Samsung ATIV Q - Convertible Ultrabook running on both Android and Windows 8

Are you looking for the detailed review and specifications of latest Samsung ATIV Q? Then you are in right place. ATIV Q is latest convertible device from Samsung with a lot of features like Dual OS or Dual boot, running both Android and Windows 8. Read more on this article to know more about the device and also see the price and release date of this Ultrabook from Samsung.

Now, the tech giant Samsung, has come up with something new. We saw the technical magic that they did in case of Samsung Galaxy S4 and other recently released devices. And now they're coming up with a Windows 8 machine, named Samsung ATIV Q. The device is convertible, which can be used as a tablet and a laptop. There are a lot more that make the device special with Dual OS.

The key feature of the Samsung ATIV Q convertible tablet is that it has Dual OS or Dual boot facility. Yes, you heard me. The device comes with two operating systems. And they are none other than Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8. Surprised? The condition was the same for the tech world when the company announced the ATIV Q on 20th June 2013. In this article we are going to see detailed review of the device and will also tell you about the price details and release date.
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Design and Display Features

The Samsung ATIV Q is a device which is designed with such intelligence that this can be made sure by the first glance on the device and the convertible feature of the device just proves it. Starting from the dimensions, the device has 327x218x13.9mm and weighs about 1.29 Kg. The weight must be a bit disappointing for the tablet fans but when considered as a laptop this is adjustable. From the first look, the device is a typical tablet and for converting to a laptop, a little push is needed. Sliding the screen back reveals the keyboard and thus it resembles a laptop. The keyboard looks a bit compact but it surely does the job. There is no problem in typing and so.

The keyboard being compact, we can't find and touch pad on the device. Don't get disappointed, the device comes with another way of navigation, TrackPoint, placed on the center of Keyboard. Here you will have to glide your finger over the nob to move the mouse. This might be disappointment for some but, this is the best that they can do because the room for Touch Pad is less. Talking more about the design of the device, different ports and physical buttons are placed on the sides of keyboard and even on the hinge of the device where the screen rotates.

The device comes with 4 modes of use. The first one is 'Tablet mode', which can be used as a custom tablet which is in typical bar shape. Gliding the screen back and turn it to 'Typing mode', works as a laptop. On moving the screen a bit more, the device achieves 'Floating Mode', which feels like the screen is just floating and can be used as a tablet. On further sliding the ATIV Q attains the 'Stand Mode', which enables the user to watch movies and so on.
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On talking about the design features, the company did its job in making it beautiful and pleasing. The screen itself, measures 13.3 inches with a display resolution of 3200x1800 and QHD. The company claims the device comes with a pixel density of 275 ppi. That looks pretty good and will surely attract the crowd. Anyway, these are more than enough to attract the teenagers to it. There is no news about any display technologies incorporated in it like the smartphones. Samsung has come up with the best design and display features that a typical convertible device could ever have and these features will surely make the people to select it.

Hardware and OS Features

The Samsung ATIV Q is a device equipped with a bunch of hardware features that makes it a good competitor among other convertibles. Starting with the processor, the device comes with Intel Haswell Core i5 processor, which makes the device pretty smart. The device features a RAM of 4 GB. This much RAM with latest processor makes the device perform butter smooth. It is also equipped with 128GB of HDD, enough to store personal data and the storage will not be a problem. If the storage capacity is still a problem, the machine features extending the memory by microSD slot.

The Intel chipset loaded inside makes it an Ultrabook too and this is good news for its fans. Now talking about the operating system, unlike other devices, the device comes with a cool feature called Dual-OS. This enables the user to enjoy the features of Android as well as Windows 8. The Windows 8 is the general OS in the device and thus is listed in ATIV series. Android version used in the device is Android v 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. More will be discussed in detail later. The hardware and OS features will attract the people and this will be the key feature that makes the ATIV Q different from other convertibles. The ATIV Q comes with inbuilt graphics of Intel HD Graphics 4400, and is absolute good news for the gamers.

