Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW -overview, features and technical specs

Here, I am going to give the features, overview and technical specs of Samsung -WF0602WKW- 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine. Please read the below article to know about its details.


The Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW has been designed and manufactured by one of the famous brands, Samsung. Its products are computers, light-emitting diodes (AMOLEDs), air conditioners, digital televisions, liquid crystal displays and active-matrix organic, monitors, mobile phones, printers, Ranges, refrigerators, Cooktops, Wall Oven, Microwaves, Washing machines etc. The Samsung washing machine WF0602WKW has been integrated with new features which are unique and powerful at the same time like Eco Bubble technology and Diamond Drum TM. This machine has a washing drum with inner side covered in deep and diamond-shaped depression. This feature helps in keeping the fabrics safe from snags and creates a perfect environment for gentle and efficient washing. It has an Eco bubble technology to generate bubbles by dissolving air and water with the detergent before the wash cycle starts.

Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW -overview, features and technical speculations

Samsung washing machines are mostly popular for their advanced features, stylish look and efficient performance. The customer reviews about these washing machines are amazing however; they feel it to be costly and are not worth the money it tags.

The technology used in it dissolves the detergent perfectly and it penetrates into the fabric for thorough rinsing and no residue or stains of detergent remain on it. It has been integrated with an Automatic Washer Dryer with Front Loading Capacity of 6 kg. It offers spinning speed of 1000 RPM to 1600 RPM and has an Eco bubble wash program in it. The machine makes very low noise and vibration which helps in energy saving.

The wash load capacity is the amount of clothes a washer can wash in a single load. The maximum weight of the dry clothes the machine is able to hold in a single cycle in other words is the capacity. In India, the domestic class washing machine ranges from 3-10 kgs. For a two membered family, 3 kg machine suffices however if a family consists of more than 2-3 people, a machine with higher capacity will be needed. Families with children would also need a higher capacity machines based on statistics as children keep changing more than thrice in a day and their worn outs require washing immediately. There's a rough statistic about the capacity depending on family size. As 3 kgs is good for 2 members, a 4 membered family would need a 6 kgs machine and more than 4 would definitely require a higher capacity. Ideally, this 6 kg Samsung washing is good for 6 members because of its advanced technology and super fast performance.

The control features of this washing machine are LED display and jog dial. The jog dial is a mechanical knob helps in selecting cycles and display helps in its easy use. The machine offers some special Wash Modes such as Quick Wash, Synthetic, Baby Care, Woolens, Delicates, Jeans, Dark Garment, Daily Wash, Sport Wear. It has other convenient features like Centre Timer Display, Memory Backup and Wide Graphic Display, its safety features are Voltage Control recommended safe operation is between 165 - 400 V, Urethane Coated Durable Circuit of Smart Digital Sensors and other features like Diamond Drum, Ceramic Heater, Eco Drum Clean Dimensions W x H x D: 600 x 850 x 530 mm and My Cycle Function.

Let us take a brief look about some of the specs below:

Machine Type

Samsung WF0602WKW -6 kg is a Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine with Eco Bubble and Diamond Drum Technologies.

Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW -overview, features and technical speculations

Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW -overview, features and technical speculations

Machine Operating System

Samsung WF0602WKW washing machine runs on an automatic Fuzzy logic operating system.

Machine Features

Samsung WF0602WKW -6 kg has following features which make it a unique washing machine:

Child lock, Automatic drainage, Digital display, Auto restart, Jog dial, Safety Voltage Control, Hot Water Wash, Ceramic Heater, Temperature selection and Wash Load Sensor.

Child lock: Child Lock would stop children from playing with your machine. When this button is pressed, it would disable the control panel and pressing any button by the children would not make any difference to its performance and no program change can be done without giving access code. A very useful and good feature if you have children at home.

Digital display: This machine provides a Center Timer Display and a Wide Graphic Display. This display would help you to be informed on the cycle status and time.

