Password Managers - RoboForm Everywhere, Sticky Password and Kaspersky Password

This post is about different password managers and features offered by them. The article will take you through the different factors to choose a password manager and it will show users the comparison of top quality password managers.

helps users to organize their passwords and secure their information for secure logon onto other computers, networks, devices etc. The software helps users against phishing, keyloggers or keystroke logging malware. Now a days users are asked to enter a password to see the information stored in password manager which adds a extra layer of security. This step is taken to stop any random people to see the information by accessing the device only. A strong security with a master class password will help users to safeguard them from all these problems. There are many applications for different devices which will help users to manage their password list and users can access their data from anywhere using any device. So here we will see the comparison between RoboForm Everywhere, Sticky Password and Kaspersky Password manager and users will know which is best for them.

RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere provides users with unlimited access to RoboForm data on multiple devices. It will help users to synchronise their passwords and data with all your devices and users can create a back of their data to secure it from any damage. Once users have the licensed version of this software then they can upgrade the software anytime they want and users should be careful as it is only valid for single user. RoboForm Everywhere is very easy to set up as users have to download the application in their device and they will be asked to create an account. Now users can install this application in any other device and use the same information to access all passwords and data.

There is a special year offer in which the license costs $9.95 and after one year users can enjoy this service at $19.95 per year. When users are going to install this application they will be asked about the package and after that their account information. Now talking about security provided by this application if users are using a Master Password option then the passwords entered by them are going to be stored in passcards which is encrypted by a Master password. It uses Secure sockets Layer and cryptographic protocol which makes sure that online transferring of your data is safe from any attack. Security is needed and RoboForm Everywhere is there to provide users with the same.
RoboForm Everywhere

Key points to remember in RoboForm Everywhere

When users are buying license for this application they have to choose from two options that are- for accessing data from any device and accessing data using only one device. RoboForm Everywhere will provide users with power of accessing data from anywhere using any device and RoboForm desktop, RoboForm MAC and RoboForm2GO provides users to manage data on single computer, MAC or USB.

Sticky password

Sticky Password helps users to store all their information of login and then using it for the next time so that users don't have to re-enter the details. People now a days have multiple accounts which make it difficult to remember all the passwords so leave this task to Sticky Password application which will help users to remember their information. There is a master password to unlock all your passwords and it provides users with military grade AES encryption secure all the data and information. It also provides users with a free feature of taking all the passwords in a USB which is encrypted so that no other person can see the information in the USB. Sticky Password is available at different prices based on the numbers of licences users are going for.
• 1 license - $29.99
• 2 licenses - $44.99
• 3 licenses - $49.99
Sticky Password manager

Key point to remember for Sticky Password manager

The numbers of computers with license is equal to number of license users are buying. All three versions will have USB support and there is an option of buying Sticky Password 6.0 backup CD which costs the user $9.95.

Kaspersky Password manager

Kaspersky is considered as the most trusted in providing a high level of security and protects users against any kind of threat. Kaspersky Password manager helps users to fill the passwords and information quickly by storing the information entered by its users. It also provides users with master password option to protect all your passwords and there is an option of protecting your data with the help of a USB or mobile phone which means when the device is removed it will lock itself and no one can access it without the device. Users can import passwords from different operating systems and devices. The filling of online forms is too easy with this application. There is a unique protection from keyloggers and phishing attacks. These types of threats are very common so users should have a strong protection from these attacks. Automatic backup creates a backup automatically whenever there is change in user's information or data. The price of this license depends on the number of PC.
• 1 PC- $24.95
• 2 PC- $29.95
• 3 PC- $35.95
• 5 PC- $49.95

Reviews and Requirements for Kaspersky Password manager

It requires a RAM of 512MB and 10MB free space on the hard drive. According to the reviews of users the software provides a strong protection against any attack.

Factors to consider before choosing your Password manger

• Features provided by the software.
• Security and different types of methods provided to secure your data.
• Compatibility with mobile devices.
• Supported operating system.


• All Password managers are providing users with free trial but Sticky Password manager allows users to use it with full functions unlocked.
• If users are looking for software which is cheap then users can go with RoboForm Everywhere.
• Users who are using multiple devices and want to access data from all of the devices then they can go with RoboForm Everywhere.
• If protection from keyloggers and phishing is user's main goal then Kaspersky Password manager is the trustable one.

All of these managers provide users with master password and military grade AES encryption. In Kaspersky Password manager users have option of automatic backup and in other software users have to create a back up after any change. There is more flexibility in RoboForm in choosing different offers and compatibility with different devices. The everywhere version of RoboForm is the flexible and affordable one available in market. Kaspersky Password manager is a product of Kaspersky which makes it reliable and users can run this software in any laptop or computer using the USB stick. If we compare the compatibility with mobile devices then RoboForm is at the top and Kaspersky is at last position as it is only compatible with USB. Kaspersky will not work in window 8 and MAC OS. Kaspersky also lacks the second authentication method which means users can have only one master password as compare to other manger which provides to put two master passwords.

All password managers have different features and provide their best to enhance the experience of their users. RoboForm is the best password manager with number one position with its flexible offers and supporting so many devices with single package. The choice of password manager depends upon the money users wanted to spend, their use and the devices which are used by the users. If users have to secure an important data or we can say that any confidential data, then they should go with Kaspersky password manager. If you are a user with the idea of using the software before taking it then Sticky password manager is your choice. So choose the best for your data and passwords and share your experience with us and others to let them know the best available software for them.

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Author: Arjun27 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The above comparison really proved helpful for me. I was also confused in choosing the best password manager tool for my PC. I think that Sticky Password is one of the best password manager tools to protect and safe my computer. Its features are really superb and one can easily trust on this software. It is the best tool which is available at cheaper rates on the official websites. The information about Kaspersky and Roboform is also useful for me in choosing the best among three.

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