How to import all contacts from Nokia phone to Android phones

Are you upgrading from a simple Nokia Phone to an Android phone? Learn how to import all your contacts from Symbian Nokia phone to your new Android smartphone.

I recently wanted to sync all my contacts in a symbian based Nokia phone to my new Nexus 4 Android phone. Since there was no quick and easy ways to directly from Nokia to Android phone, I had to go through this work around.

Let us see how to get all your contacts from your Nokia to Android phone. The process involve few steps:

1. Export all contacts from Nokia phone to vCard format files, using Nokia Suite.

2. Combine all our vCard files into a single file (since Google Contacts does not allow bulk import)

3. Import all contacts to your Google Contacts

4. Sync your Android phone with your Google account, if it is not configured to auto sync.

Export contacts from Nokia phone

The easiest way to export contacts from Nokia phone is by using the Nokia Suite software. It is the official software from Nokia to perform various tasks on a range of Nokia phones, including backup and restore, import and export, manage contacts, send messages and so on. If you don't have the Nokia Suite, you can download it from the official site.

Nokia PC Suite
Manage contacts using Nokia PC Suite Software

To export contacts using Nokia PC Suite, open the software and connect to your Nokia phone through Bluetooth or using cable. Once connected, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Contacts section

2. Click on "All" in the left panel

3. Select all contacts in the middle panel (You may click on any one contact and then press Ctrl + A. Or, you can use the mouse to multi select contacts)

3. Select File menu and select "Export contacts". You will be prompted to select a folder to export all your contacts as .vcf files.

Combine multiple .vcf files into a single file

When you use the export option to export all your contacts from Nokia, each contact will be saved as a separate .vcf file. However, when you try to import them into Google, you will have to do it one file at a time. If you have a lot of contacts, importing vCards one at a time will be a time consuming job. Google does not provide a bulk import option yet to import all your contacts at a time.

The workaround is, combine all of your .vcf files into a single file. If you are using a Windows PC, you can use the COPY command to copy all of the VCF files into a single file.


- Open the command prompt in Windows
- Navigate to the folder in which all of your .vcf files are located
- Run the following command:
COPY *.VCF combined.VCF

The above command will copy all VCF files into a single file called 'combined.VCF'. Now, you can import this single file (which contains all your contacts) into your Google contacts list.

Combine multiple .vcf files in to single file

(If you have .csv files, you can do the same to combine them all into a single .csv file. Just use the command "copy *.csv combined.csv".)

Import all contacts to Google Contacts

Once you have all of your contacts into a single contacts file, you can import them all into Google.

- Go to

- Scroll down to the bottom on the leftbar and click on "Import Contacts".

- When prompted to select a .csv file or vCard file, choose the combined.VCF file you created in the previous step.

- Click on "Import" after selecting the file.

It will start the import process. Depending on the size of your contacts list, it may take a while to complete the import process.

Bulk import contacts to Google

Sync your Google contacts with Android phone

Once you have all your contacts in your Google Contacts list, you can get them all in your Android phone. To do this, make sure you have added your Google Account to your Android device and also sync the Google account on the phone.

To add your Google account in the Android phone, go to the "Settings" and look under "Accounts". If your Google account is not listed there, click on "Add Account" and proceed through the wizard.

How to sync Google account in Android phone

If you have connected your Google account with your phone, you can enable automatic sync or manually sync anytime. You can sync various data including contacts, app data, calendar, photos and so on.

To sync the data from your Google account, follow the below steps in your Android phone:

- Go to "Settings"

- Scroll down to "Accounts"

- Click on "Google" under Accounts

- It will show your Google Account name and the sync status. Click on the Account name to configure the sync settings. To sync all your contacts or import all contacts from Google account, check the option "Contacts" in the Sync settings.

Once you Sync your contacts from Google account, go to your Phone contacts. You will see all your Google contacts that have phone numbers attached to it.

There are many other ways to import all of your contacts from Nokia phones to Android phones, but this is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get them all to your Android phone.

