Grand Theft Auto 4 by Rockstar North- Tips and tricks

Are you feeling any difficulty in mastering GTA 4 game by Rockstar North Productions? Are you eager to know about some cool tips and tricks to implement in the game. Read out the article to know all about Grand Theft Auto 4.


Rockstar North has always been attempting to provide best games from their side. Till date they have developed many stunning and jaw dropping games. From the time the production house (Rockstar N.) came into existence there have been a tremendous tug of war between it and other productions.

At the beginning stage, it started to develop 2D games. 2D games are those games which offer users a dynamic view i.e. length and breadth. But by the passage of time it started to develop 3D games. That means now a player could play the game in visual form i.e. length, breadth and height. And with the introduction of these 3D games, Rockstar North Production gained an eye twinkling insights within weeks.

The coolest games ever developed by the Production include Grand Theft Auto- Vice City (GTA VC), GTA 3- Liberty City, GTA Sanandreas and GTA IV. Grand Theft Auto V is coming soon; is expected to launch in Aug/Sept 2013. Among the released ones, GTA IV is most popular.

While playing the game one can feel him/herself on the seventh sky. The game offers realistic visualizations and graphics. Let's check out what the game brings in while gameplay?


The game is similar to other GTAs. You can do mission, enter a car, do shopping, kill people and much more. Yet there is a very big list which makes GTA 4 quite different from other ones. If the doors of any vehicle are locked, you can break in through its glass.

If you are caught by a severe accident while driving a car, you get out of it through the front glass. You can enter any hospital and building through its main door. Experience a visual airport containing many aircrafts, some many times bigger than you.

Control a helicopter with joystick or mouse and experience the real pilot work. Shout at nearby taxis to get you through. Get inside trains to travel longer distances. You can also play the game while inside a train. The feature is absent in any other GTA.

Have you own safe houses in which you can sleep on a bed. Watch cartoons, news and much more via television. Loot banks and do tragedies all over the gameplay.

Let's check out the tips and tricks to master the game.

GTA IV Cheats

Everybody wants to cheat in GTA 4 because of the cheating mode which it provides. You can cheat in HTA 4 via Niko's cell phone. All you have to do is to:

1. Use Niko's cell phone. To use his cell phone you need to press that key which is likely set for its activation. If you don't know, you may check out the controls of your character.

2. Use the arrow keys (up and down) and navigate to "Cheat" option on his cell phone.

3. Enter the related number there. See those numbers below.

4. Hit enter.

5. Niko will ring on that number and the cheat is activated.

Below are the numbers to cheat in the game.

• Dial 482-555-0100 to retreat you health bar, get weapons and armor.

• Dial 486-555-0150 to get weapons.

• Dial 486-555-0100 to get professional weapons.

• Dial 267-555-0100 to get rid of cops when you get wanted.

• Dial 267-555-0150 to increase you wanted star if you dare to.

• Dial 468-555-0100 to change the climate into pleasant, sunny or worst one and adjust brightness.

• Dial 227-555-0142 to get a readymade Mafia car.

• Dial 625-555-0150 to get a hot ride on a Dirt Bike (Sanchez)

• Dial 227-555-0100 to get an FBI car. This cheat works best in some missions where you need to get into a police car to trace the criminals.

• Dial 227-555-0147 to have a spawn Turismo before you.

• Dial 625-555-0100 to own the fastest bike of this game, NRG 900.

• Dial 227-555-0175 to get a very fast vehicle namely 'comet'.

• Dial 227-555-0168 to get a durable car namely 'SuperGT'.

• Dial 359-555-0100 to get a readymade police chopper and try your luck with your mouse.

• Dial 938-555-0100 to get a Jetmax boat instantly if you don't want to swim any more in a deep blue sea.

Friendship bonuses

GTA 4 offers its player to make friends and use them for your own selfish ends. Below are some people who can benefit if you made them your friends.

Alex: The screen of Alex is "LiberatedWoman" and if you made friendship with her (80%), you will get a 50% discount on all clothes for one day.

Brucie: He loves to go for outdoor activities and if you take him to bars, cafes, clubs, bowling and drinking and get your and his friendship level above 70%, then whenever you call Brucie, he will provide you a helicopter.

Dwayne: He has the same interests and likes as what Brucie has and if yours and his friendship level reached 60%, then whenever you ring him, he will manage a vehicle full of gang members to defend you.

Ways to lose wanted levels

There are many ways to lose wanted levels and get rid of cops. First way is mention above, in cheats. Moreover;

- You can lose your wanted levels by going in your house and saving your progress. When the saving is over, wanted stars are nowhere.

- You can also lose your wanted stars by walking into a red market indicating a mission.

- Enter a police car and hit Caps Lock key. As soon as a vigilante or most wanted mission starts, you get rid of the wanted levels.

- Try to remain out of the active radar zone. If you succeeded in doing that for some time, you will lose the wanted levels.

Wrap up; Ignoring calls

For a player, GTA IV is a busy scheduled game. If you are overflowed from getting calls over calls, you can do a trick. Simply use your cell phone and situate it on "Sleep" mode. You are done. Now you wouldn't get any call from any one.

This was all about GTA IV. If you find any wrong or incomplete information in the article or want to know more about this versatile game from Rockstar North Production, then let me know your feedback in the form of responses to this article.

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