Reliance 3G mobile data plans for pre-paid and post-paid users in India

Are you thinking of buying a Reliance 3G mobile data plan for internet connection on your device? Reliance offers both pre-paid and post-paid 3G mobile data packs/ plans for internet connectivity in India. Reliance also has "Pay As You Go" connection. The post-paid connections are available for validity periods like daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly. Monthly post-paid connections are renewed automatically. Read this article to know about 3G telephony and Reliance 3G mobile data plans.


Mobile internet connectivity services have grown at a very fast rate in India over the last few years. Several mobile internet service providers vied with each other to get licenses from the Indian government in order to provide these internet services in the country. The two of these internet service providers, BSNL and MTNL are in the public sector. BSNL covers the entire country except Mumbai and Delhi and provides internet services over GPRS, 3G and Wimax. MTNL covers the metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi for GPRS and 3G services. Besides the above, there are quite a large number of privately managed internet service providers which provide mobile internet services on the national and regional levels. Some of these 3G mobile internet service providers are Aircel, Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Tata DoCoMo, Vodafone, Airtel and Delight Net.

What is 3G mobile internet service?

The mobile internet service providers like Tikona, Delight Net and Airtel have ventured into providing 4G networks in only some selected regions in India. The most popular internet service is through 2G GSM GPRS and 3G networks. 3G mobile internet services give the users high speeds on both uplink (up to 5.7 Mbps) and downlink (up to 28 Mbps). This makes multimedia services like video calling, video on demand, mobile TV and MMS possible and enhances the exciting experience of internet services. The internet connection and data transfer operations of 3G networks work on High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPA) technology. The transmission of data over 3G networks is several times faster than the 2G GSM networks. Earlier, users could access audio, graphics and text over 2G networks. In addition to these, now 3G users can also send and receive video content. One must have a 3G enabled handset or a USB datacard to avail 3G connections in the regions covered by service providers.

Comparison of 2G and 3G internet mobile services

The 3G internet connection is very speedier than the 2G internet connection. You can enjoy download speeds of up to 21 Mpbs and upload speeds of up to 5.7 Mpbs with 3G internet connection. On the other hand, the download and upload speed with 2G internet connection is up to 236 Kbps only which is many times less than the speed with 3G connection. Both 2G and 3G connections provide the facility of video calling. However, the speed of data transfer will be faster with a 3G connection. Unlike the option to exchange MMS video messages with a 3G connection, only basic SMS messages can be sent and received with a 2G connection. With 2G connectivity, the users can only get caller ring back tunes and ringtones facility. However, if it is a 3G connection, the users can get videos on demand, location based services, etc.

3G Data Plans offered by Reliance

One of the most outstanding 3G mobile internet service providers in India is the Reliance Communications Limited. With its network spread throughout the country, Reliance provides competitive 3G mobile internet services. So, you can remain connected irrespective of the place where you are. You get uncongested Reliance 3G internet connection with speeds up to 21 Mpbs. The fast speeds of Reliance connections enable superb internet browsing experience and speedier uploading and downloading. The users who are already enjoying 3G mobile services can get add up data plans or packs to use 3G mobile broadband services. Those who have pre-paid connections can recharge their devices with a 3G data pack or a 3G combo pack. Similarly, the post-paid users can also subscribe to a 3G data pack or a 3G combo plan.

There is a provision of "Pay As You Go" default service by Reliance, in case you do not want to choose a plan or a pack. Users can use any 3G enabled handsets to avail the Reliance mobile internet services. They can even use their 3G smartphone as a modem by connecting it to their desktop or laptop PC. The Reliance 3G SIM can be put into a USB data card, which can then be used as 3G mobile broadband data service. In case, the prepaid customers of Reliance presently have GPRS pack, they will be kept at 2G speeds until the expiry of their GPRS pack validity. Afterwards, they will move on to 3G Pay As You Go. The post-paid GPRS users will continue at the 2G speeds till the time they buy a 3G data plan. The Reliance 3G customers get a value added service whereby there is no separate charge for data while watching mobile TV. Otherwise, customers pay over Rs.300 per hour as separate data charges. One is advised to check the usage on a periodical basis to maintain an accord with the tariff plan one has opted for. The common guidelines for checking data usage are as follows: Video streaming (YouTube) uses about 245 MB data per hour. Data used by HD streaming is 308 MB per hour. Normal browsing consumes only about 6 MB of data per hour. If you browse a flash site, the data consumption may be 76 MB per hour. The video chat consumes about 18 MB of data per hour.

Reliance Pre-Paid 3G Data plans broadband on mobile or phone as a modem

There is a "Pay As You Go" pre-paid plan for the users of Reliance 3G internet connection. The users are charged according to the usage made by them. The charges are 10 paise per 10 kb. In addition, there are daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly usage pre-paid packs, the details of which are given below in a tabular format.

Reliance Post-Paid Data 3G plans broadband on mobile or phone as a modem

Reliance provides a volume (GB) based post-paid plan called "Pay As You Go". There is no rental for this plan. The charges are 10 paise per 10 kb for data usage up to 50 MB. If the usage within one billing cycle is more than 50 MB, the charges are 1paise per 10 kb for the excess usage. In addition to this plan, the other mobile net plans are given below in the table. The customers can feel free to contact Reliance on +91 9311005674 any time between 10:00AM to 08:00PM for any queries related to the data plans and services.


Though every effort has been made to provide here all relevant information from the official website of Reliance, the prospective buyers of 3G data plans must check the latest news and offers made by the company from time to time. In case of any doubt, customers can feel free to contact Reliance on +91 9311005674 any time between 10:00AM to 08:00PM for queries related to the data plans and services. In addition to the basic price given in the tables above, the company charges service tax @12.36%. The speed of the plan can vary with the model and the speed of the device used for the internet connection, such as, modem, dongle or handset.

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