Intuitive Password Review: Online cloud based password management solution

Are you looking for a secure, reliable and easy to use cloud based password management software? Take a look at Intuitive Password and read our review of the same.

Few years ago, we all had just a few online accounts, and many of us shared the same user id and password across sites. In last few years, hacking, phishing and other online fraud activities have gone up significantly and protecting online accounts have become a challenge. People no longer use the same passwords across websites and opt for complex passwords to protect important data in the cloud.

Highly secure web applications like banking websites have really complex password management rules which include periodically changing passwords, not allowing to reuse an old password again and so on. All these makes it practically impossible for someone to remember all the user ids and passwords used in various accounts.

I personally tried to use a paper based notebook to write down all passwords. However, when I recently reviewed the notebook, I found I have over 300 passwords and user ids used in various websites and applications. It's working fine and is pretty safe as well. As long as someone does not break into my house and steal the 80 page notebook, my passwords are safe there. However, the challenge I face is, how do I dig through the 300+ user accounts to find the right one when I need to locate a password to login to an application. Also, when I am travelling, I have to make a phone call to my wife asking her to find the password from the notebook and tell me over the phone. What if we are on a family tour? Most probably, I will have to wait until I come back home to retrieve my password.

Password Manager Software

The first problem can be solved by using a password manager software. The software apps provides secure storage of passwords with a lot of options like search, password hint etc. Whether you have 100 or 1000 passwords stored, it makes no difference. You can quickly search for your accounts in the apps and find the user id and password. You can search by application name, website name, keywords etc and it works quite well.

Well, the password manager apps solve the problem of finding your passwords and it can even auto fill the passwords in your browser, when you need it. Your passwords are stored in encrypted format and they are protected by a master password. Using some advanced password managers, you can store sensitive information, credit card numbers, bank account details and so on.
However, the second problem still remains – how do you access your passwords when you are away from your home computer? How do you share your password data at your work? Or, if you and your wife use the same online accounts, how do you exchange account information? When one person has to change the online passwords as part of the password expiration policies of certain accounts, how will that be communicated with the spouse? Offline password managers running on the computer or mobile devices cannot effectively handle this scenario.

Cloud based password managers

Cloud based password managers are the solution to address your major concerns regarding storing passwords securely and retrieving it anytime, anywhere. Such software encrypts the passwords and stored in the cloud based servers. You can retrieve them anywhere and on any computer as long as you have access to internet. Each cloud based password manager services use their own protection mechanisms and it is strongly advised to look into the privacy policy and security features offered by the cloud based password management solutions.

Review of Intuitive Password – a cloud based, highly secure password manager

I was looking for the best password management system for myself and happened to review the Intuitive Password online password management solution. I was quite impressed with their services, security features and ease of use. Let me share my experience with Intuitive Password.

Setup and installation

Since it is a cloud based service, there is no installation required on your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is, simply fill up an online registration form, which takes less than a minute to complete and get started.

Intuitive Password Review: Online cloud based password management solution

A little bit of disappointment in the registration process is, you are required to check the checkbox that states you have read the terms of use and privacy policy, but, the hyperlinks within the text are given in the same color as the text and you can't figure out which is the clickable link portion without hovering all over the text. If you are like me who never reads the terms of use and privacy policies, then it's okay!

After you fill the basic details, you will instantly receive an email notification to validate your email id. Once you verify the email, you are ready to get started. Login to the Intuitive Password website to experience the interesting features of this cloud based password management solution.

Dashboard View

Even though this is a web based solution, the dashboard gives a really intuitive, desktop like interface. The dashboard is partitioned into 3 sections.

Intuitive Password Dashboard

I wish the 3 sections in the dashboard were resizable so that we can resize according to the view the user prefers. Currently, they are not resizable. I hope a future version of Intuitive Password will accommodate this suggestion. On the other hand, by making it simple html based, they have made it to work well with all browsers without the need to install any plug ins.

Salient features of Intuitive Password Management Solution

After spending quite a good amount of time with Intuitive Password and considering my previous experience with other free password managers and web based online password managers, I found Intuitive is offering many features without making it over complicated.

