MSI GT60 ONF 419US - a perfect workstation for gaming

Are you looking for a powerful gaming workstation? Yes, that's what the MSI GT60 0NF-419US laptop is called. It is called so because of the immense power and high technical specifications that it has to handle any kind of graphics out there. If you are not too much concerned about spending a lot of money on a laptop and just opting for high performance then this is the one for you. Read on to know more about MSI GT60 laptop and also the pros and cons of the workstation.


The workstation of gaming is here for all you game freak computer users out there. This MSI GT60 machine consists of technical capabilities that can handle the heaviest graphical modern day 3D games available in the market. With its 3rd generation i7 processor which is the latest processor from Intel along with a powerful graphics card NVIDIA Quadro K1000M with 2 GB of graphics memory will never show any lag when it comes to graphics. So, if you are a person who is a passionate game player or a graphics designer or just a person wanting to have a powerful laptop with him, then you should definitely check this laptop out. Without much introduction we will straight away jump into the amazing features included in this laptop.

MSI GT60 ONF-419US - a perfect workstation for gaming

Powerful Graphics Card:

This machine is equipped with NVIDIA Quadro K1000M graphics card. It is also packed with 2 GB of graphics memory. This graphics card has some of the features like the following:
  • NVIDIA Scalable Geometry Engine:
    When working with 3d models and scenes this feature will let it all be done with improved performance. So, you can do any kind of modeling work with this workstation.

  • OpenGL Quad Buffered Stereo Support:
    This feature is also very handy for graphics designing purposes. It provides smooth 3d stereo experience.

  • 16K Texture and Render Processing:
    This feature is for 3d or graphics applications that require a large resolution and image processing. So, this graphics card provides texture and renders surfaces up to 16K X 16K.

  • Cooler Boost:

    There will be no more issues regarding heating up of the laptop because of continued usage. Now, even if you use graphical applications or games for a long period of time there is a way to make your laptop cooler. It is the Cooler Boost Technology that is built in into the laptop. You can cool down your laptop with just one touch. And thus, you can enjoy uninterrupted games.

    Audio Boost:

    This laptop has amplified audio ports which have the capacity of increasing the sound accuracy while recording or editing your videos or audio. The laptop has THX TruStudio Pro Audio and premium speakers with Sub-woofer as well.

    Blu-Ray Support:

    Another quite amazing feature that this workstation possesses is the support for Blu-Ray. With Blu-Ray you can view your favorite movies on the go with crystal clear quality. Along with Blu-Ray reader it also has the capability of writing/burning Blu-Ray discs. So, you can watch as well as write your own Blu-Ray discs of your own videos.

    Intel Wireless Display:

    From now on, you don't have to have a cable to connect to your bigger display. You can connect to your TV wirelessly using the new technology called Wi-Di. This technology will surely make your digital life smarter.

    Full HD Display:

    One of the coolest features of the MSI GT60 is that it has got a full HD screen resolution. Most of the laptops doesn't have such a high screen resolution. With this 15.6 inch full HD screen you can watch your movies and games with crystal clear quality. And the technologies in the graphics card will avoid eyestrain when using your laptop for a long period of time.

    HD webcam:

    With this laptop you can have high definition quality in video chatting because of its HD webcam. Moreover it can record HD videos in 30 frames per second. With this quality you can help your friends or family members watch you in HD quality. You can also use it to record a home video clip.

    MSI GT60 ONF-419US - a perfect workstation for gaming

    Customizable Keyboard Backlit:

    You can enjoy gaming at its peak. The amazing feature where you can program your keyboard backlit as you like is greatly appreciable. You can customize the keyboard backlit of the laptop to each game according to your wish. This feature will let you immerse fully into the game you are playing.

    Technical Specifications:

    Now let's take a look at the technical specifications of this workstation as it will guide you to a conclusion that whether you should go for this laptop or not.

    The laptop comes with 3rd generation Intel Core i7 3630QM processor. It has a clock speed of 2.4 GHz which can be boosted to 3.4 GHz. There is also a cache of 6 MB to make data processor much faster.

    Operating System:
    This laptop comes with Windows 7 professional operating system from Microsoft which is an operating system that most people understand how to use.

    Memory and Storage:
    The laptop has 12 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM. You can pretty much run all your heavy applications and high end games with ease. This laptop comes with a HDD capacity of 500 GB SATA Hard Drive with 7200 rpm which can transfer data at a high speed. There is also a Blu-Ray Disc burner.

    There is a new feature called Killer Game Networking for LAN. There is also a WLAN of 802.11 b/g/n. There is also a Bluetooth built-in to transfer data from your laptop to your digital device and vice versa.

    There is a 7-in-1 card reader which can access the following cards SD, SDHC, SDXC, XD, MSPRO, MS and MMC. As this is a gaming laptop there are 4 USB ports out of which 3 are 3.0v and one of them is 2.0v. There is also an ESATA port. There's a VGA port and a Mic and a Headphone jack.

    Graphics and Display:
    This laptop comes with an NVIDIA Quadro K1000M graphics card with 2 GB DDR3 VRAM. There is a 15.6 inch Full HD Anti-Reflective Display with 16:9 ratio.

    Pros and Cons:

  • The laptop has the latest configurations for graphics work and gaming with a powerful graphics card.

  • The 12 GB or DDR3 RAM will definitely make your life much faster helping you to do multitasking efficiently.

  • It has some cool features like programmable keyboard backlit which can be interesting for serious gamers.

  • Cons:
  • I think the only con that I feel about this laptop is that it has a bit less amount of HDD capacity that is 500 GB whereas most of the laptops at this price range provide a hard disk space of 1 TB.

  • The Bottom Line and review:

    For those who are looking for a gaming workstation this laptop has got all the features needed for it. The price of the laptop is $1,649.99. Though the price is high, the laptop has got such features where you can get the value for your money. This laptop can also be very useful to you if you are a game developer or a graphics designer or even a 3d modeler. The software applications for these tasks require high end graphical and main memory. The high amount of RAM along with the latest processor and a powerful graphics card will help you to work with your software without any lag. So, this laptop will definitely make your game play much faster.

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