Why Internet Advertising is better than traditional mediums like printed media

Internet marketing has taken over the world of business. There are good reasons why the method of is publicized as the best form of advertising. This article explains the reasons that make it such a viable option.

Internet marketing has taken over the world of business. There are good reasons why the method of is publicized as the best form of advertising. This article explains the reasons that make it such a viable option.

Introduction to Internet Advertising

Internet advertising scores over traditional mediums in two major ways: the first is the content is not limited by time or geography. The second is customization of ads which gives more bang for the advertiser's buck. To elaborate, Internet ads are featured on relevant web pages and search results. This enables advertisers to directly reach their target audience and market. Marketing agencies estimate that US digital ad revenues topped more than $35 million in 2012.

Popular Methods of Internet Marketing

Display advertising: Banner ads are placed on websites and blogs to publicize a product or direct traffic to the company's website.
Social media marketing: Popular social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are used to attract the attention of users, and gain traffic and publicity.
Email marketing: Commercial messages are directly sent by e-mail to the target audience.
Content marketing: Blog articles, ebooks and infographics are created to attract customers.
Video marketing: Online videos are very popular among users and companies utilize this phenomenon by creating engaging videos to sell their products or services.

Advantages of Internet Advertising

It is comparatively cost effective considering its ability to reach a wide target segment. Online advertising breaks all geographical restrictions which constrain other mediums. Thus it is ideal for businesses that have nationwide or international target markets and large-scale capabilities for distribution.

Instant Results
It brings quick results as consumers can immediately research and get complete information about a product and even buy it online if they desire without leaving their home as most Internet ads have links directing the customer to the product sale page.

Measurable Tools
Advertisers can measure ad statistics inexpensively and easily. All aspects of an online ad campaign can be measured and gauged for their appeal and effectiveness. Thus, advertisers can get to know the number of people who clicked on their online ad and how many times it was viewed. This enables them to alter or replace the ad if it does not fetch the desired results.

Easy to Launch
Internet advertising is much easier compared to other mediums like print and television. Even a day-old company can advertise and sell its products and services online by launching its own website. The new firm can immediately start sending out its ads to the target audience the moment it starts its advertising campaign.

Flexible Payment
Payment for traditional advertising is rigid and the full amount has to be paid to the ad agency even if the campaign is not effective. Internet advertising offers flexible payment options and the advertiser needs to pay only for qualified clicks, leads and impressions.

A Few Disadvantages
One big drawback is online ads can be copied by anyone anywhere in the world. The advertiser's trademarks, images and logos can be used by them for ulterior purposes.

Another disadvantage is ad clutter on the Web. Internet users are bombarded with spam email, banner ads and more, and as a result many people just ignore Internet advertising and even use browser tools that block popup ads, images, etc.

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