SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows - Reliable password manager online and offline for Cloud computing

Are you looking for a reliable and better password management application for Windows? Then read our resource which covers information about SplashID Safe 7.0 features, tutorial and review for Windows PC and handheld devices. Special highlights on issues, related to Cloud computing sync management and updates after effects have been discussed.

SplashID Password manager is back with an updated version of SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows with new features. The new version is as simple to work as any other password manager . The SplashID Safe 7.0 helps you to remember your toughest passwords, usernames, important personal data so that you can access faster results for your professional work. You can create new passwords, develop more complex ones, change passwords from time to time, use the creativity of pattern based passwords for safer use, store your formal data and much more. You can get all this at a very minimal price convenient and built for professionals like you. The new edition allows you to easily sync your data between your windows phone and PC, so that your data remains safe all the time under your eyes.

Optimistic features, clear hassle free working and management of personal data quite easily makes it one of the reliable password manager. If you are ready to take on with SplashID Safe 7.0, you may read some of its features and reviews below for much better understanding of its working.

How to install and activate SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows PC

First step is to download the original file from the official SplashID website. The downloaded file will be in .exe format, so complete the download process, run the same for extracting the file. Before installation begins, download an IE Plugin which will be required to store important information like which websites are authenticated to store the passwords and personal info. After you do the same, install SplashID Safe by opening the .exe file downloaded earlier. Follow the process, and create your own user profile which will allow you to modify/create passwords, change password management program and will be at the helm of keeping the information safe. Typically this is a role of the moderator who keeps the work of password management updated all the time.

Homepage of SplashID Safe 7.0

After the installation, you will have to activate the same by launching the application on your PC. SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows comes with an initial 30 day trail package after which you will need to buy it officially by paying a minimal amount. If you have already bought the product, then enter the required details for immediate access. You can sync 2 devices with one licence, so you may need to buy few for fixing it into multiple PCs. If you are an ardent user of SplashID, then you may get additional discount for upgradations from the old version to the new one. For trail users, they may buy the same once their trail period finishes.

Once you have activated it, you can start using SplashID Safe on your Windows devices. You can develop your own password in swipe style format or the usual alphanumeric ones to log in to SplashID Password manager. Now the exciting world of managing data and passwords are in a flick with your new SplashID version. Check below its features and how you can use it on your PC for better management and working of the application.

How to secure your SplashID Safe application with a password?

Everytime you use your SplashID 7.0 application, it requires the password setup to open all the personal details and settings for you. The major drawback that corners its use is its inability to support multiple users on one application. Only one user (administrator) will be responsible for its use that will be able to manage all password info and personal data within the application. When SplashID 7.0 was launched for the first time, the application asked their users to set a password immediately to ensure that his/her data can be safe.

Password generator
Before setting the password, make sure that you check the Password generator option once from the application to match any suitable one for yourself. Click the option 'Set Password' from file menu bar. Enter your desired password twice as a part of retyping your original one. It will be better to choose your security question and answer to keep your hint for password active every time you login. When you launch the SplashID application, your keyboard is automatically locked, so in order to unlock, SplashID will require a password. You can set the password as discussed above. Use the onscreen keyboard of Splash ID 7.0 to provide your desired password to be used throughout your application. You can also change your password from time to time to maintain accurate security measures.

There is no option to remove your password, but there is a way to remove it unknowingly. As usual follow the process of changing the password, a dialog box opens, which requires you to input the old password and the new changed password which you want to change it. Input your old password, but leave the new password box blank and also the confirm password box. Click Save. You will notice that the application requires no password while starting. There are options of Auto lock feature that helps in locking the application between specific inactivity time limits. You can unlock them by typing your original password.

Features and Working of SplashID Safe 7.0 in Windows PC

When you are ready to use the SplashID Safe, sync the same with one of your devices optimum to run the latest version. There are lots of interesting features that the current 7.0 version contains; however we have mentioned few features SplashID Safe works on for Windows based OS.