Camera and Connectivity Features

We have seen the display, design and hardware features of the latest convertible tablet from Samsung which is the Samsung ATIV Q. Now it's time to check out the connectivity and camera features. Actually the camera features are not yet known in detail. But all that I can say is that the camera on the front is of HD and is able to capture videos on 720p. The camera on the front also supports video chatting.

The Samsung ATIV Q shows no shortage in case of connectivity options. The device is featured with USB port 3.0 and USB port 2.0 for data transfer and related stuff. It also comes with HDMI port and microSD port. The device also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack for those who like to use headphones. For more details on the connectivity and camera options, we must have to wait and the wait will be worth it for sure.

Dual Boot and Side-sync Feature

The key features of the Samsung ATIV Q convertible are the Dual boot feature and side-sync. As the name says, the device is equipped with two operating systems and the provided ones are the greatest of them all, the Android OS and the Windows 8 OS. Also they have put the latest versions of the both OS in it, making it a device that nobody can refuse. The two OSs were the greatest competitors for each-other and now Samsung is bringing them on one device.

The general or the default OS in the device is Windows and the switch between the two OS is so simple that it just needs a click on the icon from desktop. Actually, the Android is running in the device like an application luckily not in windowed mode. Once you click on the icon to switch-over, you will be taken to the Android interference. And to revert back there is another icon. And yet another attractive feature is that it does not really need a reboot. All it takes is seconds. Also it enables to access files from both OSs. And that's the feature what everyone wanted and Samsung has just fulfilled it.
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They have also introduced a feature called Side-Sync. This feature allows the user to use a Samsung Galaxy phone within the device as a second screen, that is, an app can be selected in the phone by controlling the mouse in the tablet. Another use is that the phone screen can be mirrored in the ATIV Q, making it a virtual phone and hence can access the phone apps and files from the device. The technology is pretty smart and will keep the device on top for sure. This feature can also be used to type on phone using the keyboard and even transfer data between the two devices. Currently the Side-Sync facility is made possible by USB connection and the company claims that in near future this will be made wireless.

Battery and Other Features

On talking about the battery, the device is provided with a good one most probably of Li-ion. The actual details are not out yet, but the company says the battery will be able to power the device for about 9 hours. That sounds promising and will be a relief for the battery drain problem, which most of the devices facing now. Other features include a light sensor placed on the front, adjusting the screen brightness according to the light of surrounding.

An Accelerometer is also used in the device. Being and Android device the user have full access to Google Play store and download whatever they want. It is also provided with an S-pen like the Note. It helps in accurate or precise control of the device. It comes in handy during handwriting and is featured with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The device also has stereo speakers inbuilt and GPS support. The GPS in the device is featured with A-GPS support. It also has USB charging facility.

Price and Availability

The Samsung ATIV Q, being a convertible tablet which runs on both Android and Windows, makes it a high-end device for sure. And thus we can assume the price be a bit high too. As we are not provided with the display technology used, the price cannot be said. But we can give you an approximate one. With all these features like Intel processor, 13.3 inch screen, dual OS, convertibility the device will be priced for about Rs 92,000. Since there is no news about the price and release date, we have to wait for the company's official announcement. It is expected to be out by August, 2013.

Wrap-up and review

The Samsung's latest in the ATIV series, which is Samsung ATIV Q is going to rock the market with all the features like convertibility, Intel chips, Dual OS, Touch screen etc. And Samsung is taking the convertibles to a whole new level and just created a new category called the 'Dual OS device'. The price of the device is a bit high, but the features that we get are a way more. So all we can do is waiting for its official release and then will know the unknown features that yet to be released. But we can say that the introduction of Samsung ATIV Q has created some waves in the fields and this forces other tech giants to come up with more interesting technologies like this. We just have to wait for it.

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