update app' option from your settings. It will auto update apps without consuming any extra data from your smartphone. Sometimes Wi-Fi may not be enabled all the time, during such case Auto update feature won't work. The only thing that might not please you is that app store won't get updated when you open it for any downloading process.

in app data settings

3. Monitor your app settings for better results – Sometimes app itself contain settings that require your permission to update from time to time. If you don't want any specific notification time and again, you can disable their update feature. It refreshes only when you open them for your personal use. Do keep a check on settings option of your personalized app for saving your data on large sums.

Use Preloading and Caching feature to balance your data usage

With preloading feature, you can ultimately save your data usage almost twice while using any app after download process. Certain apps help you in saving heaps of data while caching all your important browsing history and preloading them once you ask for those in your meantime. Caching helps in storing important browsing history and makes it available for you in a format that's convenient to you.

1. Use Google maps without your data usage – You can use Google Maps even without spending a bit of your data connection. Firstly you need to download the offline version of Google maps available from Google play store. By using the cache feature to view your last location on your smartphone, it guides respectively of your searched routes alongwith search for new locations as per your demand. Maps will store all the cached data as a reference offline for better visibility later. This requires no data connection.

Preloading Google maps on Android

2. Download and watch content as you Pre-load – Now with the help of useful apps, you can download and save those media files to watch later. You can download all the media contents directly through auto download feature and stream them later by enabling caching feature. If you use the option of caching, you may watch those videos or picture library later when you pre load and stream them on your device.

3. Use Wi-Fi to the best effect – Wi-Fi enables your data usage to ease on your smartphone. The option of Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, so use it to perfection! When you feel like downloading large e-books, videos, use the feature for best outcomes. Heavy downloads often ruin most of your data giving you very little option to explore them freely.

Keep your Cloud Sync or Network Sync under check to save data

If you already have connection with Google for syncing your files and folders, then Google may request your permit to keep refreshing your sync settings to check for new updates from your friends or office colleagues. Sync settings notify you of any update in your personal sync profile which keeps consuming data additionally all the time. By checking out refresh settings, you can save 10 percent of the original data you are likely to waste. Here's how you need to tackle the situation:

Sync settings new one

1. Disable Sync for a period of time – You can disable the sync option from the settings tab of your sync profile. When you disable sync, Google keeps your profile but refreshes only when you open the application to see for new updates. In short automatic sync run on your smartphone's background is directly prevented to save few bucks of data. Open the settings option, go to Data usage option and then click Menu. In the menu option, go to 'Auto Sync' option and give and provide your input as No. Disabling sync enables you to save battery for your phone's long run again saving data by removing those needless notification tweaks.

2. Uncheck categories that requires high data for synching – You can select the categories of your choice which needs synching option every time you open the type of file. Synching high end data usage applications from Google play store takes up considerable amount of data from your Android smartphone. Keep your options light like synching of files, photos or even snapshots of your important office file within your work group. Try to use sync option least in case of photos and in Google apps which consumes high average data use.

Reduce your data usage by compressing your browsing experience

Data loss due to heavy browsing can be one reason why many smartphone users feel it should be made compact to work with. On Android smartphones, a website opens completely on full bandwidth allowing all its advertisements and plugins to load on the page. If you use 3G instead of 2G, you will never come to know how fast your data is being consumed with each page being loaded. In 2G, you can notice the significant amount of time taken to load your webpages on your smartphone. On an average, it is always better to use some kind of application which provides you with compressed browsing experience on both platforms. You can use Opera mini app available from Google play store to provide you with compressed browsing as well as quick access to webpages at reliably fast speed.

There are various disadvantages of such browsing, and here are they:

• Browsing quality decreases reluctantly therefore reducing high quality web pages to normalized level.
• Data transfer communication mismatch between the user and the browser causing confusion.
• Possible download error

Using Google chrome on your smartphone as a default browser can help you save tons of data while browsing the web. All you need to do is, enable the data compression feature from the settings tab of the browser before you actually start saving few MBs of your browsing. You will receive a calculative copy of how much data you saved at the end of the day while browsing with Chrome Beta.

Track your data usage using important apps which keeps you informed about your data activity

Nowadays various data tracking tools and apps are readily available to keep an eye on your smartphone's activities. Data can be tracked directly from your app without running them separately for scans. If your smartphone already possess one, then you needn't want to download any. Use it as a potential app to check the functioning and running of other apps and keeping a control on their usage of data. If you aren't having any tracking tool, use My Data Manager app to keep your smartphone's information updated based on the latest data usage and provides you with the option of warning if limit crosses beyond a value as set by the user.

It will help you keep your information safe by enabling security settings on your respective apps. This application is free of costs and is about 10 MB large. It is currently the top ranked data tool checker for Android devices. It will run on your smartphone's background without even consuming 500 KB of data per day. So you can use it and see the tracking record details conveniently from your smartphone itself.

Simplify your incoming notifications by compressing them – You can now simplify all your data usage pages by compressing them through a tool called 'Compress all' available on your handset settings. If you feel, it's getting over a bit, start sneaking out web pages and modify them to compressible units convenient and hassle free to browse without much data consumption. Shortening your webpage won't exactly show you the appropriate results in a clear way.


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