1. Create your own database of records:

Data Record of SplashID Safe 7.0

With SplashID Safe 7.0, you can create your own record book where all the categories and sub categories will be covered based on your segregation. This is known as 'Item type' in SplashID. This Item box contains all the listed fields you can create to store personal information accordingly for a well defined set of websites. So for a particular set of item types, it will have a maximum of 14 data fields to be fed upon. The items can be linked to subcategories and categories based on optional parameter setting decided by the user. For convenience you may directly use the Item list menu to manage your password handling and personal information data like credit cards, your ID numbers, mobile numbers, etc. Another enhancement from the application was its ability to attach files to the items as per different categories. The file size must be limited in order to access attachments for all subcategories. If you exceed the file size, you may not be able to attach individual files to all the subcategories as desired.

2. Get Backup and Restore settings at your ease:

SplashID Safe 7.0 is powered with a backup option to recover your deleted data. There are three types of Backups available in SplashID, they are- Automatic backup, Email backup and Manual backup. In the automatic type backup, the last used or deleted data is saved and recorded for future purposes. Suppose you have deleted a data file accidentally, you obviously need the backup option to recover that effectively. All the recovered data is stored in a vID type file where a maximum of five backups can be done at a time. In an email type backup configuration, you can direct the application to send you vID files every time when it reaches the maximum value of five recovery files. In such instances, all your backup history will be present on your email so that you can assure yourself not to lose any important data for future references. This is the most potential method in case your PC's hard drive malfunctions in events of important recovery stages.

You also have the option of manually backing up on your PC's hard drive. You can select the appropriate location of your vID file and save it for future reference. For enhance security measures, encryptions with a password is also enabled to keep your vID data safe without any public disclosure.

Backup of data

After backing up your data, you can recover them through restore option. The restore option will be enabled once you choose your vID file to be recovered for any reference. To open the file, you will need to input your password which you are currently using for your SplashID Safe account. It is always advisable to keep a backup copy of your vID file in case as said earlier, you may loose all your data accidentally. So try keeping those copies as backup with above mentioned methods.

3. Easy to import/export your records:

Now you can easily export your vID file to another user from different location. You can import/export only if both sender and recipient are using the same application (SplashID Safe – any version). Not only you can exchange files, but also send / receive them in different supportable formats. If you want to maintain the level of safety, encrypt the files with passwords so that the recipient receives it safely without any mailware. The files can be sent directly through SplashID Safe software sharing system or can be manually sent through your email. vID files are developed so that sharing between similar people becomes easier and hassle free. Various settings allow you to easily share information by using the application directly without opening your official email server.

Data Record of SplashID Safe 7.0

Easier options are also available to send your files like using CSV File format. It works best with Microsoft excel file format. The CSV format can be opened in any word document, spreadsheet or Notepad. There is a specific way to write the data on excel with 10 to 12 different columns containing the respective passwords or data in rows. This method is more convenient and feasible for most workers who want to deal with the matter quickly as possible.

4. Easily generate passwords with generator for web autofills:

Now with an auto password generator, you can choose your own password from a source of 1200 password dictionaries designed for you. You can move with one username and password for all the websites to be opened, or else choose different ones so that no websites has the similar password and username. SplashID Safe will automatically fill the username and password fields when you land on the login pages of the website. The only matter of concern is the consistency of URL must be throughout to avoid the break between the websites. Sometimes while typing the exact given URL, websites might not open, so in such case autofill may not work.

Your passwords are a prime concern for your own business transactions and working on a day to day basis. In order to create a series of password for different users, choose Password Generator to generate passwords for you. It will guide you through a process which will make your password generation easier and better for multiple employees. According to various parameters passwords can be generated like keeping the length constant, using a mix of upper case and lower case letters in the passwords, checking for a better pronounceability of the passwords and so on. You can change, manipulate and set according to your own standards and levels to change your password parameters or keep them stabilized.

5. Work between different categories and types with better synchronization

It has become quite easier to deal with different categories and keep a better sync between them. While categories play an important role in expanding your business column, easy synchronization improves the data management of SplashID Safe. Both categories and types should be well managed from time to time while updating the list of new additions. When you create a new type for a particular set of category, you can edit or remove the same by checking the edit box. There is no limitation in creating the number of types, but a better management with a limit number makes the task of an administrator easy.

