Next Gen Gaming Consoles: Comparing Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony Playstation 4

Looking for detailed comparison between latest Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles? Want to know which gaming console is the winner between PS4 and Xbox One? In this article, you will find comparisons between reviews of PS4 and reviews of Xbox One. Please read further to know about the difference in features, software, design, hardware and price while comparing Xbox One and Sony PS4.

Need for comparison between soon to be released Xbox One and PS4

Microsoft and Sony are fierce competitors in the gaming arena as far as consoles are concerned. Xbox series from Microsoft and PlayStation series from Sony are popular gaming consoles all over the world. Both Microsoft and Sony have tentatively announced the release dates (around November 2013) for their latest gaming consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively. These will mostly be released before the end of 2013 and gamers have already started checking the features, price and reviews of Xbox One and comparing them with PlayStation 4. Here, we will try to do a detailed comparison between PS4 and Xbox One and will see if we can have a clear winner in the battle of Xbox One versus PlayStation 4.

Software comparison between PS4 and Xbox One

Interface for Sony Playstation 4 can be handled and the controller and touchpad. Thus, PS4 interface provides inflexible user navigation by allowing control only by the controller and touchpad.

Microsoft Xbox One interface is influenced by the wonderful User Interface offered by Windows 8. Due to this, menu navigation will be possible in Xbox One by waving of hands as well as by voice commands. In other words, Xbox One will offer a variety of navigational ways for it's users.

Verdict: The various navigational options that UI of Xbox One offers will give them an edge over PS4 as far as User Interface and navigation is concerned.

Hardware comparison between PS4 and Xbox One

Sony PS4 will have AMD x86-based chipset i.e. 8 core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU. It will also a next-gen AMD Radeon graphics engine.

Similar to PS4, Xbox One will also utilize AMD x86-based chipset i.e. a heavily modified 8 core AMD CPU.

Verdict: There is no clear winner between Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware as both use AMD's new x86-based chipset.

Memory comparison between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Sony PS4 will have 8 GB of fast GDDR5 memory that will ensure amazing performance speed. With this kind of superfast memory, gamers will be able to switch off power while playing a game and restart power within few seconds to start playing the game from the same situation / position that he/she was in before switching the power off.

Microsoft Xbox One will have 8 GB of DDR3 memory. In comparison to DDR5 memory, DDR3 memory will lead to relatively slow performance speed.

Verdict: In terms of memory, Sony PS4 is a clear winner against Xbox One because of having superfast GDDR5 memory.

Controller comparison between PS4 and Xbox One

Sony PS4 has a DualShock 4 controller alongwith a touchpad which may allow some extra gesture-based game features. The PS4 controller is a massive improvement over the controller of last gaming console from Sony i.e. PS3.
The PS4 controller has a "Share" feature that allows gamers to instantly upload a video of final few moments of their gameplay.

Microsoft Xbox One controller has a new D-pad and several small innovations. One key innovation is said to be the force-feedback on trigger buttons of the controller.

Verdict: With the point of view of comfort offered by controllers, Sony PS4 controller has just about managed to reach the levels of Microsoft controllers (even of the past). But, with several innovations for Xbox One controller, one just feels it could turn out to be winner once gamers start using the controllers. So, Microsoft Xbox One controller might just edge out Sony PS4 controller when the gaming consoles are released later. Till then, we can just wait for a outcome on this point.

Comparison between PS4 Eye and Xbox One Kinect

Sony PS4 has the PlayStation Eye (PS4 camera) that doesn't come together with the console and will be available for use separately. It will be useful for several games that need it to enhance the gaming experience. But, Sony PS4 clearly allows the users to choose whether they need the PS4 Eye or not i.e. the PS4 console will work even without the PlayStation Eye.

Microsoft Xbox One comes together with the new Kinect and it is not optional i.e. Xbox One console won't work without the Kinect. Kinect enables several human control features like reading gestures, voice and even heartbeats.

Verdict: Sony PS4 provides the option to the user to choose whether to use PlayStation Eye or not. This shows the flexibility offered by PS4 console. On the other hand, Xbox One doesn't offer this flexbility and will always need the Kinect for the console to work. So, Sony PlayStation 4 slightly edges out Microsoft Xbox One on the flexibility front with regards to PlayStation Eye and Kinect respectively.

Price comparison between Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One

Sony PS4 (without the PS4 Eye) will cost around 399 dollars in USA and 349 pounds in UK, while Sony PS4 (with the PS4 Eye) will cost around 458 dollars and around 403 pounds in UK.

Microsoft Xbox One (which always comes with the Kinect) is comparatively expensive and will cost around 499 dollars in USA or 429 pounds in UK.

Verdict: Sony PS4 is clearly a winner when it comes to price as offers the gaming console at a cheap price.

Comparison of games offered by Xbox One and Sony PS4

Microsoft Xbox One will offer some exclusive games like Halo 5,Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum break and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Sony PlayStation 4 will offer some exclusive games like Killzone:Shadow Fall, Destiny, Final Fantasy, Watch Dog, etc.

Verdict: As far as games are concerned, it all depends on the choice of users. Both the latest gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be offering several interesting games and there is no clear winner in this regard.

Comparison of Backward Compatibility feature between PS4 and Xbox One

Sony PS4 users won't be directly able to play PS3 games on PS4 console. But, they will be able to access PS3's gaming library and play PS3 games on PS4 using Gaikai's streaming service. Sony is working on this issue to provide a better service with regards to backward compatibility.

Microsoft Xbox One users won't be able to play the games of their predecessor i.e. Xbox 360. They simply don't offer the backward compatibility feature.

Verdict: Sony PS4 is a winner as it offers the backward compatibility feature as compared to Microsoft Xbox One which doesn't offer backward compatibility feature.

Which is better between Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One?

Based on the above comparison between PS4 and Xbox One, the final verdict will be that Sony PS4 edges out Microsoft Xbox One on several key fronts like price, backward compatibility and memory. Due to this reason, gamers might just prefer Sony PS4 over Microsoft Xbox One gaming console. To confirm our verdict, we may have to wait for these next generation gaming consoles to be released (most probably by the end of 2013).

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