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Guest Author: Karthik06 Jul 2013

Thank you for these tips. I followed your tutorial and was able to export and import all of my contacts and phone numbers from a Nokia phone to Google and then to the Android phone.

Guest Author: Jack24 Feb 2014

Very well described and easily executed. But for those who are unfamiliar with command prompt, to navigate to the intended directory will be a nightmare, so try to Google Windows command prompt to use instructions.

Guest Author: Yovin26 Feb 2014

Please help with the command prompt, navigating to the folder and compiling all the files into only 1.

Guest Author: Lakshmi Narasimhan15 Mar 2014

Thanks Tony John. Yours is simple method. In my case I have Nokia Suite 3.3.89 version. I do not find any export option. I searched entire computer for .vcf files (which is the vcard format)and did not find any file. Then I created a folder. Selected each contact in Nokia suite and dragged and dropped that created separate .vcf files for each contact. Then I combined all into single file by giving the following command in command prompt:
copy *.vcf Allcontacts.vcf.
There is a trick here. While copying an end of file caharacter something like an arrow is added. We need to remove this. To do this open allcontacts.vcf in notepad and delete the last arrow character, if found.
Then use import option in google+. This worked. When I connected my Moto G the list got synchronised automatically.
I tried to be smarter. Selected all contacts and dragged and dropped in the folder. It did not work.

Guest Author: inue17 Mar 2014

It's easy. Just 2 minutes.

How to navigate cmd
Now I'm in C:\windows\system32\
and my contacts are in D:\contact
Just type pushd D:\contact
Then run the command COPY *.VCF combined.VCF

Guest Author: Pain17 Mar 2014

This is the best method I found on the internet. Best way is to combine all .vcf file into single file so I can import via android. Thank you so much from Malaysia.

Guest Author: KrishnaG23 Mar 2014

Thanks for your step by step instruction. I've copied all my contacts from Nokia suite and imported in Google account.

Guest Author: Kathy Jones24 Mar 2014

If you save a backup of your contacts onto your Symbian phone's SD card, it appears as an NBF file. This is a zip file, which contains all your contacts in VCF format -- if you concatenate them all together, you can upload them to Google Contacts in one go.

For more details about how I discovered this, I wrote a blog post at the time.

Guest Author: varun01 Apr 2014

Thanks Tony John. It is simple and easy to execute the job.

Guest Author: Farhan Rais23 Apr 2014

Thanks Tony. It worked for me.

Guest Author: Thani03 May 2014

Thanks a ton. It works perfect !

Guest Author: Shyam16 May 2014

Thanks a ton! Had a tough time regarding combining all vcf into one. Did have to google on using command prompts though!


Guest Author: Raj26 May 2014

Thanks a lot it was done in 5 mins. Really appreciate you putting up this on net.

Guest Author: Sneh Tripathi27 May 2014

We can export as csv and import as csv also.

Guest Author: Naumaji Yashwant03 Oct 2014

Thank you sir. Your tricks and tips really helped.

Guest Author: Rajesh S14 Oct 2014

Wonderful. You made my day. Thanks a ton.

Guest Author: Abdul Rehman Abbasi14 Nov 2014

Great thanks a lot :) solved my problem. Thanks to ALLAH

Guest Author: abhilash19 Nov 2014

Thank you very much brother. I was almost at the dead end. Then just googled and out of the list somehow I chose your link. Thanks to inue also.

Guest Author: PhilBP24 Nov 2014

Thanks a lot, wish I had found this method before spending hours trying all sorts of other ways!

Guest Author: Krish07 Feb 2015

Thanks so much. After wasting enormous time on other tips & tricks, I found your solution so easy to follow and could successfully transfer my contacts to my new phone. Superb guidance.

Guest Author: Ross04 Mar 2015

Thank you so much. Your article really requires much more upvotes!

Guest Author: Ram01 Nov 2017

Thanks for the tip regarding combining all vcf file into a single vcf file. That was very helpful!

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