Different types

You can sync your data easily between your Windows phone and your PC. Developments and changes are very much possible from either ends, but the last edited one will be saved for next working. This option is enabled if you have chosen the default Synchronize option which allows you to sync from either ends with ease. But you may want to specify synching by limiting from one side, and this option comes handy while replacing data from any one side. By choosing desktop overwrite or handheld overwrite option, you can replace all the synchronization data till the last sync on any one end to be replaced effectively.

You can also sync between multiple PCs with the option of Cloud computing option. This option exclusively synchronizes data between multiple PCs with just an input of a password. The SplashID Cloud Sync manages the data on a user friendly interface for local clients to enable them cross sharing of information between their members.

6. Easy to use toolbar for every starter

SplashID Safe 7.0 comes with user friendly toolbar that contains tools and menus specifically designed to modify, create or delete records and key information. Working with SplashID 7.0 toolbar is very easy and is equipped with lot many features like clipboard, editing/deleting, modify security options, change the way IE plugin works and how to manage the database well with simple codecs. Options like locking the application, transfer files from one category to another, customize the way autofill works and many more are present. The most attractive part of SplashID 7.0 is its password management automation and way it deals with the improved security issues. Various types of tabs are present – Edit tab, Item tab, Home tab and others.

The edit tab is responsible for making changes in the password management, to transfer or copy information from one source to another and sync the latest additions to the application menu. The Item tab works in sending the vID file through an email securely. You can also attach files to categories for references as discussed earlier. The Home tab plays an important role in creating new categories, types, access your default settings. Here you can set new passwords for vID file, change passcode for default application. So its easy to use interface makes us find all the required settings under one roof with toolbar option.

Basic Review, Pros and Cons of SplashID Safe 7.0 application

Many users have tried the SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows and they feel it is recommended for those who are in average use with password management. The competitions for password managers are increasing day after day with new improvements and updates. In general SplashID is continuously making changes and introducing new concepts for better workability for their users. A member of Amazon.com reports that his experience with SplashID 7.0 for windows was fabulous as it provided all the basic tools and utilities that a basic password manager should have. Also keeping in mind various other managers, he reported SplashID deserves to receive 5 on 5 with tremendous customer support whenever he faced any problems in managing his data.

Pros: With SplashID 7.0, you can sync more than 1200 devices at a time for safe transaction of private data and login ID for business enterprises. Not only you can sync so many devices at a time, but the data transfer speed is reluctantly higher on all the devices simultaneously restricting any mailware and viruses from anywhere. The new 7.0 version allows the creation of more complex passwords with 13 different attributes within the password range. With more transparent system, users can login to 10 different websites at a time with autofill login feature. This application works best in storing private data from websites to application and vice versa.

Cons: Some negative aspects of SplashID 7.0 has been reported by customers as well. Users have complaint that their cloud sync crashes their personal data whenever an update takes place either from OS or from cloud computing. The sync is securely done between their PC and their Android / iPhone / Windows handheld device, but sudden loss of data during an update have frustrated the users. Whenever Cloud synchronization is downloaded, their earlier sync data were reported to be lost and the entire process needs to be started afresh. Users say that their free trail version exits automatically if their OS version receives a new update which redirects them to buy their official licence keys for further use. The application is supported only on IE plugin and can import a maximum of 20 data items to different users. SplashID's Wi-Fi sync automatically stores all the data with your synced handheld device securely without any hesitation but few plugin errors have again been reported.

Is it a value for money password manager?

Definitely we say yes. Other password managers like Roboform and KeePass are providing extensive features that may or may not suit you according to your strength of usage. These password managers are priced high in Indian markets after their trail period is completed. Another password manager- my1login has currently surpassed KeePass and SplashID Safe in last month's total downloads may 75% of positive feedback was recorded. On the other hand, when price comes to the centre point, RoboForm is still leading the graphics with highest number of users recorded in last 3 months data. In order to be there with high competitive advantage, SplashID needs to resolve all their issues on cloud sync earlier reported by members and hope members feel comfortable with its use. The simple password manager is able to currently drive users relevant for lesser use. With major updates ready to roll in from next month's time, we can expect the sales growth to increase during the end session of the year.

SplashID Safe 7.0 Bottomline Summary and Ratings

Well we recommend you to get the new Review of RoboForm Everywhere: The best password management software

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