Disadvantages of BSNL WiMax internet services

Are you planning to get a BSNL WiMax internet connection? Read my experience to learn the disadvantages of WiMax technology and BSNL WiMax services in India.

Even though WiMax is a revolutionary technology that supports 4G with lightning speed internet, the BSNL's WiMax internet service comes with few disadvantages as well. Before you apply for the WiMax and try your hands on this new technology, be aware of the problems you could face.

NOTE: Read my experience with BSNL WiMax internet

Disadvantages of BSNL WiMax internet

Highly unreliable service

My few months experience shows that the WiMax is a highly unreliable service. I could never work continuously for few hours without having a Tata Photon datacard with me. Eventually, I switched to Tata Photon as primary internet provider and WiMax has been switched as a secondary connection for kids to play video games (they will quickly get fed up with the game because of the unreliable connection and I don't have to push a lot to get them get out of the computer!) Read my experience with WiMax.

Many people have reported that WiMax is not reliable and they all experience extremely poor connection speed during day time.

Impact of weather on WiMax

One of the biggest disadvantages of BSNL WiMax is, the weather conditions can affect the service. During rain and cloudy days, the reception could become very poor and I have seen my 1 Mbps speed goes as low as 100 Kbps. However, the good thing is, you do not need to wait for a service person to fix the problems. After the rain, the service resumes in the normal speed.

Latency and connection complexities

Even though it is transparent to the users, there is a sophisticated technology involved in WiMax technology. Your CPE will need to go through a sophisticated channel detection and internal configuration before you can access to internet. Due to this, there will be some delay in connecting to internet once you switch on the device. Typically, the wait will go as long as 2 minutes once you power on, which is acceptable since most people will never switch off the device.

Distance from the base station and signal reception

WiMax is not available everywhere. If you are far from the BSNL base station, the reception will be poor and it could affect the internet speed. Not all exchanges support WiMax and so, if you are not within the limits of a BSNL transmitter tower, which supports WiMax, you will not be able to use the services.

Security concerns

In addition to the common issues involved in transmitting sensitive data across the air, the WiMax technology adds its own concerns on security. The WiMax wireless network involves your WiMax CPE, WiMax transmitter, the WiMax base station etc. The multiple layers involved in WiMax data transmission adds to the security threats. A detailed analysis of the security issues in BSNL WiMax services is beyond the scope of this article, but you can read more about it here: http://freewimaxinfo.com/threats-to-wimax.html.

Faulty devices

The first CPE device I received became faulty after few weeks but it took about 1 month for me to convince them that it is faulty. The new replacement device I received also started disconnecting regularly after using it for few weeks.

Think twice before subscribing to this service and read my experience with WiMax before you decide to go ahead with this service.

Don't forget to read the advantages of BSNL WiMax internet services.

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Guest Author: Anjaiah04 Aug 2013

Please help me regarding following request.

We have established cc cameras. Also, established WiMax bsnl connection for internet. Problem is how to connect/configure for internet access of video files from DVR device.

Guest Author: Dasharath10 Jul 2014

Thanks for all of these information about this. I want to know that this wifi connection can be used in cyber cafe for 5-6 PC. Please advice me about this.

Author: Tony John10 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


You can use WiMax for internet browsing centers, but think about the speed and reliability. You may need a better landline connection for a cyber cafe. Also, speed of WiMax depends on your location and how close is to the exchange.

Guest Author: Vinod kumar Shukla17 Oct 2015

Yes I agree that BSNL WiMAX speed is below 250KBS during day time and is not reliable.

Guest Author: Nisar02 Feb 2016

I fed up with this technology. Once power gone and came back, then i will not get internet until unless i switch off and switch on around 5 times and relocate the Wimax adapter position. I reported my exchange regarding this issue But they also dont know what exactly the issue and telling some thing like changing adapter,etc. But Still they did nothing. Now i am going to discontinue this service

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