Here are some of the password management features of Intuitive Password:

Easy to sign up and get started: Simple signup form and email validation requires less than a minute to get your online account ready to use.

No plug ins and custom installation required: Simple html based online solution can be used from any computer and anywhere in the world.

Multi-user accounts: You can create multiple users within your account. For example, you can create your family members as users and share some of the sensitive data with them without giving access to the master data.

Free and premium plans: We all like freebies, right? But many online freebies are dangerous. Many of the free software you download from the web comes with malware and dangerous spyware that steal your personal data. Intuitive Password is a reliable solution that offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows up to 100 passwords to be stored without compromising any features or security. If you like to store more than 100 passwords, you may upgrade to a premium version.

Mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces: Want to access your password on a mobile or tablet device? Don't worry, their adaptive view lets you switch to different views that fits well in different form factors comfortably.

Store a range of information: Intuitive Password solution is not just for saving some passwords. You can store a lot of data in a meaningful manner. For example, you can store email accounts along with mail id, password, smtp address, other server details etc. Same is the case with FTP accounts. If you want to store simple user id and password for online websites, you can use the "General Accounts" feature. Even this general account information allows you to store optional fields like website url, contact information, custom notes etc.

Custom notes: You can write custom notes for any type of data you store in this solution. This is very useful if you a lot of online accounts with the same server and you want to write down notes indicating the purpose of each account.

Add and search Tags: This is the most important feature of any password management solution. If you have hundreds of accounts, it will be difficult to navigate through each of them to find the one you are looking for. Most of us use the search functionality to find the ones we are looking for. However, one of the challenges is, we need to know what to search for. For example, consider the hotmail account passwords. We may refer to the same account in different names - Hotmail account, account, Microsoft account, Live Account and so on. If we store it under the title "Hotmail account" but try to search it using "Windows account", we will not find it. This is where the "tag" feature of Intuitive Password come into help. You can associate any number of tags with each entry and you can search for any one of the tags to find the same.

Security communication, storage and adherence to security standards: A user friendly software makes it convenient to use the services. But what if your sensitive data is not secure? For a password management solution, the most important aspect is the security of your data. Intuitive Password uses secure socket layer (SSL) protocol for the communication between your browser and the server. Passwords are encrypted and stored securely following U.S. government approved encryption algorithms. The servers are secured in state of the art data centers with 24/7 video surveillance, strict personal access controls and on-site security. The hosting environment uses multiple layers robust firewalls to protect data from external attacks and uses application certificates to control access to data.

Single-use access code: When you enter your passwords from a public computer, do you get nervous about the security holes in that computer? You are not wrong. Many public computers may not have proper antivirus/antispyware protection and the security may be compromised. It is possible that some malware present in that computer may get access to your secret login id and password. The single-use access code feature of Intuitive Password come to save you here. You can generate any number of single use codes from Intuitive Password and use that instead of your real password to access your Intuitive account. Even if that code is recorded by a malware, it is not reusable and hence they can't access your Intuitive account using it. This feature works pretty much same way the secure single use codes you can generate from Google account management.

Share data: If you like to share some of the information with others without sharing the entire data and without giving the master account, you have the option here. You can select any of the accounts you stored in Intuitive Password and share it with other users.

Email notifications: You can optionally subscribe to email notifications and receive notifications to a secondary email id. You can get notifications when someone has logged in into your account, or someone has changed any of your credential details, such as your login password, security hint, email address.

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Overall review of Intuitive Password

The great features offered by Intuitive Password makes it a great password management solution. The free plan allows you to store upto 100 password for free, which is within the limit of most online users. If you are an internet geek and want to store more than 100, you can always upgrade to a premium plan at an affordable cost. The paid plans start from $2 AUD per month. If you want to use it for enterprises, then you can go for the enterprise plans, which allows to store up to 20,000 passwords, which will cover most of the big companies in the world. Considering the features and low price tag, Intuitive Password is one of the best cloud based online password management solutions I ever tried.

You can sign up for the free account and experience the features yourself.

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