Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone

In this article, I'll explain about the top 5 apps for Windows smartphone and how much they are essential for your daily work which will add glory to the handset. So read the below article to know about the apps.

Windows 8 is one indispensable handset with a handful of features and specs, which are capable of making the handset a remarkable one. In order to add glory to this handset, there is a need for some interesting top notch apps in the phone. We are going to discuss the top 5 Apps essential for a Windows smart phone in detail, along with the screenshots of the same to make it more interesting for the folks.

Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone

There are thousands of Apps available in the Stores, but what makes these 5 Apps is that would run without any downtime and enhance the Os performance of the device. Many of these games are completely free while some other avail charges, but that too very reasonable. The below listed Apps are the top ones, outsmarting the set of other games which are currently available in the Online stores.

5 Must Have Apps

Metro Commander
Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone
Microsoft failed to offer a file manager in the Start screen of the phone, but users need not ponder over this because manufacturers will bridge these gaps. The users interested in purchasing this Apps can straightly head towards a store and get it installed in their handset., Metro Commander file manager has a dual-pane interface as pot rayed in the above figure and will allow the folks to navigate and manage their files and folders easily in the new Windows UI interface, such as Easily search and share, preview, create, move, delete, open, rename and copy files and folders.

Norton Satellite
Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone
The image of a detection oriented Norton Satellite and its functioning in a Windows 8 device is clearly depicted in the picture below.

Windows 8 is very compatible for the users to research the web and also for Social networking. But for users who are concerned about security related issues, there is a solution with this Satellite. The Norton Satellite scans the inbox of the face-book users and also Twitter feeds on a daily basis to detect any malicious links or spam messages that could infect the system. Norton Satellite is not really a anti-virus software, but takes precautionary steps in protecting the users account prior to any unauthorized access.

News Bento
Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone
The Windows 8 comes with a fabulous user interface that helps the users to instantly read and subscribe to all recent news and events. News Bento is an excellent example and adds more value to the user interface. To have a insight to this Apps, users need to launch their desired apps after which the News Bento displays a series of Tiles, which keep the users updated with all the international news from the US websites. A few more square links are also available to the folks by clicking the more news option and Google support with RSS search provides quick access to different on-line favorites.

There is also gallery of all the information displayed in the tile of the screen panel using which users can constantly browse photos and all related information. Users can simply choose a story and can wait and view the gist of those, displayed in numerous panels. And most handily, clicking any of those displays its content among the app, therefore there's no boring switch to and from to an external browser.

Weather Bug
Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone
The Weather Bug App is pretty interesting and gives info to the users regarding the weather conditions, humidity pressure and temperature in their surrounding environment. The picture displayed above explains it still better.

There is a complete weather forecast report available to the folks about the periodic temperature and humidity levels on day basis along with their approximate degrees. This can also serve as an alarm or warning apps in providing the freezing, fog levels or hot temperature outside by making the folks aware of the adverse conditions prevailing around them. This is a great show-stopper weather application that guides the users in a proper way. People can rely on the results completely and adhere to the warning messages. It is mesmerizing that the Windows 8 comes with such an attractive Apps and people would value this phone, especially for Weather Bug.

Top 5 Apps for Windows Smartphone
The functioning of the apps cannot be guessed that easily with the name. If the users are damn curious to know about the song which is playing in a radio, then Shazam will definitely be a bliss and eye opener for such users. Shazam is an innovative apps that instantly searches for the song details via its micro-phone and as soon as it obtains the results it can be transferred to the user's ears via social sharing and also there is a option for the folks to transfer the song straight to their systems.

Windows 8 app actively allows the users to share the mind-blowing and blossoming music over Social media networking sites, plus have a glance of the lyrics of a song with the help of touch button and also read biographies with music reviews. The app appearance nice in Windows 8 and is straightforward to use, this app might also be available for Windows Phone 8 as well in the near future.

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