Jog dial: The jog dial is a mechanical knob helps in selecting cycles and display helps in its easy use.

Auto restart: This feature would help in restarting the machine cycle from the time it was stopped due to power failure interruption, user needs not restart and reprogram it after power resumes. Good feature where there's a frequent power cut.

Automatic drainage: Automatic drainage helps in draining the water from the machine automatically when it analyzes that clothes are getting soaked in water for no reason when the cycle is completed. User needs not drain the water by pressing the button manually. A common feature found in mostly automatic washing machines.

Safety Voltage Control: This sensor of the machine would prevent your washer from high Voltage fluctuations by maintaining the voltage within recommended range that is is between 165 - 400 V.

Ceramic Heater: These sensors would stop calcium compound building up as calcium compounds are more likely to absorb a lot of electricity and would also need special type of detergents to be dissolved. The ceramic heater's quick heating capacity would not let this happen and can save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Samsung washing machine - WF0602WKW -overview, features and technical speculations

Hot Water Wash: This machine washes your garments in steaming hot water which is a quality of a high quality washing machines. This helps in washing very murky and dirty clothes. This is found mostly in automatic machines.

Wash Load Sensor: This is a feature found in mostly high quality and fully automatic machines. This sensor is able to program and modify the wash cycles to maintain balance of the machine due to overload or entangled fabric in the machine during the washing program. If this feature lacks in a washer, it jumps and hops due to heavy load and imbalance.

Temperature selection: Temperature at required level in a washer helps the detergent, fabric softeners or bleach to perform more efficiently and the clothes look new, clean and colorful. This option is now a days being found more in new models.

Machine Dimensions

Samsung WF0602WKW washing machine has a height of 846mm, width is 598mm, depth is 510mm and weighs 57 kgs approximately.

Machine Speed controls

The Spinning Speed of this machine is 1200 RPM.

Machine capacity

Samsung WF0602WKW washing machine has a capacity of 6 Kg best suited for 5-8 members' family.

Machine Wash Cycle Modes and Programs

Washing Programs and Features:
• Eco Bubble Wash Modes
• Other Wash Modes: Synthetic, Woolens, Baby Care, Delicates, Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Jeans, Dark Garment, Sport Wear

Standard Wash Cycle: Below is the standard wash cycle information in a tabular view for your easy navigation of information.

• Cotton • Yes
• Synthetics • Yes
• Delicates/Hand Wash • No
• Wool • Yes
• Hand Wash • Yes
• Quick • Yes
• Rinse+Spin • Yes
• Spin • Yes
• Drain • Yes
• Duvet • No
• Bedding • No
• Towel • No
• Curtain • No

Samsung WF0602WKW provides a wide range of wash programs to wash handwash, cotton, synthetic and wool.

A quick wash option has been provided to wash, rinse and spin lightly soiled clothes in a few minutes.

Machine Warranty

Samsung WF0602WKW has different types of warranties:
If the washer in is within warranty period, Samsung Authorized Service Centers would be able to repair or replace any defective part or rectify the problem.

Domestic Term: Samsung offers a 2 Years Warranty on this washer to its customers.

Covered in Warranty: The warranty covers all the Electrical components of the machine.

Not Covered in Warranty: It does not cover all the Rubber and Plastic components in the machine.

Warranty Service Type: Users have to call the customer care number and book a servicing to avail the warranty on this product. The local area authorized Service Center will then send their technician to the customer's house for home service of the device.

Additional Warranty: The Samsung WF0602WKW offers a 10 Years Warranty for few components of the washer like Universal Motor, Ceramic Heater, Quiet Drive and Diamond Drum.

Price and Availability

The price of Samsung washing machine model WF0602WKW is Rs. 35,990/- and can be purchased from online shopping sites like, ebay, flipkart, etc. You can also buy it from Samsung showrooms or the local electronic malls, showrooms and shops.

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