Top 10 Repairing Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone

Do you handle your iPhone with care? How safe your iPhone is? This article includes 10 tips and tricks to repair Apple iPhone. These are some basic tips to troubleshoot the common problems of iPhone. Using these 10 tips, you can manage your iPhone on your own.

The most popular device, Apple iPhone was commercially launched on 29 June 2007 in collaboration with the famous carrier AT&T. Initially, the company came up with 4GB and 8GB models with expandable memory of 16GB. The model was compatible with the 2.5 generation network for quad band GSM and EDGE technology. Later, on 11 July 2008, Apple launched an upgraded version of the iPhone 3G. The story didn't end there. Apple started introducing more innovations and advanced features in its iPhone. In 2009, it announced the iPhone 3GS. In 2010, it launched iPhone 4. In 2011, it launched more advanced iPhone 4S and during October 2012, it introduced the 6th generation iPhone 5 with 4G LTE technology.

Apple has captured a huge market share in terms of iPhone. The popularity is still growing endlessly. But during the life of an iPhone, it's very difficult to save it from scratches, drops, various crashes, spills, etc. After using an iPhone for a year or more, we go to the repairing centre or buy a new one. But, if we take few precautions or safety measures, we can reduce the degree of damage in iPhones.

Here, we will discuss some simple tips and tricks which can be done at home without wasting thousands of rupees.

1. Replace an inactive or dead battery

As time goes on, the batteries do not take much charge and hold less amount of charge than a normal & healthy battery does. If this kind of thing happens to your iPhone, then go for a new battery and replace the existing one. You can check a cheaper battery online.

2. Cool it down

Sometimes, your iPhone may get overheated because of software or hardware problem. In some overheating cases, we feel as if our pocket is burning. In such cases, turn off your iPhone or remove the battery for some time. You can keep your iPhone without case for some time.

3. Check the loose charging point and fix it properly

The micro USB port may become loose with time. A situation may arrive when your charger does not fit at all. You need to take a sharp toothpick and remove the dirty material with cotton or linen fabric.

4. Clean your speakers

Sometimes, the headphone jack of your iPhone becomes dirty. This usually happens as the jack comes in contact with dirt or debris in pockets. This may result in problems when trying to switch from headphone to speakers. Make your speakers fine to make them work again.

5. Repair your unresponsive buttons

Sometimes, your button becomes unresponsive and gets stuck. In such case, dab a piece of cotton in alcohol and rub it on the button. After doing this, your button will become active again.

6. Remove the scratches

Scratches are a common problem as time passes. To avoid this and to make your iPhone scratch free, use sandpaper or emery paper to brush the edges. This will make the screen smooth and shiny again.

7. Use Rice to restore a wet iPhone

This is one of the most useful tricks. In case your iPhone accidently falls in water, keep it in a bag of rice for one or two days. If your screen faces issues because of moisture, then massage the stuck pixels with your fingers.

8. When your iPhone camera lens breaks

If your iPhone camera lens gets scratched or breaks, you can try using a lens from old DVD. To replace it, just open your iPhone and do some operation. If you want to take some micro pictures, set the DVD lens on top of the current lens.

9. How to replace the scratched screen of your iPhone?

If the screen of your iPhone has too much of scratches or is shattered, then the only option left is to replace the screen. Go for a cheaper screen by comparing the prices online.

10. Give a new life to your broken iPhone

It's very difficult to break an iPhone such that it may not be of any use to you. If it happens, then you can start it with pencil graphite and paper clips.

Using the above tricks and tips, you will be able to increase the life of your iPhone.

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