SpyAgent, a top rated and award winning monitoring software review and installation guide

Are you thinking of installing one of the best monitoring software in your computer? Do you want to track some of the unwanted activities on your computer? Do you want to keep a watch and control online activities on your computer in your presence or otherwise? I suggest you to install the SpyAgent, one of the top rated and award winning monitoring software. Read this article for full details of SpyAgent and be free from tension by keeping a track on activities that have been taking place in your computer.


SpyAgent, one of the top rated and award winning monitoring software
We are usually very casual in the use of our computers. A common computer user does not feel the necessity to keep track of the activities that take place in our computer. There is no problem if you are the only person using your computer. However, it is necessary to keep a track of activities happening on your computer when it is also used by your children at home. This becomes all the more necessary in the matter of office computers used by your employees. It therefore becomes necessary to track and control any unwanted and unethical activities that might take place in your home and office computers. It is necessary that your children or employees make a right use of the internet content. They need to be watched and warned about browsing websites which publish unpalatable and offending content. As an office administrator, you must ensure that your employees do not misuse the office computers for playing games instead of doing their important day to day work. These days most of the office work done on computers and most of the families have at least a one computer or laptop at home. Taking into consideration, the increasing use of computers at home and offices, the importance of installing monitoring software has been increasing day by day. So, it is necessary that one should know about the use of one or the other monitoring software. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss SpyAgent, which is one of the top rated and award winning software available on the internet at a price between $70 and $90. Installing this monitoring software in your computer will give you complete control over your computer. You can get comprehensive logs and reports for almost every click of a mouse and for every key pressed on your monitored computer.

About SpyAgent monitoring software

SpyAgent is one of the most know monitoring software owned by Software and Design Inc. The company offers an excellent customer support to users of this monitoring software, including email support. The company promises to respond to the email queries from its customers within 24 hours and sometimes even in lesser time than this. The support by phone is also offered. Besides, there are only frequently answered questions (FAQs) to know about the queries generally asked by users. The company also offers a chat support but only to the buyers of the product. The online chat service is not available to non-paying customers.

SpyAgent offers some of the most advanced features of monitoring and is ranked among the top ten ranking monitoring software. It lets the user track, block and control a large number of online activities. It has a well organized, a simple and easy to manage user interface. Its monitoring tools are very easy to navigate. SpyAgent settings can be customized according to your needs and preferences. The users can adjust the frequency of screenshots, logging storage options, scheduled monitoring, computer lockdown, content filtering and blocking, keyword alerts and more. It is very effective and efficient software to safeguard your family from unwanted elements of internet. It is a Gold Award Winner software from TopTenReviews.

Installation requirements for systems running on Windows OS

In order to install SpyAgent with a computer running on Windows OS, you required a system powered by 1.6 GHz processor or faster. SpyAgent supports Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. There should be minimum 1 GB RAM. 2 GB RAM will be preferable for HD video functions. There should be 4 GB of available space in hard disk. Additional free space will be required during installation. A colour monitor will be needed with 16-bit colour video card and display resolution of 1024 x 576 pixels. Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible display driver will be needed. The system should be equipped with DVD-OAM drive. You will be needing internet connection for internet-based services.

Installation requirements for systems running on Mac OS

SpyAgent installation on Mac system will need the system to be powered by a multicore Intel processor. SpyAgent is compatible with Mac OS X v10.5.8 through v10.7. 1 GB RAM is a must and 2 GB RAM is preferable for running HD video functions. There should be free space of 4 GB on the hard disk. The installation process will require additional available space on hard disk. The monitor should support a display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. A DVD-ROM will be required in the system. For multi-media features, the QuickTime 7 software will be needed. Internet connection is required for internet based services.


SpyAgent comes with two options for installation: administrator/tester and stealth. It is advisable for the new users to install the administrator / tester option. The will enable the users to make themselves familiarize with the functions of the SpyAgent monitoring software. After getting familiarized with the software, they can set the application to the stealth mode. Once you install the monitoring software, you can see the software's icon on the desktop screen. On the other hand, the stealth mode will keep the monitoring software application hidden from the users. You will need to create a password for whatever the option you select to install.

SpyAgent monitoring details

SpyAgent possesses unmatched capabilities and features. It can log anything from whatever someone types or clicks with mouse. It will record whatsoever is downloaded. Whatever is talked or emailed is also recorded. A record of web pages or websites visited will be kept. All the programs, which are run, are recorded for viewing later. A log of each activity is kept and saved. It is archived and exported to reports for later use. The software can be configured to log any one who uses your computer. Let us read the monitoring details of each activity performed by SpyAgent:

  • SpyAgent monitors and logs all the keystrokes with the information about the window where they are typed. The user can click the 'Format' button to apply text formatting to read the logs. The captured screenshots will be displayed along side the keystroke log entries.

  • The monitoring software will log all the emails sent and received along with the attachments, if any.

  • You can view all the listed events like program starts/ stops, keystrokes, email and chat messages, visited websites, document viewed and printed etc., chronically ordered on the Events Timeline

  • All internet chat conversations made using AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Excite Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, XFire, ICQ, etc. will be monitored and logged.

  • All websites browsed using Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, and America Online will be monitored and recorded, giving the website address, username and the time of the site visited.

  • SpyAgent will monitor and log all applications, including those running in the background, opened and run by the users

  • All webmail messages provided by webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and MySpace webmail will be logged.

  • SpyAgent will keep a record of how long the users have been active on a computer and how long it was inactive in between the usage sessions.

  • SpyAgent will take the snapshots of your desktop at the intervals set by you. These screenshots will be categorized by content such as social networking, webmail, website usage, etc.

  • All internet traffic data sent and received by your computers will be logged by this monitoring software.

  • Every activity relating to files downloaded, uploaded , accessed, modified, created, deleted, printed with details of the user and the time of the event will be recorded by SpyAgent.


SpyAgent is the monitoring software, which offers users some of the most advanced features provided by monitoring software in the world. It can run in stealth and non-stealth modes. It keeps a track of websites visited, online searches, emails sent and received, documents and applications opened and keystrokes typed. It has excellent logging features and screenshot capabilities. You can block any website or application and limit times that the monitored computer can be used. The one deficiency is that it cannot block by category, but that's of little consequence with this application's host of powerful monitoring and other blocking features. This is great software to monitor any computer and to keep your home safe from questionable misuse of your computer. SpyAgent monitoring software provides a lot of quality monitoring, blocking and reporting features, so that you can keep a regular track of activities going on in your computer. The only drawback of SpyAgent is that it is not available for Apple computers. SpyAgent also lacks a capability of blocking by category.

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