The Panic Grid - an interesting Windows 8 puzzle game

Are you looking for some simple but interesting Puzzles to solve in Windows and develop problem solving skills? Read on to learn more about The Panic Grid, one of the most interesting puzzle games for Windows 8.

During the early childhood, I encouraged my kids to play some racing games expecting them to develop concentration and some motor skills. It worked initially and I felt proud when the kids demonstrated high racing skills on the computer. However, a couple of years later, I started regretting. There is a big downside for playing motor racing games a lot. The racing games require fast thinking and quick actions and it kills their slow thinking power and concentration. Now my son, who is very fond of racing games, can't sit in the classroom with concentration, can't walk slow, and can't listen to teachers if they are not covering lessons really fast. He expects everything to be quick and fast and can't patiently work with anything that is slow.

A few months back, I decided to slowly take him out of racing games and make him attracted to puzzles and problem solving apps. We allow kids to use computers only on the week-ends and the racing games are allowed only after playing some puzzles. However, the challenge was, most of the puzzles are too boring and monotonous and there are not many levels or actions.

After some research, I found "The panic grid", a puzzle designed for
Windows 8. We did a quick review and started loving it. Interestingly, my wife too started playing it, who has always been against allowing kids to play games on the computer.

Review of The panic grid, one of the best Windows 8 puzzles

According to the developers, the game is suitable for 7+ year old people but my 6 year old son loves it. I think even a 4 year old kid could play it as long as they have some basic computer/keyboard skills.

There are no complex rules in the game. Basically, there are 2 playing modes:

  • Standard

  • Random

  • In the standard mode, you can choose from 50 different, pre designed grids. In case of Random mode, the grids will be created dynamically in runtime. I would suggest the "Standard" grids for beginners so that they can keep playing the same grid until they are ready to move on to the next level.

    The Panic Grid - Windows 8 Puzzle

    How to play

    When you start the puzzle, you will be presented with an ever changing grid of colored tiles. As the counter ticks, the tiles will change color. The challenge of the puzzle is to remove all tiles before the counter reach zero. When you click on a tile, all same color tiles connected to it will also disappear. The challenge is to get them all removed as quickly as possible to move to the next level.

    The Panic Grid - Windows 8 Puzzle Game

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    How to buy this game

    This Windows 8 game is a free download. If you are on Windows 8, go to Windows Store and search for "The Panic Grid". You will easily find the game. Download and install the game on your computer for free. There is an in-app purchase option where you can upgrade to a premium version. The free version of the game is supported with Ads but you can get rid of them by paying the upgrade charges. You won't be prompted further for any more paid upgrades after you make a onetime payment. If you don't mind some Ads while playing, you can continue to enjoy the free version as long as you want.

    Visit the official website to learn more about this interesting Puzzle:

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