Windows PC and laptop monitoring Free Keylogger software review and features

Read the review of the free monitoring app for Windows PC and laptop and know how it can be helpful to track the activities of your children online. Know the features of this free software and see if it fits your needs.

Do you have teenage kids, who are always online and you are not sure what exactly they are up to? It has been reported that kids and as well as adults visit dating and adult content sites the most, which can result in a lot of problems later. So it is your duty and right to know what your kids and other members of the family are doing on your computer. Here, in this article I will review one of best monitoring app that tracks your child's activities for free. The software is Free keylogger by Iwantsoft.

About Keylogger

Free Keylogger is an invisible spy keystroke logger, which is designed in such a way that it records all the inputs of your single or multiple computers which are in the form of keyboard strokes, clipboard activities and Internet URL history. The activities which it records are the words typed on keyboard which can include emails, documents, chats and passwords as well as all the internet navigation. With the help of this program you will know what other users of the computer are doing on your computer and with the help of Free Keylogger, you will be able to track down their internet usage as well. All this is available at the Administrator level and the other users won't be able to see that they are being tracked and would not be able to remove this software.

After it has recorded everything, then it will collect all the recorded information and convert it into a secret reports on a hard drive which can be viewed by you later. You don't have to worry about the visibility of this software, as this program is invisible for everyone except the administrator. To make it invisible or visible you simply have to press special hot key, in order to hide or unhide it.

The reports are available according to the date you specify in the inbuilt calendar. You can see the keystrokes, Clipboard history and Internet browsing history date wise using the interface of Free Keylogger. The reports are deleted with one click and for any help in using Free Keylogger you can refer the developer's website as no help file is provided in the software interface itself.

If you feel that your children or spouse is hiding something from you, then simply install Free Keylogger and then it will be the duty of Free Keylogger to tell where they spend their time online. You can also monitor all the visited websites and take the necessary actions required.
Free Keylogger

A few mention worthy features
  • Hotkey: You can set a key combination to serve as a hotkey to make the keylogger software hidden and again to make it visible.

  • Hidden: The software can be set to not be visible in Start menu or in the uninstall menu.

  • Organised: The reports are easily accessible through the calendar feature

  • Compact: It does not use much of your system's resources and is also compact in terms of size as you can see in the interface screenshot.

Why Free Keylogger is the best?

Sometimes it happens that you lose your typing work when your computer suddenly freezes and the applications get aborted, because of which you lose everything that you have typed. But thanks to Free Keylogger running in the background, you will be able to recover everything that you have typed. It means that you won't be losing any of your important work from now onwards. This application is not just for personal use, if you are a boss and want to know what your employees are up to, then simply install Free Keyloggger and after that you will come to know where your employee is lacking behind, which will inturn help your company's productivity also.

If you are a parent then too you can use it to keep any eye on your kid's online activity to keep him/her safe from the lurking dangers of the online world.

When you compare Free Keylogger application with other such type of applications, you all find that Free Keylogger is one of the most powerful free spy software in the world . With the help of Free Keylogger application you will be able to grab all the passwords typed, and also you will be able to record emails, chats as well as keystrokes. It will also monitor all the web navigation done by any user on that specific computer.

Total Spy- Paid monitoring application from same developer

Free Keylogger suffers from one limitation that it cannot be used for remote monitoring. After all, if you are a boss then you cannot go to every employee's desk and collect data from Free Keylogger!

To overcome this limitation you can make use of Total Spy software, which is also a monitoring application with all the features of Free Keylogger in addition to some extra capabilities.

Total Spy in addition to Free Keylogger services, offers the capability of taking screenshots and of mailing you daily reports by way of email.

If you are suspicious of someone and have installed the software of their system then you can even watch their monitor live using this monitoring software.

The trial version of this software is available for 12 executions after which it has will stop working. You can then either uninstall it or buy it for a price of $49.95.

The installation is available for free from the website and to buy it you can make use of the Registration likn given there. You will get your personal registration key by way of email.

Final Verdict and review

Overall, the application is really nice and does justice to it's work and fulfills your needs completely. I would like to rate Free Keylogger four out of five stars, because of it's perfect way of recording each and every activity of your computer and letting you know everything in the form of a secret report on your hard drive.

Please be aware that bugging someone else's system is morally as well as legally wrong. So, make use of this software judiciously and only when you have sufficient rights to do so.

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