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You may have several email accounts and might have registered in many websites and forums. Isn't it frustrating to remember all our usernames and passwords? So, here comes a password managing tool called Sticky Password that allows you to access all your web accounts on a single click. Sticky Password tool automatically fills your online forms, provides App accounts and does much more. Read on to discover more about the features and specifications of Sticky Password.

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Undoubtedly, most of us have multiple email accounts from almost every service provider. Also, several websites and forums need our credentials for logging in and using them effectively. Isn't it annoying to remember all those usernames and passwords? To avoid such annoyance, we are using a unique username and password for all our web based accounts including online banking and PayPal. But, is this safe? No. How about getting all your passwords at a single place? This can be accomplished by a password managing tool like 'Sticky Password' which also makes our tasks easier. Founded by Alex Tischenko, Sticky Password is a tool to organize your passwords, auto-fill your forms, manage personal memos and perform other similar functions. In one word, it's a 'master login tool' for all your accounts including social networking sites.

Getting started with Sticky Password

Sticky Password is available both in free and paid versions but you'll have limited access in the free version. So, it's better to get the Pro version for $29.99 to get complete access. However, it is advisable to use a 30 days trial version before buying it. Installing Sticky Password is as simple as installing a game on your PC. You will be asked to setup a master password to unlock whenever you open this tool. Once it is installed, wait for the tutorial to launch. It tells you everything in detail. You can bypass the login process of your web accounts and App accounts like Skype & MS Office Outlook by using this tool. Below is the screenshot of the tool where my accounts were added.

Sticky Password Web Accounts

During the setup, you'll be asked to install this tool on all your browsers. You can uninstall it later. You can add new accounts directly in Web Accounts section or when logging in. Sticky Password is not just storing your passwords. It does much more than that. It lets you automatically login to your accounts either directly from the tool or from the browser without having to enter your username and password. It delivered better outputs when we used those web accounts. You'll be asked to enter basic information like account name, target link, login name, password, auto-login and default browser. It warns you if your password is too weak i.e. if it is easier for an attacker to track your password. Quick Access section provides you a list of most used accounts so that you can access them without having to go for a search. You can perform most of the functions from Quick Access section. Surely, you'll have a bulk of web accounts and to avoid any confusion and make your navigation simpler & faster, you can categorize them under various groups like Finance, Email, Forums, Gaming and Social. You can even go beyond the ten default groups by adding your own group. Have a look at how App account appears.

Sticky Password App Accounts

App account, just like web accounts, allows you to directly access your apps like Skype, MS Office Outlook & Windows Live Messenger. However, the applications supported by Sticky Password are limited and include just a few popular apps. You can add new apps by dragging or browsing the available apps in your system's program files. This App account is not that helpful as the previous one due to its limited support. You can add those apps into your custom made groups in a single move. Adding Bookmarks is also an easy job. Just import all the passwords and bookmarks from your selected browsers via settings and this is again a by-pass to your favourite web address.

Adding Identity is a major task that you should complete if your forms need an auto-fill. Credentials like name, gender & company and all other personal details you enter here will be used by Sticky Password to fill forms automatically when needed in any website or browser. Finally, Secure Memos allows you to create memos under templates like Credit Card, ID card, Passport, Driving License, etc. You can use memos to copy specific or entire data so that you can paste it directly in any application or document without having to type everything. It is really useful when you have limited time to fill in your credentials in a document like MS Word. Though you don't categorize all your accounts, there is a search box on the top that displays the related search results as fast as Google search.

Features of Sticky Password

  • Though it uses AES 256-bit encryption by default, you can increase the encryption levels by selecting one from eight available levels like Sapphire II, Frog & Blowfish to keep your data more secure.

  • You can make a list of trusted and ignored websites as well as apps. This prevents Sticky Password from auto-filling your credentials in insecure websites.

  • General entry of your addresses, credit card details and bank accounts may be trapped by attackers using key loggers. But this auto-fill function protects you from hackers. This auto-fill option is also available in Google Chrome.

  • You'll receive notifications if your passwords are unsafe i.e. if they are short and easy to be hacked. Also, Sticky Password won't enter your personal details into phishing and fraud sites.

  • Using Sticky Password saves your valuable time that you waste in typing all your credentials. Also, your data will be stored locally in separate files as a backup so that you lose nothing.

  • You can take all your passwords into a removable device like a USB drive and use it on another computer from the drive itself. You can also get a free iOS app that synchronizes with your PC and lets you authorize the tool from your iOS device itself.

  • Some of the drawbacks

  • Sticky Password failed to work on websites like Go daddy, where you'll not have a separate login page. At times, the auto-fill function may not work well in split forms containing two split boxes for entering telephone number.

  • I've added two Gmail accounts and when I open Gmail directly in a browser, it auto-logins into the first account without giving me a choice to choose.

  • As mentioned earlier, it supports only few applications and I'm unable to add my own application to the App account. It has to be improved in this aspect.

  • So, considering all the above mentioned features, you can now decide if it is really worth going for. You can go for a trial and check if you really need the Pro version for $29.99. Considering all the features, it looks good. Also, you can check some other password management cum auto-fill tools available at cheaper prices. Then, you can choose the best.

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