Review of PC Fix Cleaner for Windows: Free download, scanning and repairing PC registry problems

Are you apprehensive of your PC or laptop getting crashed or frozen? Are you facing any registry errors in your PC or laptop? Are you thinking of downloading free or buying a PC registry cleaner? Read this article to know comprehensive details and review of PC Fix Cleaner for Windows. This tells you what PC Fix cleaner is. The procedure to download the software is given. It lets you know the working of both the free and paid version of PC Fix Cleaner.


On several occasions, when we are busy working on our computer or a laptop, we are suddenly faced with some or the other errors. This causes us a lot of embarrassment. Sometimes, the work to be completed is so urgent, that we feel like a fish out of water, when our computers get crashed or frozen all of a sudden. This predicament must have been experienced by computers users all over the world, at one time or the other. The common errors which we face in our computers are PC frozen, PC crashed, blue screen error, booting problem, no video output etc. At times, you will find that your computer does not run at the same speed at which it used to run, when you first purchased it. There are occasions when we find strange and irritating pop-ups appearing on our computer screens. You often come across situations, when the programs you are running stop responding. You are faced with a curious situation when the program you are running does not save your work nor does it get closed. The persons with a little bit computer knowledge will then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to go to task manager to close the non-responsive program. Most of these problems occur because of the registry errors, which need to be repaired quite often. A system registry of your computer or a laptop is a database, where the Windows information and data is stored. With the continuous use of your computer or a laptop, these registries become infected with one or the other errors. These errors need to be repaired from time to time for the smooth functioning of your computer or a lap top. For this purpose, the essential tool is the registry cleaner. There are many registry cleaners available on the internet, professing them to be free tools to clean the registries of your computers. In fact, these registry tools are only free to download, but do not provide all the registry cleaning functions unless you pay for the program to perform all the registry cleaning functions. In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss one such registry cleaner called PCFix Cleaner for Windows.

About PCFix Cleaner

PCFix Cleaner v3.0.6 was released on June 14, 2011. The popularity of this registry cleaner made the company to release v3.0.7 of PCFix Cleaner on April 23, 2012. No updates of the program have been released so far. The software is available free to download as a Trial version with limited functions. If the users are satisfied with the functions of the program, they can get a paid license of the software. After that, you have downloaded PCFix Cleaner and run it on your computer; you will find three buttons on the top right side of the first window of PC Fix Cleaner. These are 'Update', 'Register' and 'Help' Buttons.

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Clicking on the Updates button, will show you that there are no updates available for this program. Once you click on the 'Register' button, the registration windows will open. Here, you have to enter the registration key to activate the program to perform all the functions to clean the registry. You can get the registration key only if you opt for the paid license of the software. Clicking on the 'Help' button will open the website page. Here, the help features of the software will be displayed. It would guide you that the help is available 24 hours a day and 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) throughout the year. Users can contact in case they face any problem with regard to installation, uninstallation, proper use, configuration or any other problem related to software or the website. The website promises to respond to emails within 24 hours.

The left side panel of the PCFix Cleaner has buttons for Scan, Settings, Backup, Manage Startup and Advanced Repairs. Clicking on Scan button will start the scanning. You can stop the scanning by clicking on the Stop button once the scanning starts. You can manage settings with options like 'Launch PCFix with start of Windows', 'Start registry cleaning at program Startup', 'Minimize PCFix to tray on close' and 'Check up updates automatically'. You also have the option to schedule your scanning on a daily or weekly basis. The software automatically creates backups of your repairs, but you can restore to previous configuration with the help of the Backup button. From the Manage Startup button, you can remove the PCFix from the Startup programs if you so like. You can also personalize the PC repair solution by describing your problem in detail and sending your PC scan log report to the company's software engineers by giving your name, Email and the description of the problems by typing the same in the boxes provided. You can see the screenshot of the window attached on the right side of this text.

Downloading and installation of PCFix Cleaner v3.0.7

PCFix Cleaner is free to download on your computer or laptop. You may download the software from PCFix Cleaner is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Once you click on 'Free Download" or "Free Scanning" tab, you will be taken to another window, where it will be displayed that your download will start in 3 seconds, and if it does not start click on the link "Click here". A 'Save as' dialogue box will open to save the application file PCfix-v307-en.exe. The default location to save the file will be given as My documents →Downloads. You can change the location to save the file elsewhere on your PC. The installation file is a very small file of 1.2 MB and will take only a few seconds to download. You have to open the file from the saved location and click on the 'Run' button in the dialogue box that opens. This will open the PC Fix Cleaner Set up dialogue box. (See the screen shot on the right side of this paragraph).

