Review of MultCloud, a perfect solution to manage all your cloud drives

Are you looking for a solution to manage multiple cloud storage accounts? Take a look at our review of MultCloud cloud drive management solution.

One of the things that make me bother in my everyday life is the hassle of carrying a big bunch of keys with me - 1 key for the house, 1 office key, a couple of keys for my office shelves, car key and so on. I wish there was a global key system where I can use one key to open all locks for me!

Well, in the real world, there is no such system yet, even though you can find few security systems that use fingerprints or retina based security systems. It may be years before the day comes when you can leave your home or office without carrying a few keys with you.

But the online world is moving much faster than the physical world. Just like the hassle of carrying so many keys, now everyone have to memorize or protect hundreds of passwords of various accounts of emails, cloud drives, bill payments, bank accounts and what not! Another challenge we face in the online world is the difficulties in switching between multiple accounts if multiple people are using the same computer.

For example, consider you and your wife are sharing the same computer. Both of you want to use different accounts on DropBox to backup your personal and official files. But your computer will allow you to use only one account at a time. What is the solution to this problem?

Same is the case with your emails. Your browser can remember your credentials and give you easy access to your emails and other online accounts. But how does your wife switch to her account without going through the sign out and sign in process?

MultCloud Review

MultCloud is the answer to all of the above questions.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a software solution to manage multiple cloud storage accounts in one place, including SkyDrive, DropBox, Amazon and so on. Major features of MultCloud are:

  • You can manage your accounts from all popular cloud systems including Dropbox, SkyDrive, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, Ftp and Google Drive but manage them all using the MultCloud control panel.

  • You can transfer files between multiple cloud drives without using local computer. For example, you can copy files in to SkyDrive.

  • You have multiple free cloud drive accounts, you need to combine these free space to form a larger free space.

  • Perform operations like Cut, Copy, Paste, Share and Search between various clouds.

  • How to use MultCloud

    It is easy to get started and straightforward to use. The first step is, create an online account with MultCloud.

    Visit create a free account for yourself.

    MultCloud - Cloud storage management

    Once you create an account and sign in, you are ready to start.

    One of my concerns was, I may have to share my user id and password of various accounts with this software. I wasn't comfortable sharing my passwords with any other software. However, that concern was ruled out when I logged in to Multcloud. It uses oAuth2 to access my Google Drive where I share my login credentials only with Google and authorize Google to share my data with Multcloud. Same is the case with Dropbox integration. I don't have to share my Dropbox login credentials with MultiCloud. Instead, I just have to authorize the app to access my Dropbox files.

    Multcloud Dropbox integration
    Authorizing MultCloud to access my Dropbox account

    Transfer files between Cloud accounts

    Once I connect 2 or more cloud accounts with MultCloud, we can do some tasks like transfering files. For example, if I like to transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox, I don't have to download the files from one place and upload to another place. Instead, just initiate the transfer process from the dashboard and you will be prompted to choose a source and destination drives.

    See the screenshot:
    Copy from Google Drive to Dropbox

    In the above screenshot, I have selected to copy files from Google Drive and the destination is my Dropbox folder. Once you click the "Run Now" button, it will initiate a background process to copy the files. Depending on the size and number of files, it may take a while to complete the process.

    File Transfer Options

    There are lot of flexibility while doing the file transfer. Some of the options include:

    1. Overwrite destination files if time or size are different

    2. Skip from copy if file already exists

    3. Always overwrite destination files

    4. Rename files if destination file exists

    5. Send email notifications when file transfer completes

    6. Include or exclude certain files from transferring based on wild card match.

    Configure MultCloud options

    Looks like MultCloud is a comprehensive cloud drive management system.

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    Uses of MultCloud

    I found MultCloud pretty useful for me. Some of the key features are:

    1. I can manage multiple accounts of each cloud drive without switching the login. For example, I can switch between my Google Drive and my wife's Google Drive in case we need to access files each other, even though file sharing is an option within the Google Drive itself.

    2. I can transfer files from one system to another without downloading. It works fine even if I have to switch off my local computer. You just initiate the transfer online and it will work behind the scenes and you will be notified by email when the transfer is completed between the cloud drives. Read how to read transfer files between Google Drive and DropBox

    3. Schedule transfer - this is a convenience feature for those who want to schedule file transfer between cloud drives at some regular intervals. For example, I want to transfer some documents to the client at the end of every month. I can schedule this transfer in MultCloud.

    4. Bye-pass space limits by having multiple accounts - if you are having a limited space with DropBox, you can create multiple accounts with them and connect them all together using MultCloud.

    And the best part of all these is, it is a free product. So, get your free MultCloud account today from

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    Guest Author: Marc15 Jul 2015

    Thank you for all the useful information. Have you found a system which allows you to sync between two cloud services? I'd like to use both Dropbox and OneDrive as certain apps only work with certain cloud services. However, I need them to sync on their own so if I make a change to a document in one cloud service, it instantly gets updated in the other. One would essentially become a backup for the other. Have you heard of any service that syncs cloud services?

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