Best selling water purifier brands in India

Monsoon has almost set in India and it is time to think of purchasing a water purifier for ensuring a healthy life. If you are wondering which brands are the top selling ones in the Indian market, go through the article to get guidance on the top selling brands of water purifier in India.


In the monsoon season in India it's time for ensuring contamination-free water for a healthy living. Due to the rains, the sources of drinking water get contaminated due to the inflow of rain water which dissolves various unwanted or even harmful stuff. And consuming such a contaminated water might result in various water-borne diseases. In order to keep yourself and your family away from such contagious water-borne diseases, you need to take extra care for getting healthy water for your family consumption.

The present day market is full of various consumer goods which include ever improvised models of household commodities. Due to health conscious and awareness among the public, not only the employed mothers but also the home-makers are giving importance to the use of modern equipments for a healthy life style. The present day consumer market has made the household products reachable / affordable to almost all classes of people and these are not confined only to the higher income group. Even the families of middle income group are becoming health conscious and are getting all the necessary household goods. Now the season to buy the best selling ACs is almost over and also people stopped thinking of the best selling refrigerators. But now its time to think of water purifiers and get the best selling one for your household use. Water purifiers have become an essential household commodity in India.

Best selling brands of water purifiers in the Indian market

Water purifiers have become a necessity in the present situation of life. As it is evident that water plays a vital role in sustaining life on Earth and that too safe drinking water plays a key role in providing a healthy living to the individuals. As there would be a spread of water-borne contagious diseases during the rainy season, it is necessary to think of having a water purifiers at home.

Some of the top manufacturers of water purifiers in India are Eureka Forbes, Kent, Philips, Hindustan Unilever and Whirlpool. Brita which is the top international brand has now set up a joint venture with the Usha group with the brand name Usha Brita. Here is a list of some of the best selling brands of water purifiers in the Indian market:
  1. Eureka Forbes

    Aquasure Reviva
    Eureka Forbes is one of the famous manufacturers of water purifiers in India. The two most popular brands of water purifiers, manufactured by Eureka Forbes for home use, are Aquaguard and AquaSure which are blends of technology and quality. There is a wide range of products of these brands some of which are made with advanced protection technology which helps in removing the harmful disease causing germs and cysts as well. The advanced technology even helps in removing the harmful contaminants like heavy metals, harmful arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides and other volatile chemicals present in the water and thus makes the water safe and healthy for drinking. Most of the products of Aquaguard and AquaSure are available at affordable prices.

  2. Pureit Water purifier

    Pureit Advanced water purifier
    Pureit is one of the most popular brands of water purifiers in India which is a brand product of the Hindustan Unilever Limited. There are four products of Pureit water purifier viz:
    1. Storage which comes in four models with a price range of Rs.900/- to Rs.2800/-, RO, UV and Inline. These are at affordable prices and easy to use as well. These models meets the international criteria of Environment Protection Agency.

    2. RO which has two models and these models cost Rs.10,990/- and Rs.14,990/-.

    3. UV model which costs Rs.7,990/- with a storage capacity of 4 liters.

    4. Inline which comes in two models and these cost Rs.3,500/- and Rs.7,990/-.

    Pureit water purifiers are the most popular ones in the Indian market which are affordable to the common man. The advanced features and technology of this brand helps in providing complete protection from various water-borne diseases by giving safe drinking water.

  3. Kent with RO system

    Kent is yet another famous brand of water purifiers which has gained much popularity. Kent products come with the RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems. The latest advanced technology systems are used in the filtration method like Mineral RO, UF gravity, UV technology and UF tap water purification. Kent water purifiers deal with effective water softeners which help in converting the hard water into soft water and thus making the water safe for drinking.

  4. Zero B

    Zero B
    Ion Exchange India Ltd is one of the pioneer manufacturers of water purifiers in India with its brand name as Zero B. The advanced technology through R and D innovation is the hallmark of the company with its excellent technical service support to the customers. There is a wide range of models of this product which are available at affordable prices.

  5. Tata Swach

    Tata Swach
    Tata Swach offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The advanced technology of Tata Swach with its path-breaking silver nanotechnology helps in protecting the consumers from various water-borne diseases.

Besides the above mentioned brands of water purifiers in the Indian market, the other good selling brands of water purifiers in the market are Brita and Usha Brita, Permionics, Philips water purifiers, Whirlpool water purifiers, Bajaj Water purification system and Essel Nasaka water purifiers .

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Guest Author: ajithchandran14 Sep 2013

Never Purchase a Kent water purifier. After sales, their service is very bad. I purchased a kent Maxx one year back. Thrice its back cover broken, and they replaces the broken part only after one month, even in warranty period. Now its again broken, Complained through phone as well as through email towards and Even after one month it is not repaired. This is my practical experience which I had with Kent Maxx water purifier. Still facing problem with that. After sales service is extremely poor.

Guest Author: rama27 Aug 2014

Please specify the technical specifications and price.

Guest Author: Mala20 Sep 2014

One of the worst after sales service I experienced for Kent. I will never buy or recommend any product to my friends and relatives.

Guest Author: parveen kumar28 Apr 2015

These are all best water purifiers in India like Kent, Aquaguard and etc. I am using Nasaka water filter on a daily basis, because a water purifier plays a major role in our healthy life.

Guest Author: parveen01 Jun 2015

In terms of water purifier maybe there are several brands provide water filter so I am using Nasaka water purifier.

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