It is recommended for you to close all running applications before you opt for installation. Click on 'Continue' to install the software. Accept the agreement in the ensuing window and click on 'Next'. In the window that follows, select the folder where you want to install the program, otherwise, let it get installed in the default folder C:\Program Files\PCFix. In the next window, select the Start Menu Folder if you want a different folder or let the 'PCFix Registry Cleaner' to be a default shortcut for the program. From the next window, you can tick / untick options like 'Create desktop icon' and 'Create a Quick Launch icon'.

Clicking 'Next' button will take you to the installation window. Clicking on 'Install' button will install the program on your computer in a few seconds. You will now get the final window to finish installation. In case, you want the program to launch at this stage, then leave the tick against 'Launch PCFix Cleaner' as it is, and click on the 'Finish' button.

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How does PCFix Cleaner work: Scanning

After you have automatically launched the PCFix Cleaner as stated above, you will be seeing the progress bar of registry scanning. Otherwise, you have to manually start scanning by clicking on the 'Scan' button of the program window. Scanning of your PC registry will take only a few minutes to complete. (You can see a screen shot to the right of this paragraph, showing you the scanning in progress).

After the scan is completed a new small window will appear. This will indicate that scanning of your PC registry is completed. You have to simply click on the OK button at this window.

Clicking on OK button of the scan completed window, will open another window displaying repair problems and scan results. When I scanned my computer with PCFix Cleaner, it showed 838 registry errors. The errors were shown under three column headings like Registry Section, Errors and Damage level as follows:4. REPAIR PROBLEMS-SCAN RESULT
  • Active / OLE - 377 errors – High damage level

  • Application Paths – 2 errors – Low damage level

  • Shared Dll – 2 errors – Low damage level

  • Empty Registry keys – 137 errors – High damage level

  • Program shortcuts – 70 errors – Moderate damage level

  • MRU clean – 250 errors – High damage level

How does PCFix Cleaner work: Repairing

At the end of Scan Results window, you will have two tabs, namely "Create Reports" and "Repair Problems". Clicking on "Create Report", will save the report in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data. If you so wish, you can click on "Yes" button to view report on your browser in html format, otherwise click on "No" button to continue. When you click on "Repair Problems", a progress bar for repairing of problems will be shown in the next window.

After repairing is completed, a small window will open as "PCFix Cleaner". In case, yours is the trial version of the PCFix Cleaner, a statement will appear as follows "PCFix Free Trial has repaired errors in the following sections for free: Program Shortcuts.". You can now click on OK button to proceed.

The next window will be for fixing of the remaining errors. In this window, you will face a message "Purchase now to fix all errors" with a statement "In order to prevent computer crashes, system errors and Slow PC Startups, it is necessary to repair registry damage by removing registry errors." This is followed by a "Purchase Now" link. In my case, it showed that there were 768 problems still affecting my PC performance and the last scan damage level was shown as high. (See the screen shot on the right side of this paragraph)

Clicking on the 'Purchase' button will take you to the webpage https:\\\in\get-license.html. Here, you will be asked to pay $29.95 for 1 PC license, $39.95 for 2 PC license and $49.95 for 3 PC license. It is a onetime payment for life. The purchase includes free software updates and free technical support. Activation code is sent immediately by email. Transactions at the website are 100% safe and secure and there is a 30 days money back guarantee. PCFix Cleaner is claimed to perform PC errors like Dll, Active X etc. with overall enhancement of your PC performance. It promises PC improvement and browsing speed. It ensures your PC from crashing and freezing. The software is said to be virus and spyware free.


It is very good software for cleaning of your PC registry. However, the users should not have the misgiving that it will do free repairs for them. From the experience I gained, the trial version of PCFix Cleaner will only scan your registry for free. It will repair only the Program Shortcuts, which are not very important for you. The rest of the repairs to your computer registry can be done only if you activate the program by buying the same at the prices mentioned above in this article.

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