Google plus tricks, tips and different functionalities complete guide

This article mentions all the tips and tricks to use the various features and functionalities of Google+. Even if you are into Google+ from sometime now even then I promise that you are bound to find something interesting here and for new users of Google+ this is a complete guide to make their experience of Google+ fun and interesting. Read this article to make sure that you do no mistake at this ubercool new social network of Google.

Completing two week online Google plus has already made a space for itself in World Wide Web. Though it is still limited for people with an invite but the people who have already got in are full praise for it and the rest are longing to get one or waiting for it to go public. Most of the present users of Google plus do not know the full features of Google plus and even those who have done a lot of digging in it do not know about unique tips and functionalities of Google plus. So after much hardwork I have finally prepared a complete list of tips, tricks, features and functionalities of Google+.

Formatting the text of you post

Google plus allows making your text bold, italics and Strikethrough.
  • To make your text bold place asterisk around the text like this- *Googleplustips* which will format the text as Googleplustips.

  • To make your text italics place underscore around the text like this- _Googleplustips_ which will format the text as Googleplustips.

  • To make your text strikethrough place hyphens around the text like this- -Googleplustips- which will format the text as Strikethrough

Navigation keys for your Stream posts

When on Google plus homescreen the following keys will perform the following functions:
Q - Opens up chat
J – Scrolls to next Stream post
K- Scrolls to previous Stream post
Shift + Space bar – Scrolls up the Stream
Space bar – Scrolls down the Stream
Enter – Takes you to comment box for typing
Tab and then Enter – Posts the typed comment

Tagging others in a post

Tag other persons in a post or comment by using @ or + immediately followed by their name for example- @Ankit or +Ankit

Permalink of the post

Just like in Facebook, the time stamp on the post acts as a permalink for any post on Google plus.

Multiple profile pictures

If a person has more than one profile picture then clicking on the picture will display the next picture.

Changing the size of Chat box

To change the size of the text box take the mouse cursor to the corner of the box and when it changes to a resizing cursor just change the size of the box.

Making posts totally specific and private

To make sure that only the people you want to share a post with see that post select only the selected Circle of people or add them individually and also make sure that you disable the Resharing option so that other can only comment or +1 it.

Sharing media

Sharing pics and videos is easiest in Google plus. Just drag and drop the media in the post box to share

Edit photos

You can edit a photo online at Google plus itself by using the default photo editor of Google plus. For editing a uploaded photo choose the photo and go to Edit photo under the Actions menu.

Scrolling through photos of a album

A mouse scroll simplifies this task efficiently.

Change the +1 from private to public

By default if you +1 any link on Google plus then it is a private suggestion. If you want to make it public then go to the tab and mark the check box where it is showing Show this tab on my profile.

Mute a post

If a post is annoying you by activating your notification by frequent comments then go to that post, open the drop down menu by clicking on the down arrow shown on the side of the post and choose the option Mute this post.

Sharing details

Next to the time stamp of a post it is written Public or Limited. Here public means that it is visible to everyone and limited means that the post has been made private by limiting the post only to a selected group of people.

Google plus API developer

Similar to Facebook API group, developers can join the Google+ API developer group.

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