Speed up your Android phone - 10 easy steps to do

Is your Android phone working slow? Are you looking for some tips to enhance your smartphone speed? I am very eager to help you out. Read the article to know about 10 easy-to-do methods for boosting the speed of one's Android smartphone.

Android phones are most preferable than all other OS platform based phones. It is not because Android offers heaps over heaps of features to its users but the prompt reason for its preference is that they range from very low to high-end phones. But no matter what software does a smartphone have, it slows down with the passage of time and Android is not any exception here. Android phones often get hanged after a gap of time because of many reasons. These reasons might include over app installments, filled internal memory and many useless things on home screen like widgets and shortcut.

Why don't users understand that if a computer can get slowed down by keeping its desktop filled with plenty of icons, widgets, then what should be the status of those smartphones which are completely enveloped by these irritating keeps?

There are many consequences of a slowed down phone. May be your device now takes time to power off/on, launcher crushes at start up, apps open after a long gap of time, multitasking hangs the device or even alphabets/numeric values appear are some seconds after typing or any other irritating issue occurs. It seems that the phone is suffering from total abnormality. And that is why one should take precautionary measures to avoid such sort of disturbances in his/her smartphone.

Let's have a look over some easy-to-do steps in order to regain the smoothness of one's Android smartphone.

Reset your Android phone
This is an independent way to speed up one's Android phone. By resetting, a smartphone turns in that state which makes one to feel the moment when he/she bought the smartphone. It means that resetting erases all the data (apps, themes, internal data, private data, cookies remembered passwords, contacts and memos) that is stored in your device. Normally, in order to reset an Android smartphone go to Settings > Privacy > Backup and restore > Factory erase reset. Note that resetting a phone is a permanent change. One can not undo it. So before a reset, save your backup data.

Remove unnecessary shortcuts and widgets
As mentioned above that by keeping widgets and plenty of shortcut icons on home screen slows down a phone, one should remove all the widgets and shortcuts. If not all, removing unnecessary and useless ones is mandatory. In order to remove a shortcut/widget from homepage, just hold your finger on that one which you want to remove and drag it over the "X" icon top center of the homepage). Release your finger and you're done!

Keep your phone's internal memory space in check
Keeping the internal memory of one's phone in check is a good way to maintain its smooth performance. Sometimes low internal space becomes the root cause of slowing down a smart Android phone. It should always be ensured that one's phone has a good amount of free internal space. And also, if sometimes a notification appears saying "Your internal storage is getting low"; try removing some data for best results. If the camera is set on saving all images and videos in phone memory, then change it to SD card.

Clearing app cache
Do you get a shock when you see that an app's size has increased? For example if you downloaded an app sizing 10MB and after using it for some time, its size increases to 10.8M, 11M or so. It is because of cache. Actually the apps which one uses more often are written to the app cache and hence slow down the speed of the smartphone. So, clearing app cache will help your smartphone to speed up. In order to clean cache of an app, simply go to Setting > Apps > [tap any app] > Clear cache. But this will take much time if there are plenty number of apps. Try downloading App Cache Cleaner app from Google Play Store. After installing just tap "Clear All". The cache of all apps will be cleared.

Uninstall unused apps
The far most con of unused apps is that they have the potential to slow down one's phone. Why to load a phone with an unused app. There are even many such preloaded apps over which a user doesn't pay heed upon. An unused app remains working in background, utilizing the resources of the phone. So uninstalling an unnecessary and unused app will help you in speeding up your smart Android phone.

Other ways

Updating the firmware: The newer updates of firmware feature bug fixes and much more. So, by updating your smartphone firmware regularly means you are maintaining the speed of the phone.

Limiting your background data: By limiting or disabling background data you can limit every such activity that slows down the phone by accessing internet in background on regular basis.

Root: Rooting can also speed up your smartphone.

Have a real time Antivirus installed: Viruses may also be a reason of slowing down an Android phone. Having up-to-date Antivirus software will reduce the risks of viral attacks. Schedule you Antivirus software to scan the smartphone regularly.

Restarting the phone: Powering off and then restarting a smartphone can help it in speeding up somehow. The method works after some time, the phone will again start lagging.

Wrap up!

The above mentioned methods are really "easy-to-do". To do all will take some moments only. If you smartphone is slowed down then what are you waiting for?

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