Virtual Office services in London UK.

The following article informs you about a new technology called Virtual office service and you will also get a list of virtual office service providers in London,UK. This new technology offers the businessman to setup their office in the city of their choice. If you are a businessman and you want to setup your virtual office in London then just read the following article.

Virtual Office service:

To run a successful business, one has to setup a traditional office so that the customers can rely on the company profile and direct more members towards the company. In reality, this practice cannot be followed by most of the businessmen because the cost to own an office address and that too in the cities of their choice is simply unaffordable at times. Also there is no guarantee that the business will hit profits whenever an office is setup in various cities around the world. The ones who had been successful in such ventures are truly giants and at times such giant businessmen do not get addresses at the hearts of the cities. In this way there are people who want to setup their offices in more cities and at times they want the address to be in metro cities which was not possible till the phenomena of Virtual office services came into existence.

Virtual office service gives the provision with which businessmen can setup their business in the city of their choice and that too remotely. Here, the cost incurred on building infrastructure will be saved as everything is arranged virtually. Hence, there is only need to pay to the people who offer this services and the businessmen can concentrate on their work rather than setting up the offices. Today the technology is so much developed that they can run their business from any place on this planet, provided there is virtual office services available. The following article will inform you about this virtual office service in London, UK.

Mail forwarding and Phone Office services in London, UK:

The London Presence Limited virtual office service is divided into two parts. One is of MailLondon Presence Limited forwarding and the other one is of Phone services. The website also has attractive packages, with which one can choose between these services as per their requirements. The best thing about this service is that the user may get a 50 Pound refund, if they can prove that similar services are available at lower prices with proofs. It is important to note that in this service, the London based address is not provided. For that purpose the subscriber has to choose a complete Virtual Office Package. So this company is doing a great job in providing one of the best virtual office services in London.
Mail forwarding
In mail forwarding services there are four packages like Just Scan, Basic, Plus and Pro. In this service the mails can be received in London based address and they will be sent to the subscriber in digital formats. Also the parcels and packages received can be collected and forwarded to the address of subscriber's choice. These packages start from 15 Pounds per month to maximum of 29 Pounds per month packages. The subscriber will get one hour of free access to meeting room which has full fledged broadband internet connectivity and refreshments like tea and coffee as well.

In phone services the subscriber can choose any of the five packages which are Holiday Cover,Phone Services Just Divert, Office Answer, Answer 24/7 and Answer and Patch. Here the subscriber is served with a unique telephone number and all the messages as well as calls are sent via email and SMS formats. In Holiday Cover package the subscribers can chose between two plans basic and plus. The basic option deals with the phone services where the reception is done in the name of subscriber and unlimited messages as well as calls will be forwarded. This service is tagged at a price of 15 Pound per week. Where as in the plus option which is tagged with a 25 Pound per week price, the calls will be answered and that includes forwarding of unlimited messages and phone calls. Next is the Just Divert package where all the calls will be diverted to the phone of subscriber's choice. This service's cost is tagged at a price of 20 Pounds per month.

The receptionist at London Presence Limited will direct the calls directly towards subscriber provided the subscriber chooses a valid plan. It is also important to note that if the calls limit exceeds, then the charges will go beyond the tagged subscription fees and the notification regarding this will be sent from time to time. Also the subscriber company can check their usage statistics by logging into their online account where every detail is mentioned in that online account. As there are no any registration charges, the subscriber company has to pay only for the services that they access. On the other hand, if a company wants to stop using these virtual office services, then they have to note that there is no refund of charges but the user can access these services untill the package subscription ends.

The Office Answer package is the most popular package in which the calls and messages are accepted in Subscribers Company within office hours 9 AM to 5.30 PM. Likewise, Answer 24/7 and Answer & Patch services offers 24 hours of calls reception and that too for all seven days of the week. In patch service, the calls and messages are directly delivered to the Subscriber Company provided they are present online. This service costs almost 28 Pounds per month where as the popular package– Office Answer is tagged with mere 15 Pounds per month. The charges of forwarding the calls are not included in the package. Hence, depending on the number of calls the subscriber has to pay for it.

Hence, one can subscribe to these mail forwarding and phone services as per Company requirements and if they want the combination of both these services then the complete Virtual office packages are also available.

Virtual Office Packages:

As the Mail Forwarding and Phone Services do not offer a LondonVirtual Office Packages based address, one has to subscribe for a complete Virtual Office Package. In this service both the Mail and Telephone services are included and the address of mailing will be "EC1, Central London". There are four Virtual Office Packages named as Basic, Plus, Pro and Premium. Here the basic package is tagged with a price of 25 Pounds per month and the most popular package– Plus is tagged with a price of 45 Pounds per month. The subscriber company gets an online account in which all the messages taken will be saved. In Plus package an extra trading name can be attached with the existing company's name.

The last two packages are tagged with a price of 55 Pounds per month and 75 Pounds per month respectively. In both these packages, the Fax to email service is provided and only one hour of meeting room access is included on monthly basis. Here only premium account can represent the subscribers company as Registered Office. In this way other services present in all of the above packages are online account, unique telephone number which can be non-geographic and flexible post service which includes scanning of mails, received postage of mails or parcels and collection of the same as well. The employees of London Presence Limited can save those mails for stipulated time so that the subscriber can access it in future. To setup a virtual office in London just visit the website

Availability of Meeting Rooms in London Presence Limited:

As the above packages offer mere one hours of meeting room access per month, the provision of hiring a meeting room is also available at London Presence Limited Virtual Office. Right now there are 2 meeting rooms available and they can be hired on monthly, daily and hourly basis. The meeting rooms have presentation area, conference table; display unit which can be attached to a laptop, audio system for video chat purpose and broadband connection is also provided. The striking feature of these meeting rooms is that the refreshments are available for free which includes only tea and coffee.

meeting room
The charges for hiring these meeting rooms are 120 Pounds per day whereas for half day the price is 80 Pounds and 20 Pounds for one hour. These charges do not include the VAT charge and at the time of registration the subscriber has to pay both at the same time. All in all, the clients will definitely enjoy using this virtual office setup which is affordable and it will certainly boost the company profile. The online payment options are Paypal, Master Card, Visa Card, Sage, etc which are available around the world.

The London Presence Limited is a successful virtual office service provider since the year 2001. In these 13 years, they have managed to setup their clients from 50 different countries and the number is still increasing. Till date, they have been successful in providing more than 20,070 virtual offices where 13,74,359 letters have been forwarded and 3,83,916 messages received. The reason behind their success is that they have affordable packages and no other company in London can provide such world class quality services.

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