Voice over IP or VoIP - advantages of voice calls on internet

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the name itself says that voice calls can be made over internet. Not just voice calls, you can transfer data like mails, videos and fax through VoIP. This emerging technology has several advantages over the traditional method of calling. Let's discuss the basic advantages of VoIP in this article.

Traditional method of telephone calling is the process where called party receives a call over a dedicated copper wire. Though calls can be made with extreme quality, this technology is useful just to handle one call at a time. To overcome all such drawbacks VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol service is introduced and let's now discuss its advantages over traditional packet switching. In VoIP the same copper wire is used to transfer the packetized voice, video, audio and messages simultaneously.

Therefore it's the best available medium for data transfer i.e. to make calls. Generally, businesses use this IP telephony via their own managed servers. This ensures a more secure way for calls and data transfer. Also, such industries can have a full fledged control over their activities. This VoIP brings several advantages like reducing wiring costs, making toll free calls, roaming facility etc. Also VoIP is a cheaper solution for every individual who has a standard internet connection as a global medium. To talk in detail, VoIP has several advantages over the traditional calling method. Let us now discuss the key advantages.

Advantages of VoIP

Peer to Peer Voice and Video

All calls and video data, no matter where you are is P2P i.e. peer to peer. When a call is set up at the VoIP server the call or video travels between the two end points. This reduces the occurrence of jams at the servers. Even video sessions can be set up between those end points. This therefore can be more advantageous over the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network.
Working of VoIP

Access for Remote Users

Generally, many corporate sectors will have their offices in farther and remote areas. And contacting such offices is a big deal in case of PSTNs. VoIP helps to connect to remote localities and deliver unified communications. So, corporate communication resources like voice mail, fax, auto attendant etc are thus simplified.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is the main advantage and majority of businesses are migrating to the latest VoIP. Yes, according to a research in 2008, 80 percent of the private bank exchange lines are VoIP. Involvement of data compression, that reduces space required for a call is the main factor that reduces maintenance cost in VoIP.

No Geographical Boundaries

This VoIP is completely a virtualised platform that doesn't have a geographical boundary. Country or area codes are no longer an objection for anyone in this VoIP system. Yes, let's assume you the caller is in US and the called person is in Africa. Still you can enjoy the calls at cheaper rates as if you are making local calls.

Efficient usage of Bandwidth

In VoIP, a traditional five minutes call can be reduced to almost one and half minute. But what about the remaining space? It's utilized by VoIP to transfer data like videos, emails etc. To talk in detail, you will not be offered any bandwidth when you are not calling. Yes, that bandwidth is utilized effectively for a customer who needs it the same time. So, this profits your service provider and thereby you i.e. the customer economically.

Besides, in VoIP single wiring system can be made i.e. no separate wires for telephones, data transfer etc. Also, VoIP ensures you several features like private instant messaging, web-based administration, mobility of service, Tele-working etc. So, when you switch to VoIP the main and immediate advantage you find is reduction in establishment and maintenance cost. Therefore we can now understand that switching to VoIP enables telephone networks get the functionality of computers.

For someone who faces frequent relocation, this VoIP can be a big advantage by reducing the risk in establishment of new telephone service and its costs. We can expect all the sectors involved in communication services switch to this VoIP network very soon to ensure us a better and reliable mode of data transfer and communication.

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