Intuitive Password - review of the online cloud based password management solution

Read our review of Intuitive Password management solution. Know the pros and cons of this online service, know its features and all what it offers to its customers.

In earlier days when personal accounts became a need, a person had one or two passwords to remember. But as web developed more, one began to use multiple accounts, each costing a password to be remembered. Where a person had to remember a single password, now has to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Remembering passwords got more difficult because of fear of hacking. The time when there wasn't any concept of hacking, every account was safe and secure. In present times even if dad asks his child to whisper his password to him, child feels insecure. It is not possible for most of us to remember a large number of password. But technology has so advanced that there are hundreds of password management software available online which guarantee 100% security to one's personal and private data.

Password management software helps one in preserving his/her fragile data. In simple words a password management tool helps to organize ones various online passwords. They are highly secured by firewalls and anti-hacking precautions. So in case if you are having plenty of online data (passwords), you can jot them in a password management tool and you're done!

You may have heard about online and offline password management tools. They seem to be pretty similar but there is a lot of difference. Offline password management tools need to be updated requiring you to download the whole/partial software again.

Online password managing tools are paid as well as free. They feature "automatic updates" by which they get updated automatically whenever any update is available. Alike, offline password managing tools, this article is about an awesome online password management software, Intuitive Password.


Snapshot of Intuitive Password online cloud based password management service

Intuitive Password is a rock solid online password management service. The security offered by this password management service is unbreakable. You might have tried many online tools for organizing your passwords which contain checks after checks (for security reasons) and once you saved your data there, finding that is a time consuming task. Intuitive Password is very easy-to-use online password management service. One can access his/her account anytime, anywhere (via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). It is very user-friendly and with "Quick Search" bar, one can access A-Z data very quickly and promptly. At an overview it is a versatile online solution to organize and sync one's passwords. It itself states the reasons for why to choose it! The reasons include easy data organization, responsive layout design, extreme security and reliability, any-modern-device-compatibility, fast accession to any information/data, data sharing with friends and installation free.

It is so featured

There is no doubt in the security offered by Intuitive Password password management service. The service is so featured that everyone gets hooked to it and plans to use its daily.

Mobile view Snapshot of Intuitive Password online cloud based password management service

Cloud technology: With the help of Cloud technology you can access your data anywhere at any time by logging in to your Intuitive account. Intuitive Password serves you 24/7 through very secure and cloud-computing enabled services. All you need is to use a browser to login! The browser might be of a PC, a laptop, a tab or of a smartphone. Because your data is continuously getting synchronized securely across every device via cloud server, you can get an access from anywhere to your data.

Data sharing technology: Intuitive Password can also act as a data sharing portal. It is extremely secured and no one (hackers) can track the data you share from it. With data sharing technology, you can share your sensitive data with your friends without any tension. But your friends must be signed up with this service to get the data you shared with them. Alike the security issues which can arise by sharing sensitive data via email, social networks or other mediums, the service is highly secured. Hackers might track your shared data via email/social networks but not from Intuitive Password management service. This password management service protects your data from every kind of phishing, scams and malwares.

Free to install: Though Intuitive Password is an outstanding online password management service, it is free. All you need is to sign up an account with it and enjoy the life-time password management service. Otherwise there are so many online but paid password management tools and services.

Not only above three but there are dozens of more unique features offered by this password management service. You can read all of them one by one from the official Features of Intuitive Password page.

Tablet view Snapshot of Intuitive Password online cloud based password management service

Versions and updates

Intuitive Password password management solution started its journey with v0.8.0.0 Beta. Then it raised higher and higher, v1.0.0.0 > > > > and finally v1.2.0.801. Intuitive Password is the latest version, featuring many unique things. The new features added in it are due to the requests of the users. Intuitive Password allows a person to request for a feature to be added in the service. If any feature is found worth adding, it is inserted in the upcoming version of Intuitive Password. Also, as I told you earlier that the service gets updated automatically, there is no need to worry about anything. Read about the unique Features of Intuitive Password v1.2.0.801 from its official notice.

Final word

From the above review, one can conclude that Intuitive Password an online password management service is full of pros. I have also signed up as a user of this service. And I hope that from this article you will get motivated towards it also. If not, then you may visit the official website of Intuitive Password to check out this cool service.

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Guest Author: I.M. Pistoff27 Jul 2014

It's an Aussie (another Big Brother country) company using American servers; if they'd move it to somewhere like Iceland, i'd definitely give it a try.

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