Bubble Shooter Cats review, gameplay and features

Read about the game Bubble Shooter Cats and know the features of this game. Know about its gameplay and know how to play this game. Is it game good or not? Get this answer right here in our review.

Pros: Addictive match-3 gameplay, number of levels to keep you entertained, a highly recommended game!
Cons: Audio might feel a little disturbing.

A cute kitten who likes to play with colorful ball of wool like any other cat. But what happens if the balls are coming in a lot from above and unless you color match them they will all fall on the poor cute kitten?
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Bubble Shooter Cats is a free game available on Google Play. It has 105 levels with the first 4 levels containing 24 games each and the last one containing 9 games. You proceed to next game after unlocking its previous level. In addition to that, to play the 24 games of next set, you need to get a minimum number of stars in each 24 group set.
There are powers in the game which are:
1. All color balls- In case the wall of balls is getting too close and you are not getting the matching ball color, you can use these balls to throw it at ball which you want to remove, it changes the color to match with the ball you have targeted it on. Do note that here too you have to complete the match-3.
2. Blades/Scissors- It cuts through a number of balls. You can target it upon an area which you want to shorten and get prevent the game from going over.
3. Bombs- It removes a number of balls from an area, that is, a group of balls just vanish from an area.
4. Change- This option changes the color of the ball presently in the hands of the kitten.
These special powers can be earned in the game itself, they appear as balls and as soon as you free them from the grid they add to your power ups. You will get to try all the powers except the scissor power until very high levels.
Level 2 completion


Bubble Shooter Cats is a match-3 game where who need to make a match of 3 same color woolen balls to make them disappear from the constantly coming down group of woolen balls.
Your aim should be to not let the balls reach close to bottom and the other should be to match-3 the balls at the top so as to make multiple ball combinations. The sooner you finish off the balls the more stars you get.
The speed of the balls coming downwards seems to get slow and fast alternatively. As the levels proceed you will find that it is the first few layers which are difficult to get through but the upper layers if matched lead to a huge reduction in the ball count. With each level the count of the balls increases. The first level can be completed within 3 throws and it increases uniformly level by level.
The variety of colors also increases with the levels. While in the first level we found 4 colors, in later levels we even found more than 10 colors.
Gameplay Bubble Shooter Cats

Graphics and audio

The graphics are cute with the kitten and the colorful balls. The audio is also cute but can be disturbing to others around you. You too might not like so much sound while you are trying to concentrate.

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Wrap up

Bubble Shooter Cats is a highly addictive game just like other addictive match-3 games like the Facebook game Candy Crush Saga which has found a huge following. You can spend hours with this game without getting bored. However, the limited number of levels can seem a bit turn-off but it is not so easy to cross over the higher levels and it would take you quite some time to proceed to end levels. We highly recommend this game, do play and share with us your experience of the game.

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Guest Author: Cynthia powell07 Feb 2015

Good game, will not